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  1. DHG Sage Gaara

    Card Game Issues (VX Ace, MV)

    Alright so i've been combing around for a while now to try and discover a usable engine that allows for a card game. I have seen the Yanfly version but all reviews show the system is insanely buggy and the dev is unreachable. It also seems the plugin is completely gone from the internet as the...
  2. Buy on Steam RPG MV or MZ

    Hi. My RPG Maker MZ trail has expired. So I went on steam to buy it. But when I see a price I thought its actually a serious decision. Now I have some experiance with MV so I guess it's not point to consider any other versions. So I can limit my choice between MV and MZ. Now I read some...
  3. Myers & Sparks


    Hey all! Ran into an interesting snag in development. I am using YEP Absorption barrier, together with LETBS, while there were no major loss of function. The plugins operate together, to the extent that a barrier is still created, and said barrier will still mitigate damage. However, when...
  4. TheGameAfter

    How to set Event image + icon image at the same time? (MV)

    Hey, I need help with an event the will let the player 'dig a hole' and get an item he can pick up after, I already have the event (shown below) work except one problem: Normally event only gives you the option to change the 'image' par it once per page, I want to change the event but on the...
  5. Character Names and Classes Overlap

    Hey-de-hi. To get right on down to the point, I have this issue where the name of my character and their class overlap in the pause menu window if the character's name is long enough. How would I move the area where the character's class is displayed to the right so it's not in the way of the...
  6. A few questions...

    I am experimenting with RPG Maker MZ. I have a few things I want to complete. 1) How can I move the sprites from the right side of the screen to right on top of their portraits in the battle screen? I have an idea of where this is handled, but if someone can definitively point me in the...
  7. Iqus

    MV/MZ - INV TrackTroop - Change battle music depending on troopID

    Do you want your boss battles to use a different Background Music without having to use event commands? Are you planning on having riddle enemies that would use a different, more mysterious music track? This plugin allows you to specify different tracks for different enemy troop IDs. You can...
  8. Battle window 5 actors

    I'm making a game in RPG Maker MV with a five actor party. The problem is it only shows four actors names in the battle window at a time which makes it hard for the player to see all party members HP and MP at the same time. I've gone through rpg_windows.js changing any four into a five but I...
  9. Guardinthena

    RMMV Astrafalla

  10. uncaught error: argument error, I need help

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I'm making a project and I'm trying to prove all the Yanfly plugins, The last one I tried was DragonBones, and I loved it, It works perfectly in the test play, in the game for windows .exe, but when I tried to play it in the android apk in my phone, it didn't...
  11. How to fix the blur and avoid awkward menu resize?

    I prefer the clean way pixel look in games when they double the size (example, how in RPG2k3 default 340x240 but the actual game resolution would turn it into 640x480 , looking perfectly clean). So I tried the Community_basic plug in with a base of 480x320 (double resize be 960x640) But the...
  12. Rpg maker MV - Plugin for First person combat system one click?

    Hello everyone. I need help. I'm looking for a RPG Maker MV plugin to change the combat system and make it firsthand. Something simple, with a click / button attacks the enemy. With the possibility of changing weapons based on that obtained during the adventure. I searched quite a bit but I...
  13. Need Help on custom skills!!!

    Hi everyone! I am a beginner of RPG maker MV. I want to create a skill which has the effect like: "If an enemy was executed by this skill, permanently increase the ability of the caster (such like attack, resis or Max HP) for x." Does anyone know how to achieve this in the game? Or does anyone...
  14. Raexxar

    Need anime styled busts artist

    Hello, i am looking for artist that could draw for me busts in anime style for my game. It would be cool if this person could also draw full images (with background with specific poses etc.) and monsters like slimes, wolfs etc (but it's not necessary). Bust would be in this format: Main...
  15. YeashaStone

    Broken When uploading

    So i like to upload my stuff online from time to time as I play around to make sure everything is working fully and on the latest upload some issues occurred and I can't figure out what I did wrong. Im using RPG maker MV and when i launch it in the program to test it, it works out fine, but when...
  16. [Criticism Requested] Is this Puzzle a fun challenge or will this be too tedious/annoying for players?

    Heya guys! :kaoluv: Just here to ask some thoughts on a puzzle idea I had (Haven't coded it in yet since I'm still working on the tile set for the map). Just for some context this puzzle is a little bit past the mid-way point of the story, meaning players are expected to know a majority of the...
  17. Yanfly's Animated Side View Enemies Using Wrong (Attack) Animation

    Hello, I'm having an issue with the Enemy Battler animations at first I though the Attack animation wasn't working but after a little tweaking of the sprite sheets the Battlers seem to use the "Use Skill" Frames Rather than "Swing/Stab/Shoot" Frames. EDIT: This is presumably because they are...
  18. How to detect when player is in dialogue?

    I am coding a different menu for my game, which activates when pressing escape, but I realized, that you could open the menu when in dialogue. How do I detect when I'm talking to someone? The default menu somehow accomplishes this, but I couldn't find the code for it.
  19. Faizal786sunny

    some question

    could you actually make a lisa gane on rpg maker mv and rpg maker 2000/2003? you can make an lisa game on xp and vx ace but what if making it on mv? since im trying to convert lisa into mv but i need to install rpg maker mv first
  20. how to make an event trigger only when facing it?

    I made a cupboard with an item on it. I want the player to take the item, when they face the cupboard event and press enter. I used to work with RPG Maker XP. If you faced an event, even if it was inside of a wall, you could interact with it. How do I do that in MV?

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