rpg vx ace

  1. Psyker

    Issue with compressing game data

    I'm having an issue compressing my current project. I've removed the RTP line from the game.ini file and imported all the current files needed for my project into the specific project folders. Current Game.ini file. [Game] RTP= Library=System\RGSS301.dll Scripts=Data\Scripts.rvdata2...
  2. Hororo

    Importing to ace message system

    i would like to request to import this 2 scripts: (2 scripts because it won't function right without the other script): (demo above since it uses graphics in the message system) this message system does this styles: pop-up tail and message system above the player and the normal dialogue box...
  3. Halrod

    Trail time

    I have a question. my trail says 'expired' but I've only had it for 4 days. it's saying: "The activation was unsuccessful. Response from server. Your trail has expired." Doesn't the trail last for 30 days?
  4. Hororo

    Suikoden 4 Guest System

    i would like to request a script similar to the suikoden 4 guest system i found a cool script that can go well with what i want the guest system: http://forums.rpgmak...5-party-guests/ by Mr. Bubble it has a separate window for guests so it would be perfect i found a way to have these...

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