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  1. Undermax

    RPG MAKER MZ Plugin: Acknowledgement Window

    Introducing Acknowledgement Window Elevate your RPG Maker MZ experience with the versatile and user-friendly "Acknowledgement Window" plugin! Enhance player engagement right from the title screen, this plugin brings a professional touch to your game by introducing a customizable license...
  2. kafkuma

    Kuma's MZ RTP Edits + Originals

    Hi, my name is Kuma (or Neo) and I'm a beginner at making assets for RPGMaker. While I do have experience in pixel art, I'm not very experienced at drawing furniture or other props, so I decided to start off by doing some edits (and some smaller original stuff)! I hope everyone is able to enjoy...
  3. Psychoholic42

    Vehicle Passage

    I'm looking for a plugin or way to prevent the ship from going into shallow water on the world map. I'm using RPG Maker MZ with the 8-bit retro all in one pack. I'm using the plugin CGMZ_CustomVehicles but I keep getting an error message. I've attached a screenshot of the message.
  4. Undermax

    RPG MAKER MZ Plugin: Dynamic Temperature Stats

    Transform your game into an immersive and interactive world where every temperature change shapes the player's journey! Key Features: - Temperature Dynamics: Experience the thrill as the environment reacts to changing temperatures, from the heat of a blazing desert sun to the chill of a snowy...
  5. Trihan

    Music licence clarification query for team-based commercial games

    Hi all, hoping you can help me with a vexing query. There's a commercial game I'm currently the assistant developer for; I'm not officially the main developer's employee, but I operate on a monthly basis as a contractor. My duties include ad hoc plugin development, bug fixes, and more recently...
  6. Memory Issue Help?

    So I've heard a lot about memory leaks, cache issues, and other stuff. So What Tips and Tricks are best for fixing / dealing with the memory issues (looking to make our first game soonish), and what size of a game file is considered to much for the game to run?
  7. djroberts1

    RMMZ Battle Submenus - MZ

    I'm looking for a plugin for MZ that will allow me to create some submenus in the battle commands window. Specifically, I want to group White Magic, Black Magic, etc. into a general 'Magic' command that will appear in the initial battle commands window. The goal is to make it so that when you...
  8. djroberts1

    RMMZ TheoAllen Skill/Item Reording Plugin Help

    I love the idea behind TheoAllen's Skill and Item Reording Plugin, though I put it into my MZ project and I encountered a problem. If the plugin is active, whenever I try to unequip an actor's weapon, the play test crashes and I get the following error message: TypeError Cannot read property...
  9. Raycat2011

    RMMZ I need pixel movement.

    I've tried a plugin like it before, but it was in RAR and I couldn't find a RAR to JS converter, so I need a JS pixel movement plugin.
  10. [RMMZ] Pictures keeps showing up even on another map

    Due to the nature of the issue, I'm unsure if I should be posting this thread here, or if I should be doing it in the Javascript/Plugin Support forum. But I do know myself, so whatever the issue I'm currently facing is, it's probably something that has nothing to do with the plugins I'm using...
  11. Is anyone willing to give constructive feedbac on the early levels of my game? I believe I have struck a decent balance, difficulty and level of fun.

    This is a breakdown of one of the classes in my game, along with a video displaying it in action. This class is called Stormweaver: they use a 1H Axe (Physical) and Storm (Magical) magic. They have access to Spells & Skills (MP/TP) They have high Attack (ATK) and mid Magic Attack (MAT) The way...
  12. illyamlk

    problems with passability in RPG Maker MZ

    Hello everyone, I tried to solve the problem by looking for an answer on the Internet, and by reading already existing branches on the forum, but I did not get a complete solution and answer to my questions, so I had to register to ask these questions directly to those who understand this...
  13. hiaguitu

    RMMZ Text fade effect similar to RPG Maker XP.

    I wanted to know if there's a plugin that makes the message text appear with a fade effect, similar to what happens in RPG Maker XP. I'm switching engines, and I really like the effect the message has when it appears on the screen. Instead of being letter by letter, I'd like it to have a fade...
  14. NekoChansLetsPlays

    (Solved) How do i get my game in Fullscreen without black bars ?

    Hyho i wonder how i do i archive that my game is totaly full screen. I already know that i can change the Screen Resoulutin i did it on 1920x1080 since my monitor has this Resoloution But my game is super tiny now How to i get rid of this Black Bars and make my game bigger ?
  15. xeneeve

    How to remove weapons and armours in the item menu screen?

    Hi! Is there any way to remove those tabs in the item menu? I know that there is way to remove it by editing rmmz_windows file but it leaves empty space for those tabs. There is a lot of different plug-ins to fix that for MV but nothing for MZ. That would be great if there was something similar...
  16. xeneeve

    Need help with load script!

    Greetings! I'm trying to use the script to load specific file, but every time i load the save i get this error. For saving i use this script: $gameSystem.setSavefileId(1); $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(1); And for save loading i use this: DataManager.loadGame(1) .then(() =>...
  17. JJbone

    Formula not working

    So I am trying to make a skill that does more damage the more TP you have. Currently the formula is this: tp * a.mat / 3 - b.mdf But every time I use it, it deals 0 damage. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  18. KuroJulia

    No other menu aside Item Menu

    HI! As I proceed with the development of my game, I'm also looking at tweaking the UI. What I would like to achieve is that when the player presses the menu button, the inventory menu (with Items and Key Items) immediately opens. I would therefore like to remove Options, Save and Game End, or...
  19. Delete the message text window for the escape command ? [MZ]

    Hey, I would like to delete the box window for the escape command... I deleted the text in the database (in the TERMS tab) but, finally, I have a blue and empty text box... It's very ugly... Exemple : the player runs away from the battle and ... It's possible to delete this box window ? I...
  20. Change the commands window on the title screen ? - MZ

    Hey, I'm french and I'm new here, I want to change the configuration of the controls on the title screen like this : (this is an example to show you my idea) To realize this (on one line and three columns), Should I use a plugin or modify code in a .JS file? (I use Visustella plugins) Thank...

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