rpg mv plugins

  1. RMMV add a command on the menu

    Hello there, I'm trying to add a personnal command on the menu in game . But the code than I've done doesn't work. So I want to look if you have a method to add that. I'm pretty sure my way is wrong, I look on different plug in how they done but nothing work.
  2. Adamuss

    RMMV Technical Plugins, for menu interface

    Hola comunidad, preguntar si existe algun plugin para MV con el que puedan cambiar el "tema" del menu del juego con pokemon rubi, zafiro y esmeralda; También me gustaría un complemento que me permitiera seleccionar un personaje como lo hacen juegos como omori y otros juegos. Si saben de alguno...
  3. cesarzysko

    RMMV MV: Front-View Battle Enemy Reposition

    Greetings. I'm looking for a plugin which would allow me to either: 1. Manually change Enemy Position during a Front-View Battle (via script) For example: ChangeEnemyPosition(enemyID, newX, newY); 2. Change Enemy Position automatically whenever one of them dies Basically what I mean by that is...
  4. Text Extactor for SRD_TranslationEngine

    Greetings, I made a plugin that extracts all the text from a rpg maker mv project and puts it in the translation.json file from SRD_Translation Engine to help you translate your game. This avoids you replaying the game to translate each message/command. First, the plugin extracts all the text...
  5. C64_Mat

    RMMV Assistance with CGMV_Toast

    Good evening everyone! I've been using RPGMaker for a short while now, and I've hit a plugin problem that I can't wrap my head around. Casper Gaming only has social media contacts on his site, so I'm hoping someone here can help me! I have a whole load of plugins installed, but many of them...
  6. TheGameAfter

    Organize Files/Plugins - Resources (TGA)

    Hey Game Makers, This post includes Tools/Plugins the will help you Organize your RPGMV Folders or the MV Engine to make it easier for you to find or call specific files. I will add a bit more info in some of them since this is a very base need for every 'MV' Game Dev. enjoy! Note: I myself...

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