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  1. Harlancore

    RMVXA Dakota the RPG - part one complete and playable

    DAKOTA THE RPG SYNOPSIS Most of humanity has been wiped out due to an unexplained cataclysm. So what do we do when a tragic event like that happens? Why, we host a World's Fair, that's what we do! Not only that, we transform the countryside into one big live-action RPG. Such is the fate of the...
  2. Roninator2

    Spell Groups/Class/Limited uses

    Good day, I could have sworn that I remembered someone had made a script for this, but I can't find it. I must be searching for the wrong name. Can't find it online or in my script list. Short of myself recreating the wheel with this I was wondering if anyone has or knows where the script I'm...
  3. bg400

    Having trouble with fonts

    Been trying to change my game's font, but it hasn't been working. Using a script from other threads talking about changing fonts has only disabled the custom menu stuff I had. I have the custom font in a folder and everything. Can somebody tell me what I'm missing?
  4. Sketchguy1248

    Character gains extra action randomly. How do I stop it.

    I'm making a LISA fangame in RPG Maker VX Ace. You can see the scripts I've used in the attached image. I've made the third party member's top command a timed button attack skill (As shown in the second image), and randomly in battle he just gets another action, he can do anything with that...
  5. Apply State when hitting enemy weakness

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a consumable item that does damage as well as applying a state if the enemy is weak to the attack element. I've seen that this might be possible in MV by typing it into the damage calculation (Something like this: b.elementRate(11) > 1 ? b.addState(3)). Is...
  6. A Cyber Sleuth-like "Data - Virus - Vaccine" elemental system script.

    There is a game called Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, where there are typical RPG elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, etc. But also have three extra elements: Data, Vaccine, and Virus (there is also a Free element, but it is neutral). A Data-Elemental Digimon, for example, will have all its skills...
  7. Need search Makapri's monster sprite, Makapri (Kingdom Rise and Fall) Shadow Monster Sprite

    Hello guys, i ran into a problem, can't find the original sprite for this battler. if anyone has it please post it to this thread. I only have an image of a makapri battler, but I don’t have a sprite like in the second picture. I tried to find in the original blog https://ameblo.jp/makapri and...
  8. Yanntastisch

    VX Ace - Luna Press Turn Battle Error "undefined method"

    Hello there. I put Luna's script Press Turn Battle into my game as it is looking very promising. But when I try to start the game, this error appears: line 195: NameError accured undefined method 'setup_battle' for class "Module" I haven't found any solution in the comments of the script...
  9. LUC1G07CH1

    RMVXA Queen of The Streetz

    Queen of The Streetz, QUOTS for short, is a freeware RPG Maker VX Ace game developed by LUC1G07CH1 Entertainment (AKA me). It is a reboot of Street Catz (I really wanted to reboot that game since...I don't like it anymore, I was a tween when I made it and it was my first RPG Maker game ever)...
  10. Darkness Void

    Movies As OGV

    I'm finally messing around with the movie feature for VX Ace, and I need a little help with the quality. I went ahead and animated a very short sprite animation which will serve as the opening for the game proper after I complete it. However near the end it gets all pixelated and skips once or...
  11. Kakis

    Help with script for Battle Result Visuals

    Hello, So I've been using RPG Maker Vx Ace and I wanted to make a battle result/level up screen that looks like this: to be able to add in the visuals of when a character levels up, but to also add in dialogue of said character levelling up. Like, when a battle is over, it'll show items that...
  12. Problem encountered. Can main menu choice list be more spread out?

    Basically I want the "new game", "continue", "shutdown" (by default) variables to be more spread out. (Not what I want) example: New game Continue Shutdown (What I want) example: New game (free space) Continue (free space) Shutdown (First time posting anything, I do not know where to post...
  13. Jacoh

    Show more status effects

    I'm surprised that no one asked this, maybe because Yanfly is overused and has this function implemented, however, I don't really want to use Yanfly and I'd like to know if there's a script that allows me to make more than 2 status effects visible (during battles, NOT during menus). Anything...
  14. TheRamenGirl

    How to make a Chasing Event Through Multiple Maps - Tutorial & DEMO

    Hello everyone! I found a kinda easy and 100% working way for Chasing Event(s) Through Multiple Maps and i decided to share it with everyone since the 2-3 tutorials/videos i found were kinda hard, and I read many comments "complaining" about them not working properly.. I'll try to explain it as...
  15. pedrocarsamar

    How to check if the player has a x number of copies of an item?

    Hello there. As you know, one can check if the player has a certain item, weapon or armor in their inventory through events, specifically via conditional branches. But as far as I know, you can't specify the amount of the item. For example, how do I check if the player has not only one, but two...
  16. Earthbound/MOTHER-like PSI Menu Script

    I'll get straight to the point, I need a script for my game that alters how the skill menu in battle behaves, here's an example of it from a game engine in gamemaker studio : I'm looking for a script that can change the default skill command into a more complicated one, instead of just...
  17. TheRamenGirl

    All RPG Maker VX ACE Icons as Sprites

    Hello! Ever want to use an icon in a event as sprite/character? I recently found a script that does that automatic for each on you want, But if you need them for any reason just as sprites, Here they are! Free to use (Only credit Enterbrain). Download Rar File or Save from uploaded pictures...
  18. Is there a script/plugin for RPG Maker VX Ace that allows me to play videos for the attacks?

    I tried to use a plugin for MV that played movies for the attacks, but everytime the movie played the game froze. So now I'm trying to do the same with VX Ace. Is there any script for playing movies for attacks and being idle?
  19. TheRamenGirl

    Script (or command) that player and events "can't step on a certain tile"

    Hello! Is there any script (or command) that players and events "can't step on a certain tile or tiles" ? Thank you!!
  20. TheRamenGirl

    How to enable an event when i select a key-item for the second time?

    So i figured out how to call a common event when i select an item from the inventory. What i need is when i select again, for the second time, the same item the common event to turn off and when i select it again for the third time, to turn it on again. (A enable/disable Item setting..)

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