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  1. Ingwer

    What would be the best native resolution?

    This crossed my thoughts from time to time, but recently it occurred to me that the answer isn't actually that simple. I always hoped for the next main line iteration to "finally support high resolution natively" - meaning all assets and interfaces are automatically provided for a 16:9 HD...
  2. RavenBlueIndigo

    An issue with getting my game to run in browsers

    Hello! I am having trouble getting one of my projects to upload onto itch.io as a browser title. I have gotten numerous put/context canceled errors in regards to several files, including some that I do not have in the project. I did manually remove numerous RTP files in the project as opposed...
  3. Trihan

    RMMZ MV/MZ - The interpreter and you: what makes an event?

    Hello, users of RPG Maker MV and MZ! It's your friendly neighbourhood Trihan here with another pointless infodump you'll likely never use for anything. You might have been using RM for a while, and be a dab hand at creating events, but have you ever stopped to wonder how they actually work? What...
  4. Trihan

    How do you feel about the default behaviour of selectable windows for touch input?

    It's been brought up by a player of a game I'm currently working as a coder for that he finds the default selectable window behaviour on Android frustrating--by which I mean having to tap an item to select it and then again to process the selection. He expected that taps would have an immediate...
  5. Working on a project: questions about RPG maker

    Hello, My name is Paul NOWAK. I'm a student in programming, and I'll soon have to work on a huge project which could last a few years for getting my degree. I would like to create my own 2D RPG maker which is much easier to understand for new players, like a simple interface and a tutorial...
  6. Rpics

    Sun Shine

    I created 44 sun shine image wau, all for free, you can integrate them into your RPG Maker MZ and MV projects, maybe even others, but mainly MZ / MV you can find them on my site. ------------------------------------- Sun Shine also My Game Steam Demo Plugins, Mod & More
  7. m1y4mura

    RPG Maker-style map maker

    Is there any programs with good tile based map making where I could build maps for my game in rpg maker? The mapping there is fine but I'm getting a little bit frustrated with the tileset limitation. I could use a photo editing software, but working whit autotiles that way is a pain in the ass.
  8. BerryB

    RMMZ Life - A - Live [IGMC 2022 entry]

    SYNOPSIS - A memory puzzle game inside a darkened land, you must find a way to restore the world's color back to existence. Your power of imagination within this plane of existence grants you authority to change the world. STORY FEATURES SCREENSHOTS Download Link...
  9. hoboayoyo

    Dynamically update help text on equip screen / update highlighted section. (yanfly

    I'm trying to update the help text on the equipment selection screen. I have a skill system set up where you can pick what moves you can use depending on the equipment. I want the player to be able to press right and highlight the skills and see a description of them. How do I update the help...
  10. cthmpsn91

    The RPG Maker Stigma - Where it Comes From (My Thoughts)

    Quite honestly, I do not think it is the fact that RPG Maker games as a genre have a bad reputation --- they are mixed among consumers based on reviews and such. Honestly, I believe it is the opposite. I believe, the stigma is coming from primarily other RPG Maker developers. They are the ones...
  11. TheRamenGirl

    RMXP Your character in my game (too) !

    Hello! I was thinking of npc to create for my game when i saw kirri's post that he wanted us to give him in summary, ideas for characters! and i loved the idea!!! So i am borrowing Kirri's idea from this post and What i want from you is, to give me a description of a character to be part of my...
  12. Angelus197

    Busco un pack de enemigos en batalla / I am looking for a pack of enemies in battle

    Quiero un paquete de recursos con sv_enemies y algún otro sprite enemigo andante. Debe haber dragones, enanos, elfos, señores oscuros, bestias, todo tipo de seres mitológicos, animales salvajes, bandidos, soldados... Ya tengo muchos recursos de RPG Maker MV y algunos DLC que he comprado, pero...
  13. isaias20

    RMMV Visual Inventory Script issue - MV

    Hi. I'm using visual inventory script by Pheonix KageDesu on RPG Maker MV. the following happens: -> I start the game, then open the inventory with I key and I close it and this error appears. can anybody help me? I already contacted the creator by private message but he doesn't respond.
  14. Dr_Applemango

    Rpg maker MV Bust + SV battler request

    i am making game with rpg MV and i am looking for Bust and SV Battler for my game can anybody make Bust and SV battler for me?? sprite made by me
  15. Parallax Panda

    Paid courses at Udemy/Skillshare/etc

    First things first, even though I post this in the MV forums, I’m not asking specifically regarding rpg maker MV but rather ALL rpg maker software in general (2k3, vx, vxAce, MV, MZ, and so on). If this post should’ve gone elsewhere then please, by all means, move it. On to the question at...
  16. hey guys

    im trying to move my player battle sprites down a smig how or were whould i do this
  17. CrimsonBloodGames

    (YEP) External Links plugin with Instegram

    Does anyone have any experience with (YEP) External Links plugin and Instegram? There is this part in Instagrams BRAND GUIDELINES AND ASSETS I'm not sure about: https://www.facebook.com/brand/resources/instagram/instagram-brand/#general "Only those planning to use Instagram’s assets in any...
  18. RMMV The Under - Surreal Horror RPG

    Finally released my first official game in a long time, The Under which is now available on my itch.io page! The Under is a surreal horror RPG about you, Jrone, a clone who wakes up in a city on its last legs. Given a task and no option but to complete it, you set out to explore the city and...
  19. WLTOP

    RMMV Yanfly Mixed With HimeWorks (MV) (Fixed)

    I am trying to use Yanflys Battle Engine Core Plugin and also two plugins from Hime of Hime Works. The Hime Works plugins are Battle Action Exp and Battle Exp Popup. The problem that happens when mixing them is that the exp gain popup during battle is hidden behind the side view battlers...
  20. remainderstudios

    show state icons names (Falcao Pearl ABS) script

    Hello. I am using the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script (RPG Maker VX Ace) and it works great but when the character acquires a state (poison, blindness, confusion, etc) the icon is displayed on the left of the screen but the name of that state is not displayed. is there a way to display the name...

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