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  1. Novam4a1

    Greetings everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm Nova and I'm brand new to RPG maker as a whole! I recently downloaded RMMZ and already i'm very amazed at how helpful and friendly the community is! So far i've completed the RMMZ tutorial (phew, I hope this gets easier in time!) I look forward to meeting you all! I'm a...
  2. atoms

    Do you think the MZ version of RPG Maker will be put on the Nintendo Switch in the future?

    In my opinion, it sounds quite likely, I wonder if they'll add more RTP and stuff when they do that?
  3. Galv

    Galv's Visual Novel Choices MZ

    Visual Novel Choices RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Fancier choices menu like a visual novel. Features This plugin allows you to display the ‘Show Choices’ selection in a more visual novel style layout and using a graphic for the buttons and hover state. A tag can be included in...
  4. chaucer

    Lilac Throwable Events MZ

    Lilac Throwable Events : Version - 1.0.0 Author : Chaucer Introduction: An easy to use plugin available for MV and MZ that allows you to let your players throw events! Wanna make a puzzle where you need to move some blocks around? Or maybe you just wanna give the player the ability to...
  5. UnwantedFriedChicken

    RMMZ CastleTD Tower Defense Prototype

    Hello everyone I made this thread for gather and hear thought about my prototype tower defense. I love playing custom maps in warcraft III (clasic) and used to play alot of td game there like greentd, mafatd etc. So my idea is come from them, defeat enemy -> upgrade and have some damage...
  6. TheEmpressDescends

    Any way to make time progress during Skill/Item/Etc. selection for TPBS (Active)?

    Hello! So I was originally very excited when I was trying out the demo and saw the option for what I thought was a true active ATB styled system. However I found that even with it set to Active Mode, that the game would still pause all ATB when selecting your skill or item, or what have you. Not...
  7. RMMZ Devils Dungeon: Development and Idea Threat

    Purpose of this thread: Gathering ideas, plugins and other stuff. About the game: A completely FREE Dungeon Crawler with 100 floors with Rpg Maker MZ. Why free? I simply find it most battle systems of RPG maker games horrendous when it comes to complexity, variety as well as tactics. They are...
  8. Felix Trapper

    Interested in purchasing MZ but only if I can deploy to mobile easily...

    Hello everyone, I am a bit concerned that my initial attempts at searching for this answer were only met with one (older) thread that contained a very long and complicated method, through the use of various 3rd party apps, to deploy an MZ game to mobile. So I will ask again, and hope there is...
  9. Galv

    Galv's Auto Common Events MZ

    Auto Common Events MZ RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Just a simple plugin to allow more functionality during the game after certain processes. Features This plugin allows you to automatically run common events at certain parts of the game process. These are currently: – after player...
  10. Galv

    Galv's Event Start Types MZ

    Event Start Types RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Just a simple plugin that lets you change eventing depending on how the event was started. Features Using script in conditional branches, you can event different commands if: – The player runs into an event – The event runs into the...
  11. Galv

    Galv's Message Background MZ

    Message Background RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Use a graphic instead of default windowskin for messages. Features Display an image behind the message box instead of using the default window. You can change the image used during the game or disable it to return to using the...
  12. Powerise

    SV Battler of Monster_5 (Foxman)

    The work was done by me (powerise) on paid request by wrigty12. Even though wrigty12 paid for these sprites, He allows it to release publicly for others to use. TERMS of use: - You must have legally owned an RPG Maker MZ license. - Free for commercial and non-commercial use. - Please credit...
  13. GamesOfShadows

    RMMZ [MZ / SOLVED] Set current FPS in a variable

    Hello, I'm looking for a script-call to get the current FPS into a variable. I found this for the MV: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-do-you-get-the-current-frame-rate.106533/ But this doesn't work for MZ (I think they changed something in the code). Anyone have an idea...
  14. Galv

    Galv's Message Timer MZ

    Message Timer RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Time limit on choices and messages. Features This plugin allows you to start a message timer that will automatically close the message or cancel the choices window when it expires. This was designed for when you want the user to only have...
  15. florodude

    Crucible's Collectibles System

    Crucible's Collectibles v1.02 Crucible Gaming v1.01: Fixed compatibility issue with a few plugins. v1.02 Added terms of use. TL;DR Creative Commons Attribution/No-Derivs Introduction Crucible's Collectibles is a collectibles system for RPG Maker MZ. It features a robust collectibles system...
  16. AeroPergold

    RMMZ A Postmortem Nation (WARNING: May Contain Politics)

    A POSTMORTEM NATION (Watch the First Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay!) Synopsis Join the adventure of a secret agent who wakes up from a 500 Year slumber only to find himself in a fantasy world of swords and magic. He now has to recover his memories whilst keeping a dark foe from the past at...
  17. Coming back after a long while, ready to start anew!

    Hi! I've been lurking around for a good long while, but I stopped making games a while back. Recently, I finally found time and am finally ready to come back into the RPG making scene! Thing is though, I came in right as MV and MZ have been released, and I do not have a clue on which one to...
  18. RMMZ Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem

    Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem Synopsis This game has been created over the course of roughly a week for the Trials of MZ event. As such, it doesn't use any plugins and only RTP assets (with self-edits). Available for Windows and macOS. When the evil Dr. Psyko threatens to conquer the world...
  19. Galv

    Galv's Event Spawner MZ

    Event Spawner RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Spawn new events on a map. Features Spawn events from a specified map onto other maps at the location you choose or to a random region tile on the map. Specify if you need the spawned events to be temporary (disappear when the player...
  20. Kristina

    RTP A5 tileset not transparent

    Does anyone else got this issue? I haven't moved anything at all and it has always been like this from day 1. Is there a way to fix it? EDIT: It seems to only be the cliffs that's the issue, including the autotiles.

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