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  1. nagibhard

    Zombie characters

    Hello! I searched in Google. And I searched on this site. But I never found it. Can't give a link to a thread where I can download zombie characters or to the site itself. Maybe I created a thread in the wrong place, I apologize in advance!
  2. Dreamsavior

    How to detect key while menu is open

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has been asked before. I've been looking for an answer to this question and every solution to this question leads to a script that only detects the keyboard button in the map, not in the menu. What I need is to detect the keyboard while the menu is open...
  3. Roninator2

    Calestian Achievement system switch control

    Good day scripters, I tried to make an addon for Calestian's Achievements script in order to control what achievements are shown based on a switch (I thought this would be the easiest to implement). The best I was able to do was partial success where either the item wasn't drawn (but you could...
  4. JacSkulls

    Help with Window Resizer

    Hello! Jac here. (Hope I'm in the right forum) I'm having trouble with using Vlue's Basic Window Resizer. Not sure what's going on, truly. I tried playing a video at the start of the game but the video doesn't enlarge itself. This is what it looks like at fullscreen. I was wondering if there...
  5. TheGeneral50

    Timer Not Stopping?

    Hello everyone, first time posting here, and excited to be utilizing the RPG Maker VX Ace for Game Design study. I'm right now trying to work on a small horror game that wanted to implement a timer system that when it hits 0:00 marker the game is completed. However, when the timer does hit this...
  6. Need help on creating a particular event

    Hi all, I don't think script is needed for this, but I am currently creating an event where "Merchant" in house walks outside of the house and go to the green colour bush where he cannot be interacted until he reaches to the bush. After a few mins, he will go back to the house where again he...
  7. How to fix those text squares?

    Well, I've changed the text font in my project and now it shows a square instead of some punctuation marks and numbers. It happens with every font now. How can I fix this?
  8. JacSkulls

    Help with Languages?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here. Been away from home a little too long. Lol. I have no idea if this is the right thread for it or not. I'm wanting to know more about switching languages from English to Spanish. Just that I promise someone that I would try to make it in Spanish as well. No, I'm not a...
  9. Roninator2

    Multiple Floor Damage Types

    Found this script by Kio Kurashi and added more to it for the request that was made on another site here Damage for more types of floors v1.1 Kio Kurashi Introduction Allows you to specify different damage amounts for different tiles. Features Original script just specified how much damage was...
  10. remainderstudios

    Victor Script Footstep problem

    I am using victor script to play sounds when character walks. the problem is that the enemies also reproduce those sounds (events with battles in real time). The tag "<no step sound>" does not work for enemies (other events). Script: can anybody help me? Thanks.
  11. Yanntastisch

    How do you change names and gauges in Yanfly Ace Battle Engine?

    I tried the legendary Yanfly Ace Battle Engine for the first time. Everything works fine except two little things: I would like to disable the names on the actor faces. Also there is something up with the HP, MP, and TP gauges. They don't look like in all the screenshots I saw. They look just...
  12. Tombo

    How do I make a platformer style level?

    Hey guys - new to the forums. How would I go about making a platformer game like LISA? - I'm comfortable with battles, messages, sfx & sprites etc. The main part I am struggling with is getting the playable character to walk against blank 'A' tiles. As below you can see I've been looking at...
  13. remainderstudios

    Problem with any Spawn Event scripts on RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hi I have a very frustrating error using spawn event scripts. It doesn't matter which event spawn script i used, Galvs, EST - DECOR AND BUILD v1.2, Yanfly, etc. Either of these scripts has a fatal error and I was unable to fix. 1. I spawn a seed (previously created in another map with...
  14. JacSkulls

    Rules or Legal discussion for materials?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here! Sorry if this is a stupid question! I tried looking into this but it kept giving me other things such as "How to transfer files from VX Ace to MV" or whatever. And there's a slight possibility that I might have gotten the answer I was looking for but I'm not entirely...
  15. JacSkulls

    Help with Player Movement

    I'm not sure if this should be in Script Request or something else so please forgive me for choosing the wrong Forum Area. Jac here! I was just wondering if there is a way to move players that are in Control to move freely upper-left/right and lower-left/right without using Events. Especially...
  16. JacSkulls

    A little help with Script(s)

    Hello everyone! Jac here again! I am trying to make a "simple" return to Title during a movie. Something like this. Graphics.play_movie('Movies/My Movie') unless input.trigger?(:C) But it seem like I'm missing something or lack certain knowledge. I don't know why but I feel like this can...
  17. Roninator2

    Hime's Scene Interpreter

    Looking for some help with a compatibility issues between Hime's Scene Interpreter and Mr. Trivel Crafting Simple. I get this error The crafting script work perfectly without the scene interpreter script. My other portions of my game work fine with scene interpreter script. I tested this in a...
  18. JacSkulls

    A little help with Vlue's Formation Bonus and Yanfly's Party System

    Hello, Everyone! Hope I'm in the right Forum area this time. Lol I made a Thread some time ago about the whole Party members not appearing in the game. But now I think it might be a script because when I put the Formation Bonus above Yanfly's Party System, the party members get out of Reserve...
  19. JacSkulls

    Not sure if this is a script problem or an event problem...

    Hello! Sorry for bothering everyone with questions! I am having problem with adding party members. Or rather, adding them to battle. In the Event, I made it so two actors gets added to the part but they seem a bit faded out in the pause-menu section. If I go to battle, they aren't in there at...
  20. JacSkulls

    Trouble with Yanfly and Vlue script

    Okay! So today someone mentioned a list to me and recomended me Vlue Formation Bonus 3x3 for VX Ace. At first, it worked well with Yanfly. I still don't have any idea what's going on. I didn't even change anything, either. The game, itself works. But if you go to battle, this is what it comes up...

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