1. orcomarcio

    Clouds of Rain

    The Story Screenshots Steam Page (14$) Launch Trailer
  2. kagehiramika

    MZ or MV or VX ACE ? Need your opinion !!

    Hello i don't want to make this long so I'll go to the point :) I'm a fine lvl Artist you can check my art here (https://www.deviantart.com/jairosan) and i realllly want to make a game for this story its a mystery, drama and a little horror type here is the problem .... i can draw everything i...
  3. RMMZ From the Light 1.1

  4. AeroPergold

    RMMZ A Postmortem Nation (WARNING: May Contain American Politics)

    A POSTMORTEM NATION (Watch the First Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay!) Synopsis Join the adventure of a secret agent who wakes up from a 500 Year slumber only to find himself in a fantasy world of swords and magic. He now has to recover his memories whilst keeping a dark foe from the past at...
  5. Essention

    FREE Beyond the Mirror (A Persona Story) - [Fan Game] Recruitment Thread

    The Recruitment Basics Warnings: Death mentions, (will add more if needed) Engine - RMMV Roles Needed Voice Actors - I am accepting auditions! The listed roles here right now are not going to be the only ones. There will be more characters as development goes on but, for where I am at in...
  6. chungsie

    Kalvgv 2 - Pet Systems/Mechanics

    Hi all. I'm developing a game that is meant as a sequel to my first game written in ruby. To catch you all up: Kalvgv is a mandrake, and a system for an interactive fiction I created first in ruby. The mandrake is a shaman who has a dream about a dungeon, wakes up in prison and escapes with his...
  7. Aidmen

    RPG Maker MV evaluation method

    Hello everyone ! i truly hope someone can help me with this, i'm creating an e-learning game by using RPG maker MV. where each student will play and i will evaluate how they feel about the game by a survey but i have to evaluate some data from RPG maker MV as well. and i was wondering if i...
  8. Sparky89

    Working title video playthrough.

    Please move post if in incorrect place appologies. Hello all, so i'm new to RPG MV i was on VX ace for a few months from this i learnt the basics. I moved to MV Last december - and covid has gotten in the way for 6months so now i'm back re-learning and making a game! I would appriciate feed...
  9. v-plus-dave

    RMMZ A better world with videogames - teammates assemble!

    Hi fellow game makers, a love declaration first - I think we are one of the best and most supportive communities ever. It's always impressive what everyone brings in and provides without thinking about their own profit. And I think this spirit is a spirit we should have in a lot more aspects of...
  10. RMMV Defeat, The Disability - Defeat The Demon

    Defeat The Demon Defeat, The Disability is a collection of short stories which focuses on six individuals with disability as they cross paths on their adventure in this fantasy world. Defeat The Demon is a very short introduction to Xyrel, a blind sprite medium, and Intelle, Xyrel's...
  11. dreamfall887

    RMVXA Escape The Haunted Forest! [One Map Challenge]

  12. remainderstudios

    show hud under message box

    Hi. i am using this script: https://lescripts.wordpress.com/rgss3/map-hud/ this script allows showing several bars on the map. I want to show a xp bar at the bottom of the screen (purple bar), because I already have others at the top. What happens is that this bar is visible at all times and...
  13. RMMZ Infringe Ace Devaduta 2

  14. TRADE Tales of Enthalia mmorpg team is looking for Game and Map Designer.

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis: Inspired by old-school games, Tales of Enthalia is a real-time fantasy 2D MMORPG game where players forge their own path through dangerous lands. Venture forth and free the land from evil, or decide to side with it and spread terror. Will you play as a young...
  15. Looking for a specific game

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific game. I played it many years ago but I can't remember the name. It is like "Vampires Dawn" but with a more newer graphic (I think it used parallax mapping). What I remember is, that the story is also about vampires and that you play a guy living in a...
  16. Kaza2929

    RMMV Life's Forfeit

    Story Shirley has been invited by her friends to play a fun and challenging escape room! But it is not as simple as that. Her friends have unknowingly agreed to a death game! Their first "game" has them in a dilemma. One person must grab the key in the middle of the room to free the...
  17. RMMV issues with chrono engine (ABS) enemies

    Hello everyone, I am doing an ABS type mechanic with the Mog Hunter plugin which is chrono engine, everything is fine, but I have a strange problem, I don't know if it is a plugin problem or I am doing something wrong, when I use the script: this.touchDamage (true) on an enemy, the attack it...
  18. Cormorant42

    RMMV Pixel Mural RPG 2k2d

    Play, rate, & review here! --> https://cormorant42.itch.io/pixel-mural-rpg-2k2d Is that everything? I guess the mods will let me know if I missed anything Thanks, & cya later
  19. atoms

    Missing some stuff from Dark Fantasy Resource Pack

    Hello I purchased the Dark Fantasy Resource Pack in the bundle on New RMW Store (US Degica Shop). It says it comes with "Tileset: 15 files" and "Windowskin x 1" and "SV animated battlers". I think I'm missing these. There is no tileset folder, nor any sv_actors folder and there is a sample...
  20. Turning off an Item

    Hello there, I am new to the RPG Making community, I am trying to make an item that is a lantern and I am doing this through a common event at the moment (I dont know how else I can do this ) My problem is after turning it on once, after using the item again it doesnt remove the state, any ideas?

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