1. Agent334

    How to make a Random Password Puzzle

    I'm trying to make a random password puzzle where the player finds a note that has a random 4 digit number in it and that number is the only number that will work on the safe, I tried making it as "◆Control Variables:#0162 password = Random 1..9999" but if the player opens the note again the...
  2. Adamuss

    RMMV Technical Plugins, for menu interface

    Hola comunidad, preguntar si existe algun plugin para MV con el que puedan cambiar el "tema" del menu del juego con pokemon rubi, zafiro y esmeralda; También me gustaría un complemento que me permitiera seleccionar un personaje como lo hacen juegos como omori y otros juegos. Si saben de alguno...
  3. kattongues

    RMMV HELP how to have two inventories in MV? ((kind of like a secondary storage))

    ((im not sure if i posted this to the right place. my bad if not)) So the game I'm working on is focused around a school during Halloween. The plot is that there is a serial killer that attends the school and you need to find clues to figure out who it is...yadda yadda Well basically, I...

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