1. Adamuss

    RMMV Technical Plugins, for menu interface

    Hola comunidad, preguntar si existe algun plugin para MV con el que puedan cambiar el "tema" del menu del juego con pokemon rubi, zafiro y esmeralda; También me gustaría un complemento que me permitiera seleccionar un personaje como lo hacen juegos como omori y otros juegos. Si saben de alguno...
  2. kattongues

    RMMV HELP how to have two inventories in MV? ((kind of like a secondary storage))

    ((im not sure if i posted this to the right place. my bad if not)) So the game I'm working on is focused around a school during Halloween. The plot is that there is a serial killer that attends the school and you need to find clues to figure out who it is...yadda yadda Well basically, I...

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ok by this weekend I WILL finally need alpha testers for Backstage: murdered sleep because it's got enough content at this point I want to get it on Steam Early Access ASAP (2/22/2022 would be a cool release date if I can make it).

By all means volunteer here, sure, but where else should I be looking?
Randomly trying to make some butcher shop tiles for MZ :3
Current menu of Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend. Currently taking a break from combat related mechanics. Hope i get the actor busts done before the day ends :)
Was in need for a black van, so I made one by editing that one truck in the tileset. :kaoswt2:
I honestly haven't ever been really active in this community, even though this year will mark my 4th year of having an account and 5th or 6th of using RPG maker. I didn't do anything with RM for most of 2020 and 2021 for personal reasons, but I'm excited to get back into game making!

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