rpg maker vx ace advice

  1. Damage formula based on equipped armor

    Hi. I would like to make an ability where the damage is increased if the user has no armor equipped. The damage formula is as follows: if has no armor equipped, the damage would be 110 + a.atk * 2 - b.def * 2. If the user is using an armor, that damage formula would be 55 + a.atk * 2 - b. def *...
  2. Text in the center of the screen?

    First time posting, so sorry if this is in the wrong place or something. I was trying to make one of my characters more ethereal (can stop time and talk directly to the player, but has no impact on the story itself), so I wanted to give him something more meaningful than the text boxes that...
  3. Event stop without turning

    Hello, I am looking for a way of causing an NPC event to stop moving on activation and talk to you, but not turn. As it has a custom move route, using set move route on it will cause it to reset and mess up the current position (usually it just gets stuck on a wall). It normally turns in it's...
  4. Help with Idle animation

    Hello I'm new to this site and RPGmaker, I'm sorry if this was asked before but I've been searching for a while for a way to make this work and haven't had any luck. I took Galv's plug-in and I love it but when I try moving around the character disappears. I looked at the character sheet in the...
  5. GamerDEVS

    Npc Conversation Trouble

    G'day I'm starting to use rpg maker and I have npcs that you can converse with but after choosing one of the available choices the conversation ends. I was wondering what i would need to do so this doesn't happen but instead goes back to the previous show choice screen, if there is I would very...
  6. Help with tileset import

    I've tried importing the tilesets provided along with the VX ace but for some reason they just wont appear right. And I don't know what to do
  7. Tanarex

    Difficulty Level: Impossible?

    After accidently erasing the sewer level in Chapter 5 (Because every game has to have one.) I thought maybe I should change how it works. Before you had to light beacons to stop the 'sewer swarm' from attacking you. Lighting one beacon after the next before the previous one goes out in 10...

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