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  1. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ on Win11?

    Has anyone got RMMZ to run on a Win11 PC / laptop? If so, have anyone suffered any issues with it (like lagging)? I wanna ask this because I wanna migrate all of my game dev processes to a new laptop which runs on Win11... Thanks in advance!
  2. shiroisekai

    Menu modules

    How do I remove some unwanted modules such as formation.
  3. shiroisekai


    Hello everyone does anyone know how to set and how to create a new self switch like this in ARPG Plugin? NVM i found it xD
  4. Renkai141

    RMMZ Creating a Skill that...

    My goal with Java script, in which I'm not very proficient, is to create a skill that hits a foe(100%) and those around it to take reduced damage(50%). I am using RPG maker MZ and I also have a number of plugins(battle core). However, I have been unsuccessful in creating that skill exactly how I...
  5. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ How can I make custom encounter effects? (preferably with free plugins as of now)

    I know there's is SRD's Encounter Effects, but that's for MV. (By encounter effects I mean something similar to Undertale's notification balloon before a random encounter starts). Are there any (preferably free) plugins that can do similar things? Thanks!
  6. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ QOL Menu Updates for my game's menu?

    I am using VisuStella's FREE plugin pack, but I would like to have some QOL updates to my game based on what I want for it: - I want to have no Classes displayed in the game (even though they will technically still present in the game's data) - No levels are shown in the game (since there would...
  7. Battler Flipbooks Core

    Battler Flipbooks Core (Ver. 1.0.0) Tamschi Introduction This isn't a readily usable plugin without further JavaScript, but instead a framework to write easy-to-use battler sprite animation plugins with a common extension API and seamless interactivity between them. It mainly lends itself to...
  8. Using Event Id as a picture Id

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it so I can use the event id number as the picture id number, as in if Event was number one then it would be Picture id 1 and if event was number 2 it would be picture id 2 so on and so forth, I've tried it my self with not much success...
  9. Patroso

    Effekseer (trying to add animations from this program and I have a black screen+ no effect)

    trying to add animations from this program and I have a black screen+ no effect what should I do
  10. TenraiEmiko

    What the heck did the terms "Command Remember" and "Possession" refers to in RMMZ?

    I am not acquainted with these terms in the RMMZ database. While I think these are unnecessary, these terms are ACTUALLY in the database. What do these terms do, and if possible, is there any way to remove them from a game (assume that I don't need them)? Thanks!
  11. RMMZ Help with Visustella

    I am trying to make a few types of states, but the main one is where it once the state is removed, it adds a different one, but no matter what, I cannot get it to work
  12. ninjaconor

    RMMZ Greenworks crashing "Steam is not running" with MZ

    I'm having a weird issue getting Greenworks to work with MZ. I am using Greenworks with Cyclone-Steam. It kept crashing when calling greenworks.initAPI(), so I changed this to call greenworks.init() as I am told this does the exact same thing but with more verbose error messages. Now when I...
  13. Patroso

    how to do something like this: Summons Small Spider to the battle. (every 5 rounds)

    how to do something like this: Summons Small Spider to the battle. (every 5 rounds) There is a fight with the boss, the boss is on the battlegroud and every five turns he summons spiders
  14. ninjaconor

    RMMZ Steam Overlay Artefact

    I've been searching everywhere for an answer to this question but I don't even really know what terms to use. Basically, I've deployed my RPG Maker MZ game to Steam in advance of its release. I wanted it to launch in fullscreen by default, so I have a plugin script containing: I've also got...
  15. Dungeonmind

    DM Independent Items - [MZ]

    Independent Items Everyone should know what this one does. It allows you to use independent items in your game. Simply by using note tags, you can set items, weapons, or armour in the database to be independent. What this means is that items with this note tag will never stack. Its properties...
  16. Pehriska

    RMMZ Sapphire City Part 2

    Hello again! We are back for Part 2... thanks to everyone who played the first one and to those that commented and provided feedback. We pick up the story right where the first one left off and have a new, larger district to explore. The first game was heavy on narrative and whilst part 2...
  17. Possible to make a timed revival skill?

    This is something that I'm not sure if I can make happen just by using the Skills, States, or maybe even Common Events, but I was wondering if it is possible to set up a specific in battle revival skill that would be based somewhat off the revival skill in the game Fate/ Grand Order. In FGO...
  18. Number Input Max/Min (Number Input Extremum)

    Number Input Max/Min V1.0 This is a conversion of dragon3025's Number Input Extremum. I'm not a programmer so apologies if there are issues. I just wanted to use this for myself and thought I'd share. This allows you to control the Number input to set a Max and Minimum value that the player...
  19. rpg maker mz wont work

    i was trying to open rpg maker mz but it wont open up, it just shows its open and when hovered over has a the game name and a blank slate, why wont rpg maker work??
  20. cetra777

    AutMouse Labs Steal System Plugin for MZ

    Hello all, A while back I released a Steal Plugin for MZ that was usable but not very user friendly under the name AMMZ_Steal.js. There is a thread about it here if you want to look at it. As part of that process I got some great feedback from Trihan and ATT_Turan that was encouraging but...

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