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  1. pidesa

    RMMZ Girl Travels Forest of Dream

    Game title : Girl Travels Forest of Dream (소녀는 꿈의 숲을 여행합니다.) Engine : RPG Maker MZ Price : 2$ Purchasing demo or full version Site Steam : Itch.io : https://pidesa.itch.io/girl-travels-forest-of-dream ■Preface Let's start the journey with the girl who picks up machete and eats grilled...
  2. Trihan

    Dragonbones Union animations + idle/action sequence movement

    So I have a couple of issues. The first is that apparently, regardless of the "Loaded Animation" setting, armatures default to "Walk", the same as regular battler sprites do. This means that for the Walk motion, I need to set it to the "Idle" animation in order for it to be playing idle when the...
  3. MZ Common Events Support

    Im having some issues with the gacha summoning. While I can make a number to get a random character, the character picture doesn't open and if I have them already, they dont level up past lvl 2. I have no idea what I did wrong. Any suggestions?
  4. How does SRDude's Hudmaker ultra Picture Gauge work

    Can anyone tell me how does the picture gauge function work in hud maker ultra? I love this plugin but whenever I try to make a custom gauge it keeps cropping and warping my pictures, what format does it need to be in to work?
  5. RMMZ Needing help with drawing sprites to map

    Hello, I'm currently working on a new plugin for my friend's game, this time he requested a quest system in the style of most MMOs, I'm currently working on the map visuals, namely, I would like a small exclamation symbol to appear above the head of NPCs who have quests to give. Something like...
  6. Undermax

    (MZ) Classic GamePad (Joystick) Extensor!

    This plugin will allow you to have better control over the devices that the user is using. Detecting if you are using: - Keyboard. - Playstation Joystick. - Xbox Joystick. And be able to activate / deactivate switches based on the device used. It also allows you to run common events when...
  7. The Boss Does not Uses His Skills

    Hello, just now i made an boss, for an boss fight, he has five skills, but he does not usually use them, by usually, i mean he uses them in once in 20-30 turns. How do i fix this?
  8. How to make an Boss Fight with multiple Phases

    Hello, i am an İnexperienced RPG maker MZ user, i know how to make an Boss Fight, but i have no idea how to add multiple phases to it. Like, after he takes 10000 damage ( for example ) he will change to phase to and the music & the boss's image will change. How do i do it?
  9. Crabcore09

    Interactive environment

    Hey everyone quick question! I've been working on a game and while creating began revisiting the old gba Golden Sun games. If anyone has played those before then you know how they have such a well done interactive environment, with little puzzles to solve by using magic skills to move objects...
  10. Trihan

    RPG Maker MZ 1.7.0 core script changes

    rmmz_core.js: - Version numbers updated Tilemap.prototype._createLayers() :- - Tilemap's Layer() class changed to CombinedLayer() Tilemap.Layer :- - MAX_SIZE constant added with initial value of 16000 - size function added, which returns this._elements.length Tilemap.CombinedLayer class...
  11. Noree

    How can i take the ID of the recently saved file in a variable?

    As the title says, I'd like to put the ID of the recently saved file into a variable, to use it in a conditional branch after closing the save menu. If someone knows how to do this possible, it will be so helpful!:kaoback: Also idk if that can be possible but i want the Save Scene closes after...
  12. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds : The Story of Layla

  13. Mouse click as action button instead of space bar?

    Hi RPG Makers, I recently went through the forums and found a simple solution to turn off mouse click movement for the player sprite, implemented it nice and easy... but I still want the mouse click to work as the action button instead of space bar so interaction would be with mouse clicks, but...
  14. Ezclados

    How do I make players able to talk to 3 NPCs that are walking together?

    Hi everybody I'd like to ask How can players talk to 3 NPCs that are walking together? Because when I talk to one of them, the other two will leave, I want them to stay together.
  15. Pigeon_Lord

    Quicktime Skills for MZ

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to implement a quick time event for some skills during battle in MZ, I've tried a lot of different things, checked some other Threads, watched some videos, and I just can't get it to work. I'm pretty much new to RPG maker, so there's a lot for me to learn… So to be a...
  16. danthelion

    Character Generator Bug: Extra sprite elements showing on preview and export file

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ Tool: Character Creator Summary: Some extra sprite parts on creating male character are appearing on preview and exported sprite file. Hello everyone! Today, I was using the Character Creator to create male characters and I noticed some details that I think it shouldn't be...
  17. HELP Generator Parts not showing ontop of sprites

    Hi I am working on putting in some free generator parts I have found around the internet and they work but for some reason the TVD the down sprites seem to appear under the characters and not on them and I have no idea why? Does anyone know why and I putting it under a wrong file name?
  18. Madre_Joshua

    DevTools: Failed to load SourceMap?

    Hello everyone. I am currently running into an issue. Whenever I boot up RPG Maker MZ and playtest my game, it gives me this error whenever I try to take a single step in some maps. I am not sure what exactly the issue is or what I am supposed to do about this. Clicking that link only gives me...
  19. Ezclados

    Best Screen Color Command Values For Night Burning Villages?

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to ask, does anyone know the best command value of screen tint for a village that burns at night? I've tried a few times but I'm not sure if it's the best for many people.
  20. Trihan

    Bug UI flicker issue in skill lists

    There is a display bug on skills with a type of "None" where they very briefly appear in the skill list before the category is set, even if their occasion is set to "Never". To replicate: 1. Create a skill with a type of "None". Occasion setting doesn't matter 2. Give an actor at least one...

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