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  1. mario135790

    Is there a "XP to VX Ace" converter?

    Hello there! A couple of days ago I bought VX Ace on sale, and i remembered seeing a thread on here that had a way to play your XP games on VX Ace. I actually found this thread (linked here...
  2. opaattack

    Checkpoint System?

    I'm making a game, but don't want players to worry about game overs. In it's place, I decided to use a checkpoint system, having players interact with specific objects to set a new respawn point to appear at when they die. I thought I would be able to achieve this using variables and a bit of...
  3. Help with two simultaneous events: movement & dialogue

    All searches have yielded results not matching my specific query. I am trying to figure out the specific event processes so that I can have two separate events running at the same time: Event One: wait-staff in a tavern, moving around the map delivering and receiving meals. This is happening...
  4. Maezu-No

    Replace facesets by means of a switch, variable or script call?

    Hi everyone! I have a complex request of an script. Basically I am looking for a script that allows me to replace the image of the facesets in a certain part of the story, either by means of a "call script" or with the help of a variable or switch, anyway it would be great. In my project I...
  5. Maezu-No

    Export png images in the game folder by "Script call" of an event.

    Hi there! I would like to know if it is possible to export an image from the "graphics / pictures" folder in png format from the game through an event. Let me explain ... For example: The game ends and automatically by means of a "Script call" a png image appears and put in "graphics /...
  6. CuddleFox

    [VX Ace]How to make a scene wait?

    I tried the classic solutions found everywhere on the internet, they don't work. I'm programming a skills scene. The problem is that I have to let the player make a choice that can't be handled using Window_selectable as usual, so I tried to program it myself. There's the cursor on the left...
  7. Clarification about usage of mkxp

    Hi, I would like to ask about the usage of the alternative and open source implementation of RGSS called "mkxp". Link to Github - > https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp Quote from the starting page: From my unterstanding, there seems no problem regarding the usage at first glance. I have RPG...
  8. Choussen

    Animated enemy on overworld & start battle after touching it

    Hi everyone ! I tried to search for a similar thread but I couldn't find anything. ( maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords? Idk soz) I wanted to ask you all if you knew a way to animate an enemy on overworld and make it start a battle when being touched. I'll give you more informations...
  9. Looking for sprite water monster :)

    Hi everybody, i'm new here and i'm french (so sorry for my bad english :( ) I have been working on RPGMVXACE for a few years now and this forum has helped me a lot :) I wanted to know where I could find water monster sprites and also Battlers =) I hope I expressed myself well >< Thanks you so...
  10. Roninator2

    Roninator2 - Auto Map save and Auto Load

    Auto Save / Auto Load v1.10 by Roninator2 Introduction A script requested to perform auto save on specific maps and auto load Features - Decide to use switch to control auto save or not - Specify number of save slots used - Specify if you want auto load from the start of the game of when...
  11. RedRose190

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For VX/ACE - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! Also this is my first resource post i hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker VX and...
  12. Takeshi014

    Takashi's XP/VXA/MV Map Workshop

    Hi, I'm Takashi, and To help me hone my map-making skills I would like to open up free commissions to the whole RPG Maker community Here are the maps I'm working on at the moment: OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN -------------------- Here is how it works: To stop myself from getting overwhelmed I will...
  13. SteinFanXL9

    Horizon Odyssey

    What is it about the horizon that we all desire? SYNOPSIS Born into a bleak underground town that bans travel to the outside world, the concept of exploration and discovery are foreign. As the town of Holv slowly rots from existence, will the people cling to their beliefs of safety in favour of...
  14. RedRose190

    Simple Shooting fireballs by player, script or event tutorial? - vx ace

    Hello! i use rpg maker vx ace and as the title says does anyone can recomend me a simple kinda Shooting fireballs script or event tutorial? i looked up on google but i didn't had any luck.. I also found a youtube video that shows what i need but the guy that posted it didn't had script or...
  15. Roninator2

    Mr Bubblewand KMS Gauge addon for Xail Menu Delux

    KMS Gauge addon for Xail Menu Delux 1.0 by Roninator2 Introduction An addon to make the Xail Menu Delux work with KMS Generic Gauge Features - Plug & play How to Use Put below KMS Generic Gauge and Xail Menu Delux Images Script Credit and Thanks - Mr Bubble - Roninator2 Terms of use...
  16. Roninator2

    Mr Bubblewand KMS Gauge addon for Neon Black Victory Grade

    KMS Gauge addon for Neon Black Victory Grade 1.0 by Roninator2 Introduction An addon to make the Neon Black Victory Grade work with KMS Generic Gauge Features - Plug & play How to Use Put below KMS Generic Gauge and Neon Black Victory Grade Images Script Credit and Thanks - Mr Bubble -...
  17. Roninator2

    Mr Bubblewand KMS Gauge Addon for Blackmorning Status Addon

    KMS Gauge addon for BlackMorning YEA Status Addon 1.01 by Roninator2 Introduction An addon to make the Status addon from Blackmorning have the same look and feel as the rest of the game (when you are using KMS Generic Gauge script) Features - Specify gauges to use & stat gauge adjustments...
  18. Karbonic

    Battle Event Revive

    Hi! I'm working on a Hydra-esque boss which has three heads and a body. The parts are all separate enemies. The heads are easy to kill, but they quickly come back. Every six turns, I'd like for the heads to reappear. I don't want the body to have to use a revive spell, but I can't figure out how...
  19. nagibhard

    Zombie characters

    Hello! I searched in Google. And I searched on this site. But I never found it. Can't give a link to a thread where I can download zombie characters or to the site itself. Maybe I created a thread in the wrong place, I apologize in advance!
  20. Dreamsavior

    How to detect key while menu is open

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has been asked before. I've been looking for an answer to this question and every solution to this question leads to a script that only detects the keyboard button in the map, not in the menu. What I need is to detect the keyboard while the menu is open...

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