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  1. Sardonic

    RMMZ Tooltip on text hover plugin for MZ

    Hello, does anybody know of a plugin that displays additional information about a given word in the message window when that word is hovered by the cursor? Something like this but for MZ: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tooltip-on-text.76447/ I did some searching and wasn't...
  2. Rcsebud

    RMMZ Changing Battle Portraits Plugin

    I was wondering if there are any plugins meant to change the actor's portraits in battle? For example, when an actor is poisoned, then their portrait changes to reflect this instead of the battle icons the engine uses. The best example of this that I can think of is in OMORI, where the...
  3. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Offset enemy sprite

    My enemy sprite is big and I need to be able to move them lower than RPG Maker MZ default enemy editor allows me, so that they can fit in properly. Visustella has something like this in Battle Core but it's only for Sideview Battles and I need it for Frontview.
  4. PixelShogun

    How can I make an invisible layer for collisions?

    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker MZ and I hope I'm not asking a silly question, but... how can I insert invisible tiles to mark walls and collisions in my game? I use a custom map adapted to the 48x48 pixel grid (I move inside the grid, I don't need pixel perfection or free movement). There are thin...
  5. Center choice

    I was curious if there was any plugins in rpg maker that made the choice menu's look like this :
  6. Change max gold capacity through an event?

    anyone out there know some sort of script I can use to change max gold capacity mid game through an event?
  7. Hide MP/HP in battle

    Well hello there, I am looking for a solution to hide my, the player, HP and MP only in Battle! I know its possible with yanflys plugin but that destroys my battlesystem (I made my own). I can edit in the window.js but that also deletes the HP/MP in the menu (so I cant see the states at all). Is...
  8. ElleTrudgett

    Show Choices Cursor Memory

    ChoiceCursorMemory v1.0 Elle Trudgett Introduction Remembers the cursor position for the [Show Choices] command window. This is useful when you want to make multiple selections from the same choice list so you don't have to scroll down from the default position each time. It is also a nice...
  9. Move over/on picture

    Hello peeps :D Is it somehow possible that my character may move OVER a picture, which is placed on the map? Not just over a parallax. Just a small picture is placed on the map and I want to move OVER it , not UNDER. Well thats it, thanks in advance ^^
  10. moonwritertheory

    What if "Dogme 95 made in RPG Maker"?

    Many RPG Maker users are making RPG games, but the others are using horror genre or interactive drama genre somewhat. I have to think something simplified without using filter, commercialized plugins, and Non-RPG tilesets influenced by Dogme 95, but Dogme 95 is a a movie movement featuring the...
  11. DraiochtBheo

    [RPG Maker MZ] Alternative use for TP, need help figuring it out. Transformation energy?

    So I have this idea for a mechanic, and I need help figuring out if its possible in RPG Maker MZ. In the game I'm working on, the characters have gods tied to them, gods that they can fuse with in combat and enter a new form in (from a gameplay perspective, think of it being somewhat similar to...
  12. BuckyBattleBorn

    Random Common Events being called after Battle.

    Does anyone else have a problem with your project calling a random common event after you win a battle? I've been dealing with it for months. I remade the project 3 times. I looked at all my plugins. I deleted the common event being called. then when that didn't work I remade the project again...
  13. RMMZ smoother filter anti pixel plugin (I did a example in an art program)

  14. Anyone

    Anyone's Developer Core - A Plugin for Plugin Developers

    Developer Core Plugin This is a plugin for plugin developers, meant to aide in the development of powerful and user-friendly plugins. It provides ground-breaking, easy-to-use functionality to get around limitations that the RPG Maker MZ otherwise imposes on plugin developers. This plugin is, and...
  15. Events won't work when interacted with?????

    Hi. So this might just be a dumb question, but let me first just say I've been messing around in RPG Maker for like three years, and I'm not new. Anyways, the gist is, I'm making a game with chests, and whenever I press Z, it doesn't give the item. I have set the event's priority to Same As...
  16. Smoothbrick578

    RMMZ Undertale/Deltarune battle system

    Hi, I would like to have a battle system like undertale or deltarune in my game where you have to dodge attacks from the enemy. I know there is already a plugin for of it for RPG Make MV but I would like one that works with RPG Maker MZ because that's the version I use.
  17. RMMZ Looking for a Team | Puzzle Horror Game

    Engine: MZ Synopsis: Mia is a puzzle horror game, where the player will control Mia as she tries her best to escape her mysterious captors. The Game can be split up into Acts, even though the progression from one act to the other should go unnoticed by the player. The first act is entirely...
  18. riquecamargo

    Suggestion Message box italic/bold

    Description of the Feature: In many text boxes so far on the forums there is a simple function to italicize or bold and I would like to suggest this in the message boxes in case you write the text with a "\i" or a simple " \b" in the codes , it would be really cool to be able to create a text...
  19. Smoothbrick578

    NPCs that turn on you

    I’m pretty new to RPG Maker but I got this idea for my game where saying a certain thing to an NPC will make them turn on you and they will become the final boss or something like that. How would I make this feature?
  20. Drekex

    Disk Write Error when trying to install RPG Maker MZ v1.6.0 on MacOS

    I'm unsure if it's an error on my end or if something went wrong with my files/permission, but I can't install v.1.6.0. When I start, the download part gets completed without problem, but it can't install more than 5% before failing to a Disk Write Error. I tried moving my project files on my...

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