#rpg maker vx ace

  1. Quest gives reward before completion?

    I am very new to the program. My conditional branch will not be taken in account for some reason. Even if the player doesn't complete the quest, the npc will give them the reward. The player is supposed to finish the quest by giving an axe, yet even if he has nothing in the inventory the quest...
  2. Theclock_show

    How does an item change picture after changing of the main character's outfit?

    So uh i might be dumb but my character has an outfit and he can look himself in the mirror(I drew a picture of him) but after a bit he changes outfit--and i want to know how can i make the mirror show a different picture after the character changing?(I apologize for my broken english'')
  3. Player turn toward character error

    So I found a movement script for turning towards a player. turn_toward_character($game_map.events[id of the event you want to turn toward]) It works when I play test it, however as soon as I transfer maps (which it is supposed to do straight afterwards) it comes up with this error. Here's...
  4. Two Requests: Enemy shake when hit and draw depth for animations (with examples)

    I'm looking for two things: First is the enemy is shaken when hit by an attack, here's an example (you might need to click on the image to see the gif): A lot of RPGs do this and it makes it feel like there's more weight behind an attack. The shake is kind of mid animation My second thing is...
  5. ToriKlepto3

    Khas Awesome Lighting Effects Error

    Hello, not sure where to put this exactly, but I need some help with my game. I installed Khas Awesome Lighting Effects, and copied the script from the example game and pasted it into my current project. When I tried to open it, it said "Unable to find file: Graphics/Lights/light" even though I...
  6. Event move route jumping issue

    Hello, I'm having some difficulty setting jumping behavior for a event's move route. It is a character who mostly proceeds towards the player, but occasionally jumps in a particular specified direction. I have the "Skip if cannot move" checkbox enabled, and this seems to work fine for all of...
  7. JRPGM528

    RMVXA Viral Nexus Academy

    Synopsis: 20XX, the Golden Age of Science and Technology. Technology has evolved with the help of the scientist Dr. Igor Avian, with the creation of humanoid machines called "Androids". These machines feel, think, and look human. They were also the everyday helpers for your average citizen...
  8. How to make larger sprites?

    Sorry if this is posted into the wrong forum (just joined and still confused.) I use RPG Maker VX Ace, I understand the whole 36x36 block, since I'm making my own tilesets, but I just can't seem to get this one thing. How do I make larger sprites, preferably two 36x36 tall? I've followed the...
  9. Typical

    Creating time-based lanterns in Khas Awesome Light Effects

    I just made a simple tutorial how to make lanterns dissapear if eg. run out of oil. It's also provide option to make a light source with light range. So, if player leaves range of light and doesn't have any light source, he dies for example from panic, or from monsters that hide in darkness. I'm...
  10. Caitlin

    Final Fantasy Tactics style world map

    First of all, this is a commercial game and I am looking for a script that allows free use of their script for commercial use. It has to have a similar nature of Final Fantasy Tactics, with a list. You chose a name and it goes to the point. I don't see how you can interpret differently, but...

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