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  1. Jyger85

    Seeking RMMZ RTP-Style Battlers (List Inside)

    Seeking some battlers for RMMZ, preferably as close to the RTP style of the game as possible. If these battlers already exist, please link me to them, or if there's anyone interested in creating them, please let me know. They are: Slime (I really like RMMZ, but seriously, how can you have an...
  2. Web Deployment works great on Chrome/Opera but not Firefox

    Says "Your browser does not allow to read local files." The files are on a vps (Ubuntu/Nginx) and work fine on all other browsers I've tried and on different devices. Is it because my website is http and not https? The files are just sitting in the www dir with no wrapper or anything.
  3. Extra paramaters plugin. [Mz]

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin for mz that would allow base paramaters to do different things. Eg have agility affect evasion rate or luck affect crit rate. I see plugins for mv and vx ace for this but not mz. Thanks!
  4. RPG maker MZ custom character blur

    I've seen a few threads on this, but none of the solutions have worked for me. Basically I made some characters in photoshop. I drew them over the original character sheet to make sure the scale was correct. Then imported them in, they move and work fine in game but have an annoying blur. I have...
  5. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a previously read/Roll Back Plugin

    Hello, all! Jac here! Since I am nearly done with my Chapter 1 of The Guild of Jasperaian (Should be release in a few weeks now for all to play), I am currently getting ready to start my next project. I want to try going for a more Visual Novel approach with this new project. But in order to do...
  6. byte

    RMMZ Shaking Text for RPGMMZ

    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a replacement for MZ of SRD_ShakingText.js for a couple of days, but with poor results. I was wondering if there was a similar one for the new RPG Maker :^ ( I'm talking about this: http://sumrndm.site/shaking-text/ )
  7. Looking for Custom Tileset (Paid)

    Hello; Looking for quotes to make a modern London hotel (along the lines of the Rosewood) Sorted these out into layers but did try to be as in details as I could be for what I am looking for in RPG Maker MZ; Room; King Bed; Single Bed; Side Table; Drawers; Table with Chairs; Dressing Table...
  8. atoms

    Does Scope: None in the skill section of the database have a useful purpose?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at the skill section of the database and realised you can choose to Scope None. Does anyone know what that could be used to do, does it have a useful purpose in some way? I'm guessing if you add a common event and target nothing it can be useful in that sense and...
  9. FxckBanshee

    [RPG Maker MZ] | Weird tile-set warping

    I am currently in the early stages of working on a game, and I've decided to go with a 16-bit style by using 16x16 tile-set. Since RMMZ only supports tiles that are 48x48, I've had to upscale the tiles by multiplying their size by 3, making each individual 'pixel' 3x3px large to create a 16x16...
  10. Arpy_G

    RMMZ Custom *Animated* Balloon Icons for MZ

    Hi RPG Maker squad! I'm very new to RPG Maker in general, so this inquiry may have alternatives to what I'm suggesting to achieve the same result, and in which case, do tell! Anyhow, I'm hoping for an ability to make animated balloons for the characters to react with, such as the built in...
  11. Zabelnov

    Help me can i use this Hospital Tileset by japanese person?

    I was looking for hospital tileset for my apocalypse project using RMMZ engine, then i found this epic hospital tileset. but the problem i can`t read japanese. I looking for information about it, some giving me info, that i can use the tileset as long as I give a credits name to Asato. my...
  12. MZ Character Generator Bug

    So, I've encountered a very strange bug with the MZ Character Generator. Basically, I originally modified both the TV_Body_p01 and the TV_Body_p01_c female body parts png file, then later in the generator I noticed that this caused the transparency of the image to no longer work, even though the...
  13. Looking for help with Character Generation Dragonballz

    Hello, so I am brand new to all of this. I want to make a dragonballz game for fun. I have found a lot of sprites for dbz online, but in the end I think I would be best off if I could use the built in character generator to generate consistent sprites. Are there any plugins that would provide...
  14. Can the buttons in the conditional branch be customized?

    Hello I may need help. I am a beginner and not very familiar with programming, so I need you. I have a problem in MZ. I want to use branch conditions to make a save function, such as pressing the button "S" to save, and "L" to load the game. Do you have any solutions? Script or plugin
  15. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Needing help with adding a new code to VisuStella Option Core

    Hello, all! Jac here! First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I figured since I'm trying to learn JS codes and putting them into the Option Core, I thought it should be for Learning Javascript. If this is wrong, I'm sorry. And thank you for putting this in the right spot. I am...
  16. Prellmarc

    RMMZ Event manipulation via skill

    Hey folks, I'm doing some Golden Sun like stuff and tapped into my first problem trying to realize the use of skills out of menu to let the event in front of me react to. What I'm basically trying to do is to freeze a puddle in front of me into a pillar of ice using a Frost spell. I mean, when...
  17. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Gamepad support for Visustella

    As the title says, there's no gamepad support at all in Vistustella plugins. Using name input, you literally can't progress unless you use keyboard. All the help button prompts in the help sections are also only in keyboard Z and X and never gamepads.
  18. Razoraux

    (Solved) Life leech skill

    So, I was wondering if perhaps there is a way to make a skill that drains life of an enemy and heal the same amount of damage at the same time ([edit]for a few turns, like a state). I know that RMMV have a plugin for that, but I can't seem to find one for MZ. Is it possible to creat such a skill...
  19. Kristina

    RMMZ Friendship Plugin

    I've looked and looked, can't seem to find one for MZ so I thought I would ask here. I'm looking for a friendship plugin that shows your friendship status with NPCs and other actors in the menu.
  20. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for a New Game Plus Plugin

    Hello, everyone! Jac here! I'm currently looking for a New Game Plus plugin, as the title says. So far, I've only been able to find one for MV. But needs it for this specific game. The reason being is that it'll be a in progress type game until a certain chapter. Yeah, I'm a "chapter" guy...

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