1. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Eternal Tale: Seal of the Four Heroes (Demo)

    One thousand years ago, the evil Queen Zola attained immortality and conquered the world. Four brave heroes rose to the task of defeating her, but were unable to deal a decisive blow to the immortal queen. With the last of their strength, the heroes sealed Queen Zola away with magic, ending her...
  2. WanderingDudeBM

    RMMZ Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia (Demo available)

    (Working Title Screen. Will be changed. See "About The Project" for more details.) Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back soon from anyone interested in trying out my game.
  3. Buckthorn

    RMMV World's Smallest RPG: Rev

    TYPE: An NES-style action adventure RPG, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. A PS/Xbox or any Controller with 4 buttons or more is recommended. STORY: This game stars Ajax, a cave-dwelling fellow who lives with his overbearing parents, but with the...
  4. jojopw

    HELP lighting around my character is red no matter how many times I change it!

    Hi I added a plugin to my game to create a small light around my character. No matter what color code i put, there is always a small , red and circular light around my character. I just want the light around my character to be clear, or slightly yellow. It's my first time using RPG MV, so...
  5. Thund

    RMMZ Soul's Spectrum

    STORY: You wake up in a strange prison with one only goal in mind: find an escape from there. There are other people besides you, all linked by an inauspicious common fate: having committed the sin of eternal life. MECHANICS: Soul's Spectrum is a game where death is not just the end but an...
  6. Mordayn

    Event Drag and Drop Code without plugin

    Hey guys, I was looking everywhere for some simple code to make drag and drop events without requiring a plugin and was able to come up with a pretty easy solution so I thought I'd Post it. Currently the code allows for stacking of events and allows you to pull the lowest value Event ID from...
  7. Blackfield

    RMMV Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants | Looking for Beta Testers

    ---No final release price set yet. Currently working on the range between 7,99-14,99 USD--- "Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants" is set in the kingdom of Vogar, a once beautiful and thriving realm now filled with fear and despair. When Vogar was invaded by its neighbor, the empire of Limor...
  8. RMMV "Tales of Arpegea: Who's the Boss?" Demo!

    Well, I just took my first big step in game-making by releasing a demo of my first ever game: Tales of Arpegea! Tales of Arpegea takes place in a generic fantasy RPG world, named, of course, Arpegea. The one non-generic thing is you. Why? Because YOU are the boss! Join the ratfolk Natalie, Nat...
  9. Ron_Dozy

    RMMV My Monster, My Disease - A story about a mental health patient

    My Monster, My Disease My Monster, My Disease tells the tale of a guy living with the struggles of mental health, taking place in our current, modern world. It's a story that's inspired by my own personal life and experiences (though highly embellished), presented through an RPG game. I'd say...
  10. Dungeonmind

    What do you guys like to see in dungeon crawlers?

    This is a broad topic, but an interesting one nonetheless. I have been currently messing around and making a prototype that I will eventually put up for sale on steam, and I could use some people's experiences, opinions, and whatever else you can throw at me. When I hear the words "dungeon...
  11. How many available skills per class should I set my limit to?

    Um, I'm new here and I noticed that most content here is game-related RPGs. But I figured it would be acceptable to ask about RPG-related stuff anyway. So, I'm currently working on a book. Right now, I'm focusing on its outline: the important characters - the personalities and classes they...
  12. JonMech


    BRIGT --- Brigt is an 'action sidescroller/point-and-click' set on a train travelling between a fantasy city and a sci-fi one. the main characters are a girl, Dorotea, and her spirit, a sphere of energy controlled by the player. The project was born for this year's cursed contest on rpg2s, the...
  13. AnneLaurant

    RMMV Arcanium:Magia

    Three teens serve detention in magic school; what could go wrong? Gracie, Ireus, and Desmond, mage novices from Heartwood Academy, are summoned into the Head Spellcaster's office due to their supposed behavioral problems. They are sent to the Heartwood Basement to do some chores, learn...
  14. Norpoleon_IIme

    RM2k/3 Team JethKo - Knee Deep

    Team JethKo - Knee Deep is a detective adventure with role-playing elements & turn-based combat. What started as a small project turned into a huge thing that took almost a year of work. [: In this game I put ideas into action that have accompanied me since my teenage years & have now become...
  15. marino13

    RMMV Sealed-Handcrafted Adventure RPG-Demo is out now!

    A game by Left Marino Music by Komiku DEMO : https://marinoman.itch.io/sealed Who are you? What powers brought you to this land? You find yourself in the middle of a clearing. Your memory fuzzy, your leg hurts from a fall you don't remember but certainly can feel. You only remember a...
  16. -Serenity-

    RMMV The Last Lightbearer

    WARNING: Please be advised that, while not heavy, there are mentions of death and suicide within the game, as well as light cursing. This game is not intended for a younger audience. Story Screenshots Synopsis Download
  17. Eddy_Dantino

    RMMZ Broken Nights

  18. How do you make people notice you from a distance?

    Basically, I'm trying to make a game that's got enemies that can notice you from a few tiles away - Like Pokemon Trainers? - but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  19. Mopsikus

    RMMV A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! - A game about a Witch-turned-into-Slime that uses magic! (Playable demo available)

    Hello again! I'm Mopsikus, and this is my newest RPG Maker MV game, A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! This game takes place within the same universe as my other game, Peony of War, which is based around pirates and magic. But, this one will focus more on the magic part. However, this doesn't...
  20. Excuse... How to make this system?

    An ability drawing about this: How to make this system? Please.

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