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  1. Guardinthena

    What game is this?

    While searching for reference for my beehive tileset, I keep running across these beautiful screenshots for a game somebody(ies?) Were building. Does anyone know what game this was? Was it ever finished? Is there a place to download and play or a demo? I am so curious about this.
  2. a script that where skill costs HP percentage costs

    is there a possible script where that skills costs HP in percentages?
  3. open equip menu for specific actors

    i've been trying to make actors to open their equip menu, but there are weird occurrences like: with one actor in party: [$scene = Scene_Equip.new] opens the equip menu for the first actor in party with two actors in party: [$scene = Scene_Equip.new] when exiting the first actor's equip menu it...
  4. Kich

    Who are the pixel artists behind RPG Maker XP?

    Whenever I open RMXP's tilesets to study them or to get a reference while I'm doing a pixel art piece, I'm thrilled with the quality of those graphics. I'm pretty sure the artists behind this engine were real pros. What if some of them actually worked on games before being part of RMXP's team...
  5. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Deciding on a leveling system

    So I'm deciding on a leveling system for my game. In this thread, by skills, it means proficiency. It's how well you're skilled with fire magic, earth magic, swords, axes, etc. It ranges from 1 - 100 but at the start of the game, everything is at 15. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to...
  6. Flaviogfx

    RPG XP battler hide during animation

    Hey everyone, i am new in this site and i need an help about a issues i found; i used a side view battle system and i want make hide the actor during the animation and get it back when is finish. I post the script i used, if someone can help me about it would be very helpful. Thanks to everyone
  7. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Damage Formula/Physical Defense Predicament

    So I'm using Rpg Maker XP, and I've been playing with the damage formula, and I have a few ideas and want to know what you guys think. This is mostly me trying to figure out what to do about physical defense. This is a game where you put points into the stats you want per level. I know it...
  8. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker XP - Keeps going left

    So I encounter a bug, and I don't know how to deal with it. When I start the game, the character immediately starts moving right. I can move up and down but can't move left. I tested Vx Ace and my keys work perfectly there. ALL of my XP projects are experiencing the same bug, Even when I...
  9. k_mckenzie

    RMXP Innermost

  10. Lord Vectra

    RM XP - How to make new stats

    So I'm attempting to make new stats, and I can't find anywhere to learn that information. One "stat" I made was in Game_Battler 1 SOLUTION FOUND!
  11. [RMXP] Get Event ID from X and Y with Script Call

    I'm working on a very aggravating system in XP, and I've run into a case where I know an X and a Y, and need to know the event ID on that tile. In MV, I'd use Get Location Info. But unless I've missed something, XP doesn't have an equivalent, and I'm not good enough with Ruby to spin one up...
  12. Japanese Characters Display as ??? on XP Editor

    So, I wanted to make a game where I need to use kanji, etc., but everytime I close the editor, when I open it again, all the japanese characters show up as "???". I tried to download the japanese trial version of XP and I get the same problem. I already tried to change my computer lenguage to...
  13. Jaiden

    [Solved] Cogwheel Translated Script Usage Terms

    UPDATE: I was able to get in direct contact with him and he provided me with usage permission. This thread can be deleted/locked. Thanks! -- Hey all, hopefully this is the right place to request this. I have a script I found by the RPG Maker XP scripter known as "Cogwheel" or "Shou". His...
  14. Rename source images from japanese to english

    Hello, I'm a game translator. I'm translating a game which was made in RPG Maker XP. Some of the files have names in japanese and this causes the image not to appear anymore once it is decrypted. I know renaming files will cause an error too. Is there any way I can fix this?
  15. FREE DELTATALE - A Deltarune fangame on RPG Maker XP

    (Sorry for bad english, :p) (Please don't say that MV or VX have already an Undertale system, I know, thanks.) Engine: RPG Maker XP Synopsis: A fan-sequel/game of Deltarune, a game by Toby Fox. DELTATALE is a game with an engine made from zero using RPG Maker XP and Ruby systems. The battle...
  16. kR1pt0n1t3

    Looking for Prison Stocks

    Hi Two-Three months ago I found tiles for Prison Stocks and unfortunately I had problems with my PC where I accidentally formatted the wrong drive and I lost all my stuff and all others stuff I found throughout the years on the internet. I'm desperately now trying to find some of the stuff I...
  17. How to apply a switch to one event that turns on after talking to all NPCs

    Hello, I know this problem is probably a problem to many of you but I'm a beginner. I have several NPCs on my map who all will say something when the main character talks to them. How do I apply the single switch on one event that will activate once the character finishes talking to all NPCs...
  18. Yeetsif

    Save error

    I’m trying to save my project in rpg maker XP, but it doesn’t come up, and when I close RMXP, my project is lost. What do I do?
  19. FireQueen2001

    How To Put Tilesets into RPG Maker XP

    So I just got RPG Maker XP for making games as well as a school project. I’ve seen a lot of modern tilesets in the different forums but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them from the links in the forums onto the RPG Maker program. It would be wonderful if anyone could help me figure...
  20. Shoninya

    RMXP Taia - Rückkehr der Götter / Return of the Gods

    TAIA - Rückkehr der Götter / Return of the Gods Genre: Fantasy RPG Status: Demo (0.352) - 24.05.2013 Playtime: 20 - 25 Minutes Neccassary: Rgss-Rtp Download-Link: (German) (English) Battlesystem: Standard - In Fullversion maybe ATB Enviroment: RPG Maker XP (Demo 1) RPG Maker MV (Demo 2)...

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