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  1. Ademax

    Apellonyx's Survival System + KMS Generic Gauge

    Hi everyone, this is my first forum post. I recently dowloaded RPG Maker Vx Ace and have been working around visual customization for my game. My scripting knowledge is basically 0, but if given clear instructions I can find a way to make things works via trial and error. What brings me here is...
  2. Save Game During Choices

    Hello, all! I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to scripts and forums and the like, so I'll try to be blunt. I've been developing a VN (visual novel) type game with RPGMaker VX Ace, with Galv's visual choices and Yanfly's save engine. Working with existing scripts and patching some lines of...
  3. Roninator2

    Scrolling Item Names

    Scrolling Item Names v1.01 Created by Roninator2 Introduction A discovery upon assisting with a project involving item affixes, it was seen that the item names were compressed when the name was longer than the text box it would normally be in is. These sets of scripts corrects this by making...
  4. Roninator2

    Large Sprite X axis Adjust - Offset Door

    Large sprite X Offset v1.00 Created by Roninator2 Introduction Ever notice that some sprite are larger than others, and when those are placed on the map they are centered to the event. Sometimes this can cause the event sprite to look not quite right if it should have been a little to the right...
  5. Roninator2

    States do Damage over time by element

    States do Elemental Damage v1.02 Created by Roninator2 Introduction A request from WitchAmy to have Damage Over Time get resisted by elemental resistance Features - Allows States inflicted on the actor to cause damage each turn - Damage is reduced or increased by resistances - Resistances can...
  6. VX ACE: Help with Kyonides' Critical Alert script "bug".

    In this thread, I requested a script that shows a common event if a character lands a critical hit, and it works well, however, It has a little "bug": the script activates the common event even after the battle ends. This common event I created shows an image text saying "SMAAAASH!" (yes, like...
  7. sianko389

    Samurai Pack Icon Help

    Hi, so i like the iconset that comes with the samurai graphics pack but i don't know what the icons at the bottom say. Those are the icons, if someone knows what they mean then please tell me.
  8. Help with Venka's Bestiary Script's Status Resistances.

    Venka's Bestiary Script has a session that shows the foe's elemental and status resistances from enemy data. By default, they are hidden, and can only be revealed using the scan skill created on this script, but I don't want to use this scan, I want all data to be revealed instantly after...
  9. Custom Item UI RPG Maker VX Ace

    I am trying to make a game that would be cleaner if I could create a custom menu UI that only displays items. An example or reference of what I am trying to create is shown in the picture(it is the inventory UI from OneShot). I tried playing around with the scripts of the engine to get rid of...
  10. ColaLime

    Modern Faces + sprites in the VX Ace RTP style

    Everything is pretty much in the title. I'll probably draw more later. :) feel free to: - Edit - repost - use for commercial and non commercial games No need to credit but appreciated (Sunsetfoam in case) Have fun !
  11. Roninator2

    Roninator2 - Swap Party for Vehicle

    Party Swap Land Vehicle v1.0 Created by Roninator2 Introduction This is an addition to the Land Vehicle script, or can be used by itself depending on which script you use. This will allow you to swap out the party for an actor that you will use to represent the vehicle. This gives you the...
  12. Roninator2

    Roninator2 - Land Vehicle

    Land Vehicle v1.0 Created by Roninator2 Introduction This is an addition to the Game Vehicles in VX Ace. The script will generate a new vehicle that you can board on land and travel around in. Features - Can interact with events through action button - Will not do transfers, so no worry about...
  13. MasterMoes

    Having trouble getting HIME's "global common events" script to work with old save files.

    Hello, y'all, I recently incorporated HIME's global common events script into my game project. I've mostly been using it for special battle features, like a timer system that cancels everyone's turns if the player doesn't input their attacks fast enough, or a common event that makes the enemy...
  14. SomeFox

    How to enable the ability to save through the main menu during the game?

    Hello. So basically here's what I'm trying to achieve - my "Save" script command looking like this: def add_save_command add_command(Vocab::save, :save, save_enabled) <-- now it is impossible to save through main menu end What I want is to somehow while player still in the game change...
  15. Nanotial_D

    Fomar0153 ATB/Stamina bar on enemies

    Heya, I know I just posted a thread few days ago, but I need your help again Finding an ATB script was a nightmare after hundred of dead links and threads I've stumbled across, so finding specific answers would be even worse. Is there a way to display the stamina bar (the purple bar) on the...
  16. Nanotial_D

    Making checkpoints/respawn points

    Henlo I'm completely new to using RPG Maker engines or making games in general so I'm really unfamiliar with this kind of thing I wanna know how to make a system where you are respawned to the last checkpoint you interacted with (similar to Toro's Black Souls Dark Souls bonfire system) instead...
  17. (RPG maker VX Ace) Remove fade in BGM after ME

    Not sure if I titled it correctly but when you play an ME, the BGM that follows always has a slight fade in. It's very annoying and I don't like it as it stops a smooth transition when I want a song to have a non looping opening. I know it is a matter of changing one of the default scripts...
  18. SomeFox

    Change the position of text in dialog messages

    Hello. so there's the problem, which is already meet by ppl, but I'm interest in solving it without addition custom scripts (if it's possible anyway) - I'm using custom font, and the text itself gets sliced in the left corner. Is there any possibility to make my text appear casually 2 pixels...
  19. SomeFox

    How to change position of buttons in main menu.

    Hello. So there's a point - you can change alignment of main buttons text ("New Game", "Continue", "Exit"), but I don't know how to change the position of buttons itself. Can someone help please? ;c p.s there's a picture for better understanding what am I talking about (first one), and what i...
  20. Is there any way to decode/convert rgss3a to rvproj2?

    I'm new to rpg maker and i wanted to open an existing project in VX ACE, but i only have rgss3a file and it needs an rvproj2.

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