1. CardeMaker

    RMMV Help with Loading plugins

    So, i'm using this plugin by Iavra that lets you make an animated Loading screen It's an great plugin, works perfectly, but i want some more, this plugin have an Loading Background function, it can be edited by the params right here: But, as you can see, you can only put ONE SINLGE AND...
  2. NexoNeko

    MV Animation auto-align (Photoshop)

    Hey guys, I just released yet another free action set for Photoshop, designed to auto-align png sequences from animation software to a format recognizable by RPGMV. This effectively lets you design and use animations from programs like Pixel Fx Designer in RPG Maker. Demonstration: I included...
  3. Dr_Applemango

    Rpg maker MV Bust + SV battler request

    i am making game with rpg MV and i am looking for Bust and SV Battler for my game can anybody make Bust and SV battler for me?? sprite made by me
  4. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD_SupertoolsEngine Crashing error

    BIG TEXT ALERT Ok, first things first, i've already made an thread about the same problem more than one year ago, but it has gone nowhere because i didn't gave enought details, the only thing that i discovered with that thead is that probably some data file on my project is corrupted, that is...
  5. Ghostbusturs

    Need help with a character entering after event done

    Can yall help me with something? I wanna know how to have another character enter after this event is over. How do i do that? Here are the attachments. EDIT: I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT IM SORRY
  6. SwordSkill

    RPG MV Abandoned Trading Outpost Map

    Version: RPG Maker MV Type: Map Tileset: Default or Custom. (Outdoors if RTP default used.) Details: I'm looking for an Abandoned Trading Outpost Map (With obstacles in the way that form some kind of maze for dungeon purposes.) If able, I would like it to be moderately big (Around 60 Height...
  7. C64_Mat

    Easier way to award XP to discovered party members only?

    RPGMaker MV latest version. I have several CEs set up to award experience to the party, CEs which are called from events completing quests. Each CE awards a different amount of experience: 100, 200 etc to 1000. I want every party member currently discovered in the game to get the experience (you...
  8. VoiceWithACause

    RMMV Trigger something when no movement after set period of time

    Hi there! So this request comes up because I was trying to make something happen with the Yanfly Event Chase Player plugin. http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Chase_Player_(YEP) Basically, I'm using this for enemy chase, which already has the enemy/event call for balloon icon when spotting the...
  9. RMMV QABS script error

    I have no idea why the error is here. When I was trying to use my Sprite in Demo project there's still that problem
  10. CardeMaker

    How can i make an item have some different effect in an specific character?

    For example, if i have different types of foods that heals characters, and in the party we have Char A, that is addicted to chocolate, now, Chocolate usually heals 25% HP of any party member, but if i gave it for Char A, It will heal 100% because of this feature. how can i make that? i tried...
  11. Juanita Star

    Importing MV maps to Ace

    Hope Im in the right forum. Thing is, I have this project on Ace that I cant import to MV because sprites stuff. But I want to use MV maps that I got on a pack in Ace. It is possible to transfer the MV maps to Ace?
  12. Seto_Blade

    Hi, I'm just got RPGMV and I'm joining your community

    Just got this a few days ago, it's a lot of fun. I always liked RPG Maker 2k3 but have never been very proficient with it. Gonna try to improve and enjoy making stuff with MV. Any beginner tips or anything? I started watching SRdudes MV tutorials, and they're pretty great.
  13. FighterBlade

    Let's talk about random stuff, RPG related.

    The title says it all! Let's talk games and game making, Memes Welcome!
  14. DarielZer0

    RMMV Dragonbones replace character's battlers rpg MV

    Hello,im using Dragonbones battlers and i want to know if there is a way to replace my main character's battler in some point of the game,for example i get a better armour and i want the character show it in battles,in normal mv is just to replace battler sprite but dragonbones plugin work with...
  15. Yukkito

    RMMV Animated Icon

    Greetings! I would like to ask one thing. Turning around many the forum, I noticed that for RPG Maker VxAce there is a very nice and interesting Plugin: it allows you to use animated icons, thus making the game less monotonous and very interesting! Animated Icons v1.0 By Vlue So, is there a...
  16. How to get pixel-perfect fonts?

    I used Galenmereth's pixel perfect plug-in, but the fonts still have a bit of blur to them.
  17. RMMV asking for help -does anyone have a hud template for a mog battle hud plugin ,for only one actor

    i've been having a hard time trying to come up with a battle hud for simply 1 actor and trying to understand how to implement it and i'm asking if anyone has any templates for it and a bit of help on how to use the plugin for only one big actor
  18. autodidact

    RMMV How do I Refresh Custom Windows

    Hello, I am trying to work on making multiple windows for a HUD display. It works to display the windows and images, but only one of the windows will update (the last one). I can't for the life of me figure out why only one of my windows will update when every other window in the map scene...
  19. Clairenova

    Changing TP into a risk/reward based "Stress" styled system???

    SO BIT OF A LONG POST, but Ive got a great idea and solid foundation, but need some help with it hope this gets some traction!! Im kinda long winded and repeat myself a bit more than I like LOL but Id love to get some input!! Ive been working on a system currently called the "Pressure" system...
  20. How to use the MapScrollDisable properly for picture cut scenes

    New to the program and trying to create a cut scene with a picture where the player moves the camera. And this MapScrollDisable plug-in by Akunou is a part of it (if I'm missing any other plug-ins that are needed please let me know). My main issue is when I transfer to the cutscene, it starts...

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