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  1. Technical404

    Which RPG Maker should i use?

    Hi! I'm currently working in a RPG Maker VX Ace game with Mage/Spellcaster Kittens, my idea for it was using a PTB battle system, but i couldn't figure out how to use it, so a question came over my mind: I Have RPG Maker MV installed too. Should i use it instead of VX Ace? Basically its just the...
  2. Kleith

    RMMZ First RPG Maker MZ Project : Braveria Journey

    Hello everyone! I'm Kleith (not my real name, of course), i want to Introducing my first RPG Maker project titled Braveria Journey. It tells the journey of a young boy named Kleith and his sister Yuria who seek answers to the chaos that has engulfed their world. The world they live in has been...
  3. Undermax

    RPG MAKER MZ Plugin: "Command Console"

    Command Console This plugin provides a set of console commands to manipulate game data on-the-fly. It can also be used as a cheat system like many games like The Sims or Starfield have where you can modify things in the game and activate a switch if you used a command, for example, to prevent...
  4. Can we make a nuzlocke system in rpg maker mv?

    hi guys im new in rpg maker mv, i want make a game with nuzlocke system. is it possible to make it in rpg maker mv? or there's a plugin to use to make it happen?
  5. Phileas

    [MZ] Phileas_Cursor

    Plugin name: Phileas_Cursor Author: Phileas Version: 1.1.1 for MZ Release date: 1.0.0 - 20.August.2023 1.1.0 - 21.August.2023 1.1.1 - 24.August.2023 Plugin description: Changes the cursor image to any of the img/system. Use png format! Write to the author if you think it is more convenient...
  6. Callan1990

    RMMV Need help with a bug or a compatibility issue?

    I am currently using Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS and MRP_Grid Inventory plugins. I keep getting this bug error whenever I open the item menu, it should open an equip window and inventory window. Please see screenshot below. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. I couldn't find a link to Moghunters...
  7. Callan1990

    RMMV Dream X Prefixes and Suffixes & Yanfly Equip Requirements

    Hey people! So I have Dream X Prefixes and Yanfly Equip Requirements plugins in order to have level requirements on certain prefixes such as having to be level 1 to equip a worn short sword. My trouble is figuring out how to add a level requirement to both the weapon and prefix so that the...
  8. Callan1990

    RMMV Looking for a HUD Kill Counter

    Hello! I am looking for a plugin that can recreate the kill counter display like in the Champions of Norrath PS2 game. I found many plugins that allowed tracking your kill count with variables but nothing that is similar to what I am looking for. I used a picture event but it wasn't great. See...
  9. Changing fonts

    Hello guys, just a quick question. How can i change the font type and size in "Show choices" command? (In MV)
  10. In Game and Editor colour Problem

    Hello, I've been in the development process of a game and I've made parallax maps for it, however, in game colour and editor is not that colourful that it seems in photoshop and other sources. How to fix this? Photoshop: In game:
  11. Ezclados

    How do I make players able to talk to 3 NPCs that are walking together?

    Hi everybody I'd like to ask How can players talk to 3 NPCs that are walking together? Because when I talk to one of them, the other two will leave, I want them to stay together.
  12. Ezclados

    Best Screen Color Command Values For Night Burning Villages?

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to ask, does anyone know the best command value of screen tint for a village that burns at night? I've tried a few times but I'm not sure if it's the best for many people.
  13. atoms

    Request for VX/VX Ace Actor 3 3 for MZ/MV, if there isn't one already

    Hi, could I make a request for Actor 3 3 from VX/VX Ace in the sprite style for either MZ/MV so it matched MZ&MV sprites? It's the one called Elmer in the VX database, with the purple hair. I've been looking for an MZ or MV version of him but haven't been able to find one so far. Edit: May...
  14. HarlanX

    RMMZ Are there any plugins that add "item searching"?

    Hiya everyone! I am here to ask: are there any plugins that add a mechanic where you can search for specific items in the ITEM screen? A mockup of what I'm talking about is below: a little window that pops up whenever you press a certain key on your keyboard, allowing you to search for a...
  15. Wakabayashi1

    RMMV Rising of the Moon - for hardcore players

    Title: Rising of the Moon - Part 1 Version Number: 1.0 Engine: RMMV Price: 3.99€ BUY THE GAME HERE: A fun, story rich RPG for those who want some challenge. WARNING: This game is REALLY HARD! -Do you really love potato? -Do you hate flowers or ragweed? -Do you like throwing away priceless...
  16. SpyroFan67

    Metroid RPG Maker Sprites? Do They Even Exist?

    Ok, so, just yesterday I started watching longplays of all the Metroid games, and I was thinking "Hey-I wonder if anyone has RPG Maker MV sprites of the Metroid characters like Samus?". I tried looking on Duck Duck Go, but I couldn't find any. Are there any sprites of any of the Metroid...
  17. SpyroFan67

    Favorite RPG Maker Version?

    I decided to open up a second poll. What is your favorite RPG Maker version?
  18. Amorfatigue

    hello everyone, i am new to the community

    Hi everyone, my name is Amor Fatigue, I am from Berlin and i am working on a detective game. the story outline is pretty clear, although not filled with all required scenes and context yet. i want to build a prototype in rpg maker for the first chapters and see how to move on from there. it is...
  19. Ingwer

    What would be the best native resolution?

    This crossed my thoughts from time to time, but recently it occurred to me that the answer isn't actually that simple. I always hoped for the next main line iteration to "finally support high resolution natively" - meaning all assets and interfaces are automatically provided for a 16:9 HD...
  20. RavenBlueIndigo

    An issue with getting my game to run in browsers

    Hello! I am having trouble getting one of my projects to upload onto itch.io as a browser title. I have gotten numerous put/context canceled errors in regards to several files, including some that I do not have in the project. I did manually remove numerous RTP files in the project as opposed...

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