1. MiraclesHappen

    Is there an RPG Maker which runs on a Linux platform

    Hello everybody, I own a RPG Maker VX Ace which I bought for my laptop that runs Windows 10. Unfortunately, as most of you probably knows, Windows 10 is full of useless apps and there are so many programs running in the background that it eats up most of my CPU. In addition, the fact that...
  2. Bartman901

    Death State Removed After Battle

    Hello, I'm looking for script that will let character automatically remove death state after battle. I tried to set death state removed at battle end in database, but that caused the enemy to reappear because the death state was also removed.
  3. Bartman901

    Shop's statistics overhaul

    Hello, right now I'm using Hime's Shop Manager and everything is great-items/weaponas/armor show's all statistics they give but...they don't show how much they will give to character. Just like basic version of rm it shows just how much damage/defence it will give to character (+/- x). Many of...
  4. Bartman901

    More dynamic battle

    Hello, I wanted to ask you if you know any scripts that let character move when I chose action. ( Don't have to choose action for other party members).
  5. Bartman901

    Item icons as event graphic

    Hello. Last time I was trying to make event with item icon graphic. (To make it looks like these items are lying on ground). Is there any script for something like that?
  6. Darkstalkers char sprites

    Hi again, I was wondering if there are any character sheets of Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers out there or if a talented gent would be able to make one (hopefully you can get two birds with one stone since one sheet could be recolored with just a change of hair).  I know there is a...

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