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  1. Plugin To change title screen options text with custom images

    Im looking for a plugin in RPG maker MZ that can change the title screen options such as "New Game" "Options" etc. with an images i made myself Do you guys knowa plugin that does the job
  2. Ozmahunter

    Rogue-like upgrades - Maker MZ

    Hi all, I'm creating a rogue-lite game where you hire characters through a run and find relics that boost your stats through the rest of the run but MY GOD is it complicated to program the way I’m doing it. If an item would give the party 10% extra HP… I have an event calculate everyone’s...
  3. Patroso

    RMMZ rpg maker mz text in dialogue problem

    While creating dialogs in the game I encountered a margin problem, (first screan) because I set a higher resolution and can not tell where the text ends in-game text looks like this in editor looks like this and would like the tex to fit like this in editor looks like this (when I did it...

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I'm just gonna remove the Dark Spells from my game. They wouldn't be fighting Gods or Angels. So why have it?
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Eeee! X3 Ever since I started doing 3d Art ,my Pixel Art got sooo much better! I cant wait till im done with the tileset!
Crystal Shock Devlog #5 yay!

This week was super fun as I got to work on my favorite thing: Combat! A new boss has been added and some new mechanics on top of that. I also made some improvements to the first town.

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