1. fabumaniac

    RMMV RPG Maker 2003 Events for MV/MZ

    Hello everybody, as you all know, within the transition from 2k3 to XP, was the introduction of RGSS scripting, however, the cost was having a less powerful event system. If someone could make a plugin that has all the missing events from 2k3 to MV/MZ, it would allow for more complicated...
  2. Delete multiple events simultaneously

    Good morning everyone, I hope I posted in the right section.... I need to create multiple events that ( which are triggered on passing) to trigger a sequence, at the end of the sequence I want all the events I placed in the map to disappear. I don't know if there is a better way to make a...
  3. xsyper

    Making some alternative MP system

    Hello there, its my first time posting anything here, so I hope I am note posting this in the wrong place... Also I have not a proper english talking, so I can end up saying something offensive or just gramatically wrong, if that is the case I am really sorry. Now talking about the important...
  4. Hadria

    Help calculating resolutions/positions for Ultra Mode 7

    Hello, I've been messing with Ultra Mode 7 for my game. The idea is to make the game visually similar to games like Darkest Dungeon, where you look at kind of a 2D side view of rooms/corridors/scenes and move sideways. So far I've set it up correctly and have got some results. However, I'm...
  5. Any Fat battlers Vibrato type style been created?

    I found vibrato battlers and a few others in a similar style. But I have yet to find any fat battlers or muscular either. Just wondering if they are out there somewhere for mv or mz.
  6. Heystack

    Heystack's free 8bit and 16bit MV/MZ assets.

    I have created a lot of 8bit and 16bit assets for Rpgmaker MV/MZ and want to share with you. They can be used and changed to one's needs. BUT, CD-I fanart may not be used for games that are sold. I'm new to this and am willing to listen to complains, ideas and advice. [#spoiler] [#/spoiler]...
  7. Tonedawg181

    RMMV idk how to delete this thread, problem resolved

    disregard, old post
  8. wbthehero

    Trying to find an 8-Bit tile set for RPG MV for free.

    Hello! so I have been working on a project for the past 2-3 years and I've been using the default tile sets. The game is supposed to be in the NES Final Fantasy 1 GB Pokémon Green/Red/Yellow, The Atari Adventure game Graphics, or just the RPG maker 2003 Graphics. I would use RPG maker 2003 but...
  9. RMMV VE Loop Animation - Notes Issue

    Hello! (I hope this is in the right place - I have been here for a while but have not really posted anything so I tried to look at all the rules and searched the forums to see if there was anything closely related to this issue before posting. Thank you for your patience and guidance!) Intro...
  10. RMMV MV conversion of Prof. Meow's Tracer Stealth? (audio-like tracking stealth)

    Back when I was using VX Ace, I've found this script by Prof. Meow Meow where it simulates detection by audio. I'm summary, the "audio stealth" part of the script works like this: player made a loud noise that stretch out to two pixels (or squares?) enemy then goes to the location to...
  11. Portola

    Lock armors when another armor is already equiped.

    I'm trying to create a game in wich an armor is equiped, another armor would be locked for all the party and nobody could equip it unless the other armor has been unequiped. I hope someone could help me. thx
  12. RMMV Skip action selection

    Hey! I'm trying to make an auto-battle style game. I'm using a plugin that add the "Auto" command in the first window (With fight and flee). My objective is to skip the "select an action" part, as if the player always select the auto command. I've no problem with js and scripting, but I've...
  13. RMMV Yanfly Engine

    Hello Everyone i'm new using rpgmaker MV i have question when installing plugin i wanted use from yanfly about dragonbones and have this error when enter the battle mode am i missing something ? there some my input that i follow from tutorial Notes inputed settings <DragonBone Settings>...
  14. [RMMV] An audio Stealth system (or plugin) using sound detection.

    Hi there, been trying to figure this out for a while. Basically I'm looking for a stealth system where an enemy detects the player location depending on how loud they are. For example: player made a loud noise that stretch out to two pixels (or squares?) enemy then goes to the location to...
  15. Myers & Sparks

    RMMV Yanfly Attachable Augments Question

    Hey, I looked around here and RPG Maker Reddit, couldn't find an answer so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone know if YEP Augments can increase variable? I have tried a few ways and couldnt get it working. I would like, if possible that when an augment is equipped it increase a variable by x...
  16. GrentoYTP

    How to change the controls by script call?

    Hello! I want to change controls by script call. In some particular moment left is right, right is left... ect. I know that there is some way to do this by event but I would prefer do this through script call. Thank you in advance.
  17. Play the video in front of the RPG MV title screen

    someone please help me! Recently I have an RPG MV game I want to play the video before the game's title screen appears, I tried everything like using DK_Video_Player version 2021 but when exporting the game it gives an error: can't load video! please someone guide me how to do it without error ...
  18. CardeMaker

    RMMV is there some script call that you can use to detect inactivity?

    Hello, it's me again, well, the title says almost everything, i want to play an event that happens when the player gets inactive for an certain amount of time, but the way i know of doing it is manually checking each usable key if they are pressed or not (and there's the mouse too that i was...
  19. jerdz

    RMMV Hover-over mouse, single-click selection windows

    Dear RPG Maker community. The thing that bugs me the most in RPG Maker MV is the fact that you need to double clic every command on the menu which I found very unintuitive. I found this video that was posted 7 years ago about someone doing exactly what I'd like. Unfortunately I did not...
  20. PachucoCadaver

    RMMV Bug when loading game

    Hi! Does anyone know what the problem might be here, or how to fix it at least? It's a save I created just now that I'm trying to load, it crashes like this if I quit the game and open it again and try to load the game. It doesn't happen if I quit to the main menu and load the game without...

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