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  1. NPC walks through wall that is solid for the player

    Hello everyone, so I've come across a curious problem. After creating a map I added some NPC characters that were moving randomly across the map. They did, however, also cross the tiles that were set on impassible. Also, the player-character couldn't enter those tiles either. So for testing, I...
  2. Switches Not Working

    Hello everyone. I'm new to RPG Maker XP and I'm having some trouble with getting events to activate according to switches. First, I have a monster on the field that will disappear once it gets the item it wants. Before disappearing, it will turn on a switch in another event. But somehow, this...
  3. Trouble opening RPG Maker XP properly

    I am having issues with my 30 day free trial of RPG Maker XP. I installed the folders that it told me to install, and it appeared to be working normally until I clicked "New Project" and "Ok". Then a message popped up saying "Failed to create folder." No matter what I do this message keeps on...
  4. Samno911

    [XP] Camera Controls Script

    I've been having some issues with the camera centering on the player on larger maps. So long as I am near the top left corner everything works great, but if I try and move the player to somewhere else on the map (especially when choosing a starting position) the camera kind of moves, but always...
  5. Caterpillar Script //Solved

    Heyyy, it's been way too long since my last dumbness, how about some new dumbness? So, I finally decided to try implementing a caterpillar script to my game, and...it...it just doesn't work. At all. It doesn't crash my game or anything, but that just means it's doing literally nothing. I got...
  6. YumiStar

    I can't save anything on RpG Maker XP. I can't even make a new project!

    No matter what I do, I can't get RpG Maker XP to save anything. Every time I try, this window keeps popping up, "Do you want to save changes?" when I try to test run, close the program or even open another project I have. And when I try to make a new project, there is an error message that says...
  7. ThiagusTV

    RMXP The Dog's Laugh - Horror Game (Demo)

    Good evening everyone! This is my first game and for now it is still a demo version. I had the idea to create this game after listening to several creepypasta because I'm a fan! XD The game was developed in RPG Maker XP and my game is totally free! SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS...
  8. Charbomber

    I need a battle script about audio!

    I need a script so when certain characters e.g. the main character, the second main character, ect. get hit or hit something, they make a noise, the noise is different for hitting and getting hit, and different for every character. Is it possible and can i have it please?
  9. annah_clara

    Gray Lizardman XP charset from Naramura battler?

    So i need the rpg xp charset from this guy, i cant find anywhere... anyone here have a clue or could edit/make one for me?
  10. NOFACE12

    ForeverZeros Journalscript: Image over the whole window

    Hello guys, I need help with a RPG XP Script. Its about ForeverZer0's Journal script. It allows to create journals about characters, items, weapons etc. You can also set pictures for each subject. For example for the entry aluxes (main character) you can set a picture that will be displayed...
  11. Siletrea

    Battle hud for single battler game

    hello wonderful people of the internet! (^u^ ) I have been working on transfering my VXA game over to XP because I'm finding XP to be superior in my opinion and I need a bit of help if one of you nice scripters have a minute! I'm using the Goldensun Battle System shown here...
  12. I have a question about add-on music pack

    Hello everyone.     I'm a newbie and I have a question.     I have a plan to buy a music pack(cinematic soundtrack)for my game.     I have RPGVXACE already. I bought in this website.   I already know VX ACE can use music pack, but I don't know if rpg XP can use music pack also.    ...
  13. Transferring data like in Golden Sun games

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project for a while now. I shall post something in a while, but that's when I got enough too show you guys. Thing is, the story is sooooooooooooooooo gigantic, that I maybe wanna make one story over 2 or more games where there's some kind of data transfer so that...
  14. Abagail Asta

    pokemon starter kit tutorial for pokemon essentials

    I will update this as much as I can. :) saddly I have alot of other things to take care of as well so this is not my first prioraty this is also my first post so dont be mad if this is a crummy post. I DONT CLAIM POKEMON ESSENTIALS TO BE MINE ALTHOUGH I HAVE MADE A LOT OF CHANGES!! so there...
  15. ItalyPastaLover

    How do you change multiple battle backgrounds?

    when i click on the button "change battle background" on the troops edit page it changes all of them but i only want to change one how do you change multiple battle backgrounds? also how do you change the battle background music?
  16. ItalyPastaLover

    How do you change multiple battle backgrounds?

    when i click on the button "change battle background" on the troops edit page it changes all of them but i only want to change one how do you change multiple battle backgrounds? also how do you change the battle background music?

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