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  1. Kristina

    RMMV Moghunter Actor Hud doesn't work

    Hi guys, So, I'm using moghunter's actor hud and I'm using the heart one. It shows fine, but the heart doesn't lower when I lose HP. I've looked through it and I can't see what I do wrong. I'm using Moghunter's chrono engine demo to make my game in and I just copied the images in and as I said...
  2. Kristina

    RMMV Chrono ABS Height Problem

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. If not, I'm sorry. I've been playing a bit around with Moghunter's Chrono engine (ABS) and it's going well so far except for one thing. I'm using Time Fantasy tileset and now the height on the tools I use in the game don't match. Instead of...
  3. ArcanoTheDarksmiler

    RMMV How to implement a own Battle System with Plugins?

    Hello Guys Im very new here an i hope i get some help, thanks at this point and sorry for my bad English. Okay First i Show you a Picture that i create with Gimp it shows only my Idear for my own Battle Sytem. This is only Conzept art But my system work with Attack Circles based on a Grid...
  4. Random Panda

    Script call to make player jump to a specific tile

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a way in MV to make a player jump/move to a specified tile, no matter where they are? Something along the lines of this: $game_player.jump_pos(x,y) But for MV. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Setting up a movable shop.

    I am making a dungeon builder game in rpg maker mv and need to figure out how to use a single event call to create multi tile rooms for things like the store that can be upgraded to different levels. I already figured out how to set it up to change single tiles but i need the multiple tiles at a...
  6. WarG011

    How can I remove a game reset? (F5 refresh)

    I'm not talking about disabling the F5 key. I already have that covered. I'm talking about removing the reset of a game as such. example: And the reset stays there in each project. By the way, it also doesn't change the icon that I put in my game when the reset occurs
  7. eluukkanen

    RMMV FPS Slowdown with 2880 Events, How to Improve FPS of this Massive Project?

    Hi RPG Maker Forum Members, THANK YOU beforehand already :kaoblush:, so many helpful people have helped me here in the past. I have a question about improving performance of a game I am making. I think I know how this issue comes, here is the information: I am making a game that has maps...
  8. Renboo

    RMMV MBS Map Zoom plugin conflicting with other plugins?

    I'm trying to make a visual novel type game, and so I purchased the Visual Novel Bust plugin by Irina. I have no trouble at all displaying the bust, or adjusting the co-ordinates. But I didn't like how small all the sprites and such looked on the map screen, so I decided to run the MBS Map Zoom...
  9. TripToTheMun

    Harold Face-Busts

    Hi! I assume this is the right thread, if it's not I'm sorry. I've never made a thread on any website before. Anyways, I wanted high quality faces for the project I'm working on so I made some myself. Since I can't make high quality pixel art I figured I would make "busts" to replace the...
  10. CardeMaker

    RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  11. Quimey

    SERVICE Mapper / Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hi, there! I am here to offer my services as a mapper for any RPG Maker MV project. I enjoy working with Parallax Mapping, and despite I'm not the best mapper out there, I consider myself very good at map design. Here are some examples of the latest maps I've made: I use the Parallax...
  12. How to reduce the life of the actor by means of percentage?

    Hello everyone, I am doing an event where for example: If the life of the actor is equal to 70%, something happens. I tried to do it through variables and conditional derivations that the program offers me, but the life of the actor can only be decreased by means of points, not by...
  13. Kristina

    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    I hope this is the correct place, if not I'm sorry. I'm making a game that focus on crafting, finding items, develop friendship with NPCs, quests etc. so basically no battles. To be honest, I considered having some battles but only to get specific items for crafting. That would be bat wings...
  14. Mihnea

    How to display a dialouge image depending on who's in the party?

    For example I wish to have the text "123" show up, and the image besides it change depending on who's in the party and in which position. If the rogue is in front, his actor image will appear besides the text. If the healer is in front, her actor image will appear besides the text. Is there any...
  15. Mooshry

    RMMV Shift Balloon Icons?

    So in my game, the balloon icons are diagonal like in scribblenauts instead of the default straight down. The problem is, since the balloon icons are usually supposed to point down, it looks weird when they show up directly above the npc instead of to their upper right. Now you may ask, why am...
  16. RMMV System abandoning a mission?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows of a plugin in which when the player is doing the mission, but for some reason they want to abandon the mission and then come back later to do it, make all the events and maps that are within the mission reset from where they were, is that...
  17. Xavi_2073

    How does Degica Shop Work? Help

    I am attempting to buy RPG MAKER MV + RPG MAKER MV - ADD-ON PACK, but the mailing address is somehow incorrect. How does Degica Shop work? Like will they send a download link, email, activation code, or mail? Is it required to place the exact address as the Credit/Visa card? I recently...
  18. Kristina

    RMMV Yanfly Item Synthesis Can't Craft

    I can't use the plugin at all. There's no option to craft or anything at all. Does anyone know the cause of this? I got Item Core, I've tried to disable it to see if that was the issue but it remains the same.
  19. Kristina

    Chopping wood

    Hi game makers, The player will be able to chop trees in my game. The idea is that the player will get 3 wood from each tree a day, if the party got an axe. I got the time system working - I'm using Moghunter's. The only thing I got trouble with is to make it so the player only can get 3 wood...
  20. ChefBorkBork

    Script for locking party character (MV)

    Hello, So I've been working on a game using the MV engine and have encountered a small snag I'm having trouble working around. There is a certain part in the game where a temporary character is added that I want to freely add and remove from the core party as needed. Normally for other...

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