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  1. Theclock_show

    How do i add footsteps on rpg vx ace?

    Back again with me being confused--How do i add footsteps to the main character?Me and my sister have been searching a tutorial for that but we only found tutorials of MV;;;
  2. I need help to change/translate this

    Hi everyone one! I'm new here and I'm new in this of RPG maker world, I am looking forward to starting in this world as a game programmer and translator. But I need help to change / translate this. I have searched various forums and saw several videos and I know that this is already a game...
  3. SakuraMiya

    Help with animations

    While working on custom fighting animations, I noticed than when I add black-colored ones, they look transparent. Is there a way to fix it?
  4. Help with calling variable names inside a string

    I know that typically in a text box you can make calls like \n[x] for actor names and \v[x] for variable values etc and that you can call them long form with $game_variables[x], but I'm having some issues with a particular script for making a quest log, linked below...
  5. rux

    I seriously NEED help with battles

    Hello, I keep getting this problem whenever I am trying to do Battle Test or even just run it in play test. A message keeps popping up saying these exact words Script 'Scene_Battle' line 243: NameError occurred. uninitialized constant Scene_Battle::Window_BattleSkill I've literally tried...
  6. Devildimos

    Changing in KMS_MiniMap script - VX Ace

    Hallo there! I am summoning the senpai Master Scripter to please help me! :hswt: Let me explain what I am trying to do. I am setting up a switch to turn on "See Humanoid". (Out of 20 or more switches) which will activate the possibility to see a certain event on the minimap. However, copying...
  7. Devildimos

    RMVXA Ancient Dungeons Ver 0.91 [Developing]

    Welcome new traveller! You are about to enter a whole new world where almost everything keeps being randomized! If you like rogue-likes, dungeon crawlers, grinding and unlocking new stuff. Than this is a whole new experience. Don’t forget to check out the progress spoiler as it get updated...
  8. Sidedflame

    Compatibility issue with Yanfly's Weapon Attack Replace, Vlue's Pets and Summons & Yanfly's Free Turn Battle Script

    Hi all, fresh newbie here, Experimenting with all these awesome scripts, trying to create a unique rpg. While testing I found that three scripts I use, Yanfly's Weapon Attack Replace, Vlue's Pet's and Summon's (Compatibility Version), and lastly (my personal Favorite) Yanfly's Free Turn Battle...
  9. Jacoh

    Is there any other method to launch a game not made by me in fullscreen?

    Hello there '^' i'm having troubles on launching my game in fullscreen.. - i tried to press ALT + Enter = nothing happens - i tried to press f1 and then click in the "launch in fullscreen" check.. then i rebooted the game.. well, nothing happens - pressing windows and plus isn't really what i...
  10. empresskiova

    RMVXA Post World: Revenge

    Post World: Revenge GAME STYLE: A mixture of RPG and Tactical set in a Post Apocolyptic cityscape. Partially due to the nature of Post-Apoc settings, this game is not intended for younger audiences. Violence, smoking, drinking, and cursing will be part of the gameplay. References to sexual...
  11. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Trapped

  12. SakuraMiya

    Help with Moghunter's Chain Commands

    I'm working on a small VX Ace game that uses the Moghunter Chain Command Minigame, but how can I use it in order to open a door more than once? For example, I have to open a door three times and the commands change each time. I tried to do it by myself, but the door still opens even if the...
  13. Tw0Face


    Many of us already wanted to reach out for the stars or just looked desperately into the starry sky, wondering what might be out there. Do you still know how you wanted to become an astronaut as a child? LISS (acronym for Lost in Space Simulator) will make your long-awaited dream come true...
  14. Request for busts

    Hi everybody, does somebody have bust for npc from the people02 sheet from rpg vx ace maker?? I'm looking especially for the nun bust. Thanks in advance.:kaothx: ~frhghz
  15. slickdeath97

    RMVXA First RPG Game (Updated Demo)

    The journey begins with you giving your character a name. A moment after you wake up at an inn with no memory of how you got there. There is an old man at the inn next to the bed that is willing to help you out and he gives you a potion and a sword. When you leave the inn there is also a shop...
  16. Aleister

    RPG Maker VX ace Trading more then one item!

    Hello, I am Aleister. I am working on a game for 2 furry YouTubers. In the game, they is a shop keeper or trader selling stuff but the player can also select specil offer. Doing this 3 choices come up and the player can choose what they want to buy using a certain item. In this case chocolates...
  17. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Towerø

    You are some kind of demon who has to escape from a tower. That's all you need to know. The gameplay is about solving different puzzles in order to proceed to the next floor. The goal is to reach the top floor. There is no need to save the game manually as the game offers an automatic save...
  18. ZirconStorms

    Horizontal map looping + events

    Using a horizontal loop scroll type for a map will result in events flickering for a split second (becoming transparent) no matter where they are on the map. Are there any workarounds to this? Flexibility is a bit limited with the use of parallax mapping/evented looping (placing transfers on...
  19. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Colors of Damnation ACE

    Colors of Damnation ACE is a 2D-shooter, developed by me and my brother, which is basically about shooting different colored enemies with the right colored bullet. A race against time, where you can also use and combine items to make things easier or collect bombs to blow your enemies away. You...
  20. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Castle Warfare

    Castle Warfare is game planned to be a turn-based tower defense game which turns out to be a strategically resource management game with 15 different scenarios and a total playtime of approximately ~2 - 2.5 hours. The Vx Ace RTP is not required to play. The game is both playable in English and...

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