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  1. AeroPergold

    Why aren't there more Collectathon RPGs?

    So as you can guess with this thread name. Why haven't more people made an RPG in which you collect special items in themed worlds that unlock other themed worlds via a hub level. The reason I asked is because I made two games (OGMS and Numbskull Monotagari) that works like a collectathon a la...
  2. RMMV Custom Main Menu Plugin

    Hey there! As you cuold tell by the title, I’m looking for a plugin (preferably free) that would allow me to have easy access to creating a custom main menu.
  3. AeroPergold

    RPG Maker Themed Meme Thread

    Hi all! Scott here. Welcome to my meme thread where you can post videos and image macros manufactured to be memes. The only caveat is that all memes in this thread stay focused on RPG Maker software, games, and the community (the last one also having the rule of being in good fun and not to be...
  4. Micihn

    RMMZ Need to convert Khas Arc Engine for RPG Maker MZ

    Hello, game makers! Well, I'm new here and my English is not really good, sorry for that. So, basically, I really need Khas Arc Engine for the little game that I've been working on now. I loved the features of the plugins because it's really suited to my idea to make a platformer game. But, the...
  5. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Parallax videos

    I'm looking for a plugin that lets play a video in the parallax, as in the background so I can build tileset and such around the video that plays in "theatre" that you can walk around inside of.
  6. dreamfall887

    Does anyone use Game Character Hub?

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone here owns Game Character Hub? If you do, would you recommend it? I have been thinking of buying it on Steam. Thanks! :) *EDIT* Forgot to include a link, sorry! *EDIT* https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/game-character-hub
  7. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Conditional encounters

    Hey, I want to disable random encounters if a certain switch is turned on, how can I do this?
  8. How can I use different skills in one?

    Before starting, it should be clarified that I do not know much English, so it is normal if you find spelling errors. Once that has been clarified, here is my question. I am trying to use the ability "Cross Slash" to execute the first attack normally, but that the second attack is different...
  9. Iqus

    [INV] Sort Items by Newest

    Title: inVictor - Sort by Newest Introduction: This plugin makes Scene_Item automatically sort items, weapons and armors in order of acquisition. As you can see in the screenshots, first we get a Potion, which is item ID 7 by default in the RPG Maker database. Then We get an HP Increase...
  10. Tuomo L

    Gameshow tiles

    Hello, I'm looking for a gameshow tileset kinda like in Price is Right and Jeopardy with podiums contestants stand behind and such things in MV/MZ style.
  11. Execution skill call

    Hey guys, i want to make an "execution" skill for the enemy boss. I want it to trigger once the player is at 10 Hp. But at Action Patterns i can add only enemy Hp as condition. Does anyone know how could i manage this? Thanks for the answers :)
  12. Devildimos

    Giving each Weapon a unique ability/state/advantage/disadvantage

    Whats up everyone!? Today I have been looking at many weapon designs and though to go here asking "What would you give that weapon?" So what do I mean with "weapons with unique ability/state/advantage/disadvantage"? Now I am not talking about magical, spacial weapons. I am talking about simple...
  13. New to Parralax mapping, something went wrong.

    I bought RPG Maker MZ recently and downloaded the plugin from Galv - MZ Layer Graphics I followed a tutorial to make the house you can see in the attached file, everything looked smooth in photoshop but when I startet up the game to see it, all the exteriors, light and shadows had moved a tad...
  14. Animation Used Before Attack [SOLVED]

    So, whenever I use an attack skill, another animation appears on the user before using the specified animation on the enemy.
  15. RMMV CGMV Achievements Playtime [SOLVED]

    Is the playtime counted in seconds, or frames? I'm trying to make some achievements that are playtime-related, and for one of them requires 1 HR, so I put 3600 seconds into the playtime slot, but whenever I actually playtest it, it's says this:
  16. RMMV CGMV Crafting Makes Game Not Work

    Okay, so after I had made a few recipes, I loaded up the game. It worked perfectly. But, after I created a ton of other recipes, it doesn't want to work now. What I would like to know is: how can I get the game working with the plugin turned ON?
  17. Hollow 1977

    Thanks Giving Spring Edition

    We have seen a lot of weird stuff since Covid became a part of our lives. Many of us take precautions and going out becomes difficult. Covid is scary as you do not know how it will affect you or your friends and family especially those at risk for serious complications even death. My brother and...
  18. RMMV Ballon on Party Member

    So, I have a cutscene, and in that cutscene, Character B mocks Character C. Both characters are Party Members. I would like Character C to display a ballloon animation over her head. Do I have to make a separate event for this, or is there some other way I could do it?
  19. Stuck on Loading Screen [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    I had decided to change the loading screen to a different picture, but because of that it became stuck on the loading screen. I changed it back to the default loading screen ("NowLoading.png"), but it still gets stuck. I had also changed the title screen, too, and changed it back to see if that...
  20. Weapon Image Animation

    So, I just downloaded some weapon animations from Amy's MV Stuff, and am trying to use it. What I'm asking is that: 1.) Do you have to merge custom-made Weapon Images with the original one that comes with RPG Maker MV? 2.) If not, how can I go about using the separate sheet? Is there a plugin...

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