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  1. Blackcloud

    [RMVXA] Looking for a Dark Cloud (1) weapon script

    Hello folks, I'm new to this site, but I hope I am on the right track. :LZSblush: I recently replayed my favorite game Dark Cloud and started to create a little RPG Maker fan project from it. But it would be nothing without the iconic weapon and weapon upgrade system. So I've been googling...
  2. sianko389

    Help with visuals

    I'm currently making a bite-sized game as a side project, i would like to make it look more fancy than a normal basic game. I'm searching for some visual/ aesthetics scripts, and any of them would help! (mostly looking for the main menu and battle scene scripts)
  3. CrimsonKunoichi

    RMVXA She: Chapter 2: Desperate Escape

    (Please note that this game is a nod to games such as Haunting Ground, Clock Tower and Project Zero. We've taken influences from these games to try and deliver a good little fan game of them. Thank You). SHE: CHAPTER 2: Desperate Escape. Following the events of "She: Chapter 1: The Endless...
  4. Walls Over the Floors & Soot

    Hello, How do you replicate the flooring of "CastleiInteriorjF1F" in RPG Maker VXAce? More specifically the flooring. The carpet has to be under the walls which the sample map provides. When I try to replicate the same pattern, it doesn't follow the sample map. I did it on the same sample map...
  5. Crazy Rob

    Initiative Based Battle System Needed

    Okay, so, I've tried multiple scripts to get this fundamental idea working: Simple initiative based combat, as in, with a 10% or so variance, the actor/enemy with the highest speed goes first, their action resolves, then it's the next actor/enemy's turn to act. The most recent script I used to...
  6. seryphi

    Ser's VXA Sprites

    Currently not much here since I only really started doing custom graphics once I got MV, but I did some VXA fangame sprites a few years back that should go in here. Base for the sprites is from Game Character Hub, then I went nuts with a paint program. (One of these days I want to make some...
  7. Sarah79

    RMVXA Arcurrent

    Or at least such is the intro to the game. It is a classic JRPG in style, but I have added a few twists from modern titles to try and add something special. +The weapons are Incomparables, allowing for diversity in approach to battle rather than simple lists of numbers. +I’ve added Persona...
  8. ScytheX

    RMVXA Tales of Phantasy ( a Sonic and Klonoa Crossover RPG )(W.I.P.)(new screenshots added)

    hello all and welcome. thanks for taking the time and small interest in my like fan project. i'm working a fan made RPG using both sonic and klonoa characters. i want to try to make a somewhat interesting story while trying to keep it pretty funny and entertaining. Fun but challenging gameplay...
  9. goldknight555

    RMVXA Project C.U.R.E. Origins

    Demo Gamejolt= https://gamejolt.com/games/ProjectCureOrigins/255933 Story This is the story of a man named Kin. The player must take on the role of such character and regain their memory. However this memory haunts Kin without him knowing of his actions. Through this adventure the player will...
  10. cavemanK

    RMVXA Class Rules: SUPER BOOTLEG EDITION DEMO [Disclaimer: Politics/Sex]

    CLASS RULES: SUPER BOOTLEG EDITION At Trafalgar Tech, Vince is finally ready to determine if he is worthy to call himself a true GAME DESIGNER. Further, he and his classmates are tasked with succeeding against all odds: they must enter a suffocating job market dominated by faceless...
  11. kanis999

    RMVXA Legend of the Infini - DBZ Epic Fantasy

    Legend of the Infini Full Length Classic Style RPG Combining DBZ, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Much More *Game contains religious elements, content from other RPGs, and minor language. Downloads Game Links Credits Discord Channel Strategy Guide (Spoilers) Map Pack (Spoilers) Intro...
  12. SuYin

    RMVXA Fairie Krystal

  13. Labyrinthine

    Shaz Multilayer Fog Trouble

    Heya, I've got some troubles here... I would like there to be fog every time I'm not driving an airship, and the fog should disappear if I enter the airship. The problem on this event is that the fog stays static since the parallel process keeps on updating it. Anyone know how to solve this? I'd...
  14. Guiguimu

    RMVXA Darkest Mansion

    Sinopse It’s Halloween night. A group of teenagers from the small village of Serradade decided to explore a dark mansion nearby. They agree to meet before nightfall, but our main character arrives late to the meeting and has to go alone into the woods. When he/she arrives, everything seems...
  15. Soulmagnet

    RMVXA Black Spirits - arouse to die (updated v1.1)

    Black Spirits - arouse to die V.1.1 by Soul Tech Synopsis: The great Vermellus continent was cursed by dark forces. Overnight the dead rose from their graves and wild beasts of inconceivable appearance copied the plains. You are a Black Spirit, an adventurer who after died recently came back...
  16. SunMelt

    RMVXA Ride The Space Train (Demo)

    Welcome to the space train - a giant travelling station created for those who lost their home planet. A space-roaming sanctuary where every species can find their place to stay. And that includes you - a humble gray creature who spent their whole relatively short life sorting the garbage in some...
  17. Chaos Drift

    Hello all, Chaos Drift(v.1.0) has just released on Steam! Head on over to the Steam store to pick it up now for $5.99 (a 25% discount from the regular price of $7.99) First, I want to say thank you to this community. My credits are full with the names of many of you who have created...
  18. Rikifive

    Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point

    Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point Alpha 1.1 Introduction EC:AttSP is the first part of Eric Chronicles, a series telling the story about Eric and his glorious quests. Story Have you ever started a project in RPG Maker VX Ace? Then most likely you've encountered Eric, the bravest...
  19. Orihime00sama

    RMVXA Crystal of Abyssal Dreams v.02 [In-development]

    Game Synopsis: Allen Anderson has always lived a peaceful life in his town and despite being unchanging, he never felt unhappy about it. However, one day he goes to see his friend Mary and finds her in a weird room next to a weird machine that causes him to black out. As soon as he wakes up, the...
  20. Flogic

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers SYNOPSIS: The Humbaba of ancient Mesopotamian lore was a figure at once beloved and vilified: a guardian and a menace, a friend and an enemy. He was the ferocious and deadly protector of the Cedar Forest, home to the gods; he bore the face of a lion and...

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