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  1. LatgalianDevil

    How to change font

    How do I change the font in RPG Maker XP?
  2. Question

    Hi, After years I got the rpg maker for pc, and I try to start my first project, can someone please help me to get some free tilesets character sprites and some other things I need to make a good rpg game
  3. zecx

    .rgssad unexpected file format error

    hello, when trying to open the .rgssad file extension, it gives the following error: unexpected file format. I tried vx and xp programs. Can you help with this? PS: I don't know English well. That's why I translated it.
  4. Failed to create bitmap RMXP

    Hello, I hope this is the right place for my question. My English is not very good. My language is German but I hope I can express myself in a meaningful way. Now to my problem. I don't use any additional scripts. ( script 'sprite_Picture' line 40: RGSSError occurred. failed to create bitmap...
  5. Wecoc

    Sort items manually instead of by ID

    Some time ago I found this post on another forum. I think it's a pretty common situation when making a game in RPG maker. Trying to sort them back is inviable because that would mean you have to change every appearance they had in every event. That's why I made this script that allows to set a...
  6. Wecoc

    [Enginer Tool] Screen EX

    Screen EX is an RPG maker XP enginers tool that allows to make screenshots of the editor more easily. More precisely, it's a plug-and-play script, compatible with basically everything (including the similar tool Interpreter EX); you add it above Main, change its configuration, execute the game...
  7. Wecoc

    [Enginer Tool] Interpreter EX

    Interpreter EX is an RPG maker XP enginers tool that allows to obtain the event commands in text format. More precisely, it's a plug-and-play script, compatible with everything; you add it above Main, change its configuration, execute the game (in Debug mode) to obtain the result, and remove it...
  8. Wecoc

    Game Map Simple Addons

    Those are two scripts that implement some additional configuration on the default map parts. They can work independently and are compatible with most scripts. Author: Wecoc Release Date: April 2014 Last Version: July 2020 Terms of Use - Giving credits (Wecoc) for using this script is optional...
  9. Wecoc

    Sprite Reflections and Wave Effects

    This is one of the first scripts I made back in 2012. Back in the early era of XP, JmsPlDnl y Rataime made a Sprite Reflection script for that maker, and it was widely used. I took that idea to make another one, but in another way. In my version, each event and player has a copy of its graphic...
  10. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker lagging

    It's not lagging in-game. It's in the editor where it gets weird. When I go to the database, it takes it awhile to open, and if I click to move to any tabs, its slow. When I try to open an event, it's also slow. It's not like this all the time, but I don't know what's causing it, and it's...
  11. Solr

    Solr "Modern Medicine" / Drink Icons VX/VXA/XP

    It's not very much, but I want to give something back to the community; so many great people have helped me here time and time again. A few years ago, when I was in high school, I was obsessed with making an RPG about my town/school. You see, my central Texas highschool had a bit of a problem...
  12. Chompil

    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    Recently found this script, supposed to allow sending web requests (GET/POST) and fits RGSS, RGSS2, RGSS3. anyone familiar with it? original topic at RPGMakerWeb I can't get it to work though. feels like something silly, as it's supposed to work, and it's a simple GET request. here's my code...
  13. ZenVirZan

    RPG Maker XP Database Sort Tool

    RPG Maker XP Database Sort Tool Intro RMXP DB Sort tool is a Ruby script that sorts the database, switch and variable entries by name. It also examines all database entries, maps, events and common events and updates the references so that no functionality is changed. Prerequisites A local...
  14. ZenVirZan

    RPG Maker XP EULA regarding RTP usage

    Hi all I've been trying to track down the EULA for the RMXP RTP usage but I've been having trouble finding one that contains any useful detail beyond "Only permitted for use in games made with RPG Maker XP". I'm aware you cannot use it unless you are making your game with RPG Maker XP, of which...
  15. How can I change RPG Maker XP's Battle UI?

    Hello, I am currently working on a RPG project and I am trying to figure out how to change the battle UI. The battle UI currently looks the basic RPG Maker UI, but I want to change the sprites to look more like earthbound, (shown bellow): Earthbound is also famous for it's wavy animated battle...
  16. mario135790

    Is there a "XP to VX Ace" converter?

    Hello there! A couple of days ago I bought VX Ace on sale, and i remembered seeing a thread on here that had a way to play your XP games on VX Ace. I actually found this thread (linked here...
  17. Umitori

    How to make the text of the title screen command box be aligned to the center

    The title already sums up what i'm needing help with. As you can see the text of the command box is aligned to the left but it would look much better if it were more on the center. How can i do that? I tried to search around and I didn't find anything that could help me.
  18. Lord Vectra

    Change Equipment During Battle

    I'm in need of a script that allows you to change equipment during battle. I specifically only need to be able to change weapons. Found this on a site but not from the original author. It doesn't work (at all) without edits. So I made minor edits so it's plug & play. Place this below any custom...
  19. Clarification about usage of mkxp

    Hi, I would like to ask about the usage of the alternative and open source implementation of RGSS called "mkxp". Link to Github - > https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp Quote from the starting page: From my unterstanding, there seems no problem regarding the usage at first glance. I have RPG...
  20. RPG Maker XP - Looking For Copy of My Old Game On Old Harddrive

    Greetings. I made an RPG using RPG Maker XP quite a while ago (like 2004-ish) and am looking through old hard drives to find it. While I don't have the hard drive that the original game was developed on, I have a box of hard drives from a friend where a copy may exist. My question; what sort...

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