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  1. RancidPast

    RMMV (SOLVED) Press Shift to Force Close Choice Box

    Hello, I'm trying to code my own very basic menu using 'Show Choices' functions to open up menu boxes and I would like to know how I would be able to force close specific choice boxes with the Shift key possibly with a script call before the 'Show Choices' function in a common event? Any help...
  2. A short message (RM MV)

    Hello, I'm new here. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong category but I'm new here, English is my fourth language and it's midnight so don't be mean please. I'm working on a game and I want just a short message to be shown on a screen for 3 seconds every time you kill a beast. For this reason...
  3. RMMV How do I get actor id of "friends" from Moogle_X's Actor friendship system?

    (Sorry for bad english. Also sorry if maybe I unknowingly breaking some rule.) I want to show full body of character/another image rather than just face of friend actor in Moogle_X's Actor Friendship System plugin (RPG Maker MV). This is the object I'm interested to edit...
  4. WLTOP

    RMMV Yanfly Mixed With HimeWorks (MV) (Fixed)

    I am trying to use Yanflys Battle Engine Core Plugin and also two plugins from Hime of Hime Works. The Hime Works plugins are Battle Action Exp and Battle Exp Popup. The problem that happens when mixing them is that the exp gain popup during battle is hidden behind the side view battlers...
  5. RancidPast

    RMMV Press Shift to Close Options Menu

    Hello, I have a slightly strange request. I would love to be able to have the player exit the Options menu by pressing the Shift key but after searching the forums for a day I couldn't find anything that would help. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate that, thank you very much.
  6. Trihan

    A Primer on Database Traits and Effects

    Hello! It's come to my attention that there doesn't appear to be a comprehensive list of exactly what the traits/effects are and how they work, and I've seen more than a few people confused by a couple in particular. And as the resident making-comprehensive-lists-of-things guy around here, I got...
  7. Hi, newbie here. Can I ask you guys something?

    Hi, I'm new in this forum. My English is not very good. So I'm sorry if maybe I have violate any forum rules without my acknowledgement. This is my first time in this forum. I actually been using RPG Maker since a long time (VX and VX Ace), but MV was very new to me. I want to learn javascript...
  8. dom438

    RPG MAKER MV Is there a way to change the default names in the equip menu?

    I would like to change the default names that the game has as weapons, I have tried it from the terms menu but they do not change, could someone help me.
  9. RancidPast

    [SOLVED] Load First Save when Game Boots Up

    Hello guys! I want to set up my game so that when it starts up it checks whether the player as a save file and if the player does have a save file then it would boot up the first save, essentially skipping the save select screen. I have tried looking up a solution to this, including coding my...
  10. Jade010

    RMMZ I need to see if someone can make a menu plugin for me

    Hi! I'm making a My Little Pony Fanbased game and would like it to have a custom menu screen for when the player pauses the game. I need it to be almost fully customizable. For example: the menu locations for the base menu (when the first press pause) to allow me to edit that background, the...
  11. moonwritertheory

    RMMV PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE (Release Candidate)

    Project Love and Cafe (Originally titled Love Plus Cafe) (stylized as PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE) is a TOP (Theatrical Overhead Perspective) interactive fiction game made in RPG Maker MV. Every five stories deal with the themes of conversation about food and friendship, as well as the dysfunctional...
  12. Galv_

    RMMV Delayed Effects using JavaScript

    I'm creating a skill to do delayed fire damage to a target and I'm looking for a JavaScript template for other delayed skills later down the line. I know virtually no JavaScript, so a breakdown of how it works would be extremely appreciated.
  13. VNM into RMMV cutscene ?

    is there are any way to use a project created by Visual novel maker in rpg maker mv like a cutscene? or would it be better if I made the cutscene with the GENE tool?
  14. RMMV VE Critical Hit Effect Error

    Hi I am trying to use VE Critical Hit Effect Plugin, but I encountered an error like this : Note : I also share the other plugins I currently used
  15. ScytheX

    RMMZ looking for field skill and/or monster book for RMMV and RMMZ

    1. are there any field skill plugins for mv and/or mz? kind of like this in the links below. they don't have to be 100% just like this but pretty close to it https://xenoblade.fandom.com/wiki/Field_Skill_(XC2) 2. are there any good monster books/bestiary's plugins for mv and/or mz? there was...
  16. HalcyanStudio

    Turn MV game into Electron App

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to publish my MV game as a commercial game. As you know, MV games can not be played on the latest Mac versions. But I know some projects like Omori found a fix for that by turning the MV game into an Electron app. I know ElectronMV exists...
  17. hoboayoyo

    Changing menu size dynamically.

    if I have a menu open and change the size of it while its open, will it change size? If so how would I do that via script? In this example I'd want to change the bottom right and bottom left screen inside Yanfly's equip core script when I meet certain requirements. Everything i've looked so far...
  18. RPG Maker MV - Game CTD - No error log

    I have had this issue for some time now where my game will on occasion crash for seemingly no reason. It never occurs in the same place or for what seems to be the same reason. For instance it used to appear as though it crashed during running events, but recently it occurred after a map...
  19. MrPepeLover44

    How do I display text when I perform certain actions?

    Hello there, I'm making a system similar to the Hidden Skill Training in Zelda Twilight Princess, I want that when I make a normal attack on a certain enemy, I get a text box explaining what the Skill does, and then I get the Skill in the menu. I've tried with Common Events and Switches and...
  20. RMMV Does anyone know how I can make the actor recover HP when he levels up?

    I know several plugins in which this can be done, but there is a problem, all these plugins what they do is recover 100% of your HP and MP, I would like that when the player levels up, they recover HP and maybe MP, but not all HP, maybe 10% or something, does anyone know of a plugin to do this...

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