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  1. Clarification about usage of mkxp

    Hi, I would like to ask about the usage of the alternative and open source implementation of RGSS called "mkxp". Link to Github - > https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp Quote from the starting page: From my unterstanding, there seems no problem regarding the usage at first glance. I have RPG...
  2. RedRose190

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For VX/ACE - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! Also this is my first resource post i hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker VX and...
  3. Comparison between 2003 and VX

    Hello, I just want to know between these version. Besides of graphic and pricing, which one is better? The Game I want to made it will use lots of event. Is 2003 better because of retro style and standard option, and also lots of resource that I found in charas project website. Or VX with maybe...
  4. atoms

    RPG Maker VX Sample Maps?

    I am certain when I last used RPG Maker VX a while ago there were some sample maps that came with the program, but I can't find them anywhere now. Does anyone know where they are stored and what folder? Thanks!
  5. Roninator2

    Splash Screen

    Single Splash Screen V1.0 By: Roninator2 Introduction This script lets you show a splash screen. Specify in the script what image you will use for the splash screen. Features One splash screen is shown. Pretty simple. Details Image must be in Graphics/System folder. Script
  6. JasonNolan64

    "Connecting to the activation server"

    It's been quite a while since I used RPG Maker. I wanted to install all the RPG Maker programs I own on my new computer starting with VX. I already have a code for it since I started using the program way back in 2012. I put in the code, fill in the remaining boxes. But when I activate it...
  7. Juanita Star

    Change Animation format

    I need to use some animations, but they are in RPG Maker XP format (Or so I believe?). In the TOS of the site, is said that the material can be used as we wish as long as we don’t sell it. And I was wondering if there is a way to format this to VX/Ace type of animation sheet or if someone could...
  8. Dreamsavior

    Translator++ - Game Translation Tool

    One day, I encountered a good doujin game at certain site. It has an exceptionally good user review, beautiful artwork along with captivating game play… on top of that, this game is distributed for free. But, too bad … this game is in Japanese, while I … just like the rest of 7 billion earth...
  9. Yokiko

    How does Glitchfinder's "Multiple Timers" Script Work?

    Hello everyone! Sooo, I tried to figure this out for at least 24 hours, but I did not find a solution. It's about a script called "Multiple Timers" by Glitchfinder. As the title implicates, it lets you several timers that run independently from each other. Even though it was originally made for...
  10. Juanita Star

    Templates For Wings (I just dont know how to use then)

    I’m trying to use both of this templates (angel wings, butterfly wings) with the mack templates down below. Problem is, I'm terrible with Photoshop or spritting in general. Instead of the smooth transition of a walking or flying sprite, I get a sprite with a personalized earthquake. Not a...
  11. MavrikLokeeh

    RPG Maker VX Activation Issue

    Hello, I've been having a familiar issue with RPG Maker VX wherein it says "Cannot find CoGen DRM.dll". I know this is a bit redundant. But I've noticed most of these issues are from RPG Maker VX Ace. And yes, I already tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it. Thanks.
  12. Oscar92player

    [Help] Translating the Properties window

    Hello everyone! I'm making a project in VX in Spanish, and everything works fine working on those text that are inside scripts, or the battle logs, and other kind of texts inside the game. But, I have a problem finding a way to translate the texts inside the Properties window (the one you can...
  13. Clockwarkgate

    Counter Attack State [VX]

    Like the reflect mechanic in tankentai side view battle, i need a state that triggers a skill (ID) when attacked.
  14. Seerfree

    [SOLVED, NEVERMIND][VX Ace] Figuring out How To Use Another Fen's Self Variables Script

    I desperately need a self-variables script for my project, and I found one here https://maker-schmiede.de/WBB4/index.php/Thread/120-Einfaches-Self-Variables-Script/ but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it working. I used Google Translate to read the instructions as the site is in...
  15. Guispfilho

    Zombie Waking Up Sprite

    Hi, I've been trying to use this zombie sprite sheet to make a sprite of a zombie comming out of the ground for RPG Maker VX Ace, instead of just making it appear. Something like this: But I'm not that good with pixel art, and the end result is kinda... Bad If someone could give me a hand...
  16. Ignis

    Need a Quick Grand Dad Sprite

    Anyone know that meme? The one with the weirdly colored Mario? I need help to recolor this sprite sheet and crop a face image for Grand Dad. I need it by tonight or tomorrow, so please hurry, thank you! <--snip--->
  17. PLEASE HELP WITH GubiD's Tactical Battle System!!!

    Jul 6, 2017 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmg2evmbngw/GTBS_VX+v1.0+release.zip This is the link to his rgss2 demo. (I use rpg maker vx) The problem is, whenever one saves after a battle it gives you the error: Script 'Scene_File' line 214: Type Error occurred. no marshall_dump is defined for...
  18. GubiD's Tactical Battle System Help!!!!!!

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmg2evmbngw/GTBS_VX+v1.0+release.zip This is the link to his rgss2 demo. (I use rpg maker vx) The problem is, whenever one saves after a battle it gives you the error: Script 'Scene_File' line 214: Type Error occurred. no marshall_dump is defined for class...
  19. firststef

    Need translation for new terms

    Hi guys! I want to know what are the terms on this site http://hyouburogu.jugem.jp/?cid=5 The translation by @slimmmeiske2 is done in 2014 but the last edit says 2015, wich means its outdated.
  20. "Failed to load actor data"- RPG Maker VX

    Alright, I understand that many people have already asked about this and have had their problems solved, but none have had the answers that I sought. I've had RPG Maker VX for a year until one day, for some reason, it stated that it had "failed to load actor data." Back then, I attempted to fix...

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