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  1. Kitesis

    Making Cutscenes Happen When Certain Conditions Have Been Met

    I hope I've put this in the right spot. Sorry, I'm pretty new to these forums. So basically, I'm having event trouble. In my game the protagonist and the party go to talk to an npc. The npc tells them something, and they go to a different area. In this area a cutscene needs to happen, but the...
  2. jknightandkarr

    Animated battlers

    I found animated battlers from Haydeos, but does anyone else have some?? I want as many as I can get but I do need one for a Killer Death Bunny boss request I got from a friend. Thanks. Joe
  3. YukiNagato

    Help in converting this into character sheets?

    I am sooooo sorry if I am such a bother. :( I wanted to use these supposed balloons in RPG Maker VXA found in the attachment. But it seems that it needs some formatting according to GrandmaDeb in this thread here...
  4. Strict_Gryphon90

    Skip Actor/Enemy Windows in Battle

    Hello everyone, In the game I am currently working on there is only one actor, and every troop only contains one enemy. Whenever a skill/item/attack is being used it seems redundant to go to an enemy/actor select window. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to skip the target select windows...
  5. Trying to combine two things

    I'm trying to use all three of Cozziekun's EarthBound scripts with Capn Muffin's EarthBound Starter Kit. I'm using RPG Maker XP for this, but Cozziekun's codes are for VXA. I have both versions of RPG Maker. Whenever I run the game, it comes up with an error. I'm really inexperienced with this...
  6. Zane

    Show a variable in the form of a bar.

    Hey whats going on community. I have a question regarding a scripted variable bar. I understand and have scripted numerous health bars for huds using the .hp_rate etc. But I want to know is this a exception for variables? Here is how a health bar would be drawn: My question is how can I...
  7. Korimax

    Entire Collections Search.

    Okay to start things simple this is only a request and honestly I have no idea who would be crazy enough to help me with this. But I thought since I am surrounded by several RM masterminds, they may have the resources, since it would seem they have left the face of the internet. Currently I am...
  8. Fifty613

    Need Help With Tileset's & GIMP (GIMP Noob)

    Its been a while since I've used an RPG Maker, I think the last time was RPGM 2k3. I have RPGM VXA now and have read up on a few things and have been using a combo of MS Paint and GIMP to make my tilesets. My problem is when I create a tileset and import it to RPGM when I use anything from it...

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