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  1. TheeWARIO

    Any Live Chats for RPG Maker?

    Does anyone know of a place/website to go for live chats or instant messaging about RPG Maker? PS: I wasn't sure if this question would go in the general forum or somewhere else. Please move it if not in the right place.
  2. Tuomo L

    How to check what encounter rate player has?

    Is there a way to make a script conditional that checks that encounter rate the player currently has? (Regular, halved, none)
  3. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Screenshot whole map

    As title says. I would like a plugin that when called with a button press takes a screenshot of the entire map. Option to enable/disable events is appreciated.
  4. Best RPG Maker RTP Music

    What is your favorite default RTP music from RPG Maker? Here's my top 5 from the versions I have: RPG Maker MZ Battle 4 Scene 1 Castle 2 Theme 1 Field 1 RPG Maker MV Town 1 Battle 6 Theme 3 Dungeon 6 Field 1 RPG Maker 2003 Boss 1 Field 4 Village 2 Animal Battle 2
  5. Kristina

    RMMV Move status windows

    Hi game makers! I'm looking for a plugin that can move the status menus in battle. I use the front view battle system and I want to move the status windows (I think they are called) of my actors to the corners of the screen. I mostly got four actors, sometimes just two so I want an actor in...
  6. BerryB

    RMMV :eternity

    2nd place winner of the Hawktober Game Jam - A puzzle-oriented mystery game with minor horror elements and a spiritual successor to Lily Renewal. Help the child, an ethereal woman and a mind flayer escape a strange world that is truly beyond our understanding. A puzzling journey through the...
  7. sketchycosmos

    Best Practices for Plugin Developer Crediting?

    So this might be a question with an obvious answer, but I keep seeing these plugin creators not only asking for credit which is simple enough, but also asking to leave a link to their website. How would you recommend I go about doing this? Should I just have a text file in the final zip file...
  8. Kristina

    Sewer Tileset smoke missing

    I got the sewer and factory tileset. I noticed that this smoke...damp or what to call it isn't in the pack. First I didn't think much of it but then I noticed that a game using the tiles is using that exact smoke like on the picture. Where do I find it?
  9. I need Help for RMVX Ace, please.

    Hello, sorry my english is not good. I need help because I would like to find a solution to update the script. without going through "new game" each time. I add new content to the script as the game progresses but when loading the save the addition of the script is not taken into account. I...
  10. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Region Plus

    Gabe MZ - Region Plus Introduction This plugin adds improvements and new functions to the game regions. Very easy to use. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin https://dromarch.itch.io/gabe-mz-region-plus FAQ Can I use this commercially? Yes this...
  11. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction Introduction This plugin allows to interact with followers, calling Common Events that can be freely configured. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin https://dromarch.itch.io/gabe-mz-followers-interaction FAQ This plugin...
  12. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Equip Requirements

    Gabe MZ - Equip Requirements Introduction This plugin allows to add extra requirements to the equipments. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin https://dromarch.itch.io/gabe-mz-equip-requirements FAQ Can I use this commercially? Yes this plugin is...
  13. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Control

    Gabe MZ - Followers Control Introduction This plugin allows to control the followers via the event commands. Very easy to use. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin https://dromarch.itch.io/gabe-mz-followers-control FAQ Can I use this commercially...
  14. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Game & Map Screenshots 11 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and...
  15. yopeople

    A list of RPG Maker games that I think needs playing.

    I did a list of games that I think are worthy of playing since usually developers have a hard time marketing for their game, I thought I do it. There Are Still Good Horror RPG Maker Games in 2020 5 RPG Maker Games That needs to be played on steam 2020 - Hidden Indie Games Do any of these games...
  16. Request for: RPG Maker MV People1 to People4 SV Battlers

    Hello guys, I'm new to the community. I hope someone will notice this. I need SV Battlers for People1 to People4 characters? Thanks,
  17. Megumi_Aramaki

    RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    "The magical world, Krajina...The four ancient kingdoms of world strongest races... fighting each other to rule the universe... Love and hate, courage and sacrifice, fear and pain... Who goes to rule the world for peace? Final Fantasy Golden Stories!" Final Fantasy Golden Stories Ace is a...
  18. KingKraken

    How much do titles effect the sale/success of RPG Maker Games?

    A day or two ago, a dev was sharing some of their work and one of the comments was particular interested in the name they chose. Their criticism was that it was too generic and would impact the results the author was looking for. In one instance, I get that idea. If you're game is just called...
  19. RPG_Maker_Wiz

    Hi there, going to make videos about rpg maker :)

    Hello there all, my name is RPG Maker Wiz, and I am going to be making some rpg maker videos about this community, about the engine and more. Hoping to meet more rpg maker folk ;) Here is my channel:
  20. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Grab Object to Push n Pull

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. What is this about? For RMer who intent to make puzzle-like minigame that involve moving object on map. This tutorial will achieve specific feature for what might be your need. Feature Allows player to "grab" object (not carry!) by holding the...

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