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  1. TheRamenGirl

    All RPG Maker VX ACE Icons as Sprites

    Hello! Ever want to use an icon in a event as sprite/character? I recently found a script that does that automatic for each on you want, But if you need them for any reason just as sprites, Here they are! Free to use (Only credit Enterbrain). Download Rar File or Save from uploaded pictures...
  2. Is there a script/plugin for RPG Maker VX Ace that allows me to play videos for the attacks?

    I tried to use a plugin for MV that played movies for the attacks, but everytime the movie played the game froze. So now I'm trying to do the same with VX Ace. Is there any script for playing movies for attacks and being idle?
  3. TheRamenGirl

    Script (or command) that player and events "can't step on a certain tile"

    Hello! Is there any script (or command) that players and events "can't step on a certain tile or tiles" ? Thank you!!
  4. TheRamenGirl

    How to enable an event when i select a key-item for the second time?

    So i figured out how to call a common event when i select an item from the inventory. What i need is when i select again, for the second time, the same item the common event to turn off and when i select it again for the third time, to turn it on again. (A enable/disable Item setting..)
  5. TheRamenGirl

    [CSCA] Dungeon Tools (Adding switch option when a specific tool is selected)

    Hello Happy Easter! I need help with some scripting.. i tried to make some settings by myself but i am not a script expert... i need a switch option when i select a certain tool from casper667's dungeon tools. Sadly, casper667 do not support his ace scripts with new features but i believe he...
  6. NekoPandaWolf_Studios

    Is there by chance a battle hud/battle system script in the style of Lufia and the Fortress of Doom?

    I'm wanting to have my battle system be like that, even to where I'm looking for a script that animates faces in the mog hunter battle hud script beyond just switching static images. I'm hoping I can find a script to achieve this. Not if I explained things all that well but thx for reading and...
  7. BrickleYourFrickle

    Change bush opacity to 0

    I don't care for the default functionality of bushes in VX Ace. I'd prefer it if when standing in a bush it completely obscures the character sprite's feet. I figured I could do this in the script editor by changing some opacity value to 0, but can't find anything that seems to work.
  8. Roninator2

    Class Feature Modify

    Class Feature Modify 1.02 by Roninator2 Introduction Allows you to specify if features are to be given to a specific class or remove database features for specific classes. Features - Use note tags to specify what classes would not get any of the feature bonuses (block feature) - Use note tags...
  9. Roninator2

    Chapter Selection

    Chapter Selection 1.03 by Roninator2 Introduction Allows you to perform a chapter selection. After that, it's up to you for what to do. Script commissioned by Whotfisjojo and shared with his/her/their permission. Features - Set text for the window - Use arrow images or text - Use an indicator...
  10. Roninator2

    Save on Specific Map on Game Over

    Save on Specific Map on Game Over 1.00 by Roninator2 Introduction Allows you to specify where the player will be located when they fall in battle, or just a game over. Upon resuming the saved game, they will be in a new location. Features - Choose variable that will hold the transfer data. -...
  11. fatalis357

    RMMZ Looking for mapper for action adventure game [VX ACE]

    Hey everyone, currently looking for a mapper to help with a project I am making called DragonMoore. Engine: RPG MAKER VX ACE Synopsis: The game DragonMoore is an action adventure game in a medieval/ sword and sorcery setting. The story is a coming of age story about two boys who set off to...
  12. Roninator2

    Yanfly Weapon Attack Replace Addon

    Yanfly Weapon Attack Replace addon - Skill Range, List and Alter TP & MP 1.01 by Roninator2 Introduction An addon to add options to Yanfly's Weapon Attack Replace Features - Specify in note tags if a weapon is to have a range of skills to use (one selected at random) - Specify in note tags if...
  13. Arkhanis

    I need some ideas of design to create animated icons

    Hi everyone! I'm currently creating some icons for my game, and need ideas of what i should use for animated icons, representing "Client" and "Place" for my quests menu. The icons are 24x24 (VX Ace). Any ideas? Thanks. Edit: I just realized that there's not enough information, my game...
  14. Roninator2

    Panic Window

    Panic Window v1.07 by Roninator2 Introduction A script to display a window showing a panic number written for a request by @Daphne04 https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/script-panic-meter.143386/post-1239538 Features - Specify Variable to use for the window number - Set the...
  15. Roninator2

    Yami Battle Order Gauge Mod

    Yami Battle Order Gauge Mod v1.2 Modded by Roninator2 Introduction These are modifications for Yami's Order Gauge script. These modifications are designed for Default Turn Battle. These modifications use the gauge without PCTB script. Follow original instructions with Yami's Order Gauge The...
  16. Raypixel

    RMVXA Runia Story (full game)

    Note that this is version 1.0, if I need to update the game or patch out any errors to fix that someone pointed out then I will make edit this thread with a version 1.5, 2.0 and so on if I need to. Synopsis: Screenshots: Characters and Game Mechanics: Download Link:
  17. Shuutaa

    Adding multiple languages on title menu.

    Hi! I want to translate my game into another language. After a while, I found out how to put the "languages" add-on in the title menu, and now the title menu looks like this. So here's the problem: I only know how to add it in, I don't know how to make it work. Also, this is what I added in...
  18. Roninator2

    Abilities Menu

    Abilities Menu v1.1 Modded by Roninator2 Introduction A script to give a Scene where you can apply points to categories/columns to add stats to your character. Only base parameters are supported Features - Set limit to how many level can be obtained in each crystal - Specify skills that can be...
  19. SecretSigil

    Custom Door Alignment Issue

    Outside Inside I'm trying to make some custom doors designed to mimic the ones in the show Danny Phantom (these are just the simple versions of the doors, I'll add more details to later and fix the coloring) but for some reason I keep getting this gap of empty space near the bottom. I've tried...
  20. Helping about a "Loading bar script"

    Hi everyone, I am a new member in this RPG Maker Forums Today I want to ask everyone about the "Loading bar script" I have spent a lot of time to find a "Loading bar script" and up to now, I haven’t found it, yet. Actually, I know MOG’s Loading bar script but I get an error when I am testing...

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