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  1. EclipseVRP

    Inn Door Help - RMMV

    Before I begin, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right thread, so I apologize in advance. Now, to start, I'm making an Inn for my Town using a custom built map I got off of Workshop (No Events Added). And so, I decided to set up an Inn that follows this order of events: Talk to Inn Keeper...
  2. Pupsi

    LTN_Core plugin battle error

    So I have a small problem with this plugin that I can't solve. I use the LTN Core plugin to be able to use the LTN quest journale plugin. The Quest System with the editor works as it should, but the core plugin seems to trigger a type error everytime I want to start a battle. I have seen a...
  3. WheatTon

    Stat change and Growth Rates

    I am working on a project now in which the player takes a personality quiz of 5 questions. Each stat starts at 30 and each answer gives a plus and minus to different stats. Example: Attack = 30, answer a question get +3 attack, -3 Magic Defense. You now have Attack = 33, Magic Defense = 27 Is...
  4. Wizorrd

    Game freezing when I try to Play Test

    I honestly don't know where this should get posted, I looked for some sort of RPGMMV specific support thread. I suddenly began having an issue lately that freezes my game when I go to load it or play test it. It seems impossible to troubleshoot, as it happens randomly, from what I can tell...
  5. Pls,help problem with tile sets

    Hey,i downloaded some tile sets to use in my game but whenever try to use them it ends up messed up i tried to change size but still it does not work , pic below , help we be very much appreciated,ty
  6. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences and "cannot move" State Restrictions

    Hello all! After a bunch of messing around with Yanfly's action sequences in my project(and starting a new project), I noticed that when an actor has a state that gives them the "Cannot Move" restriction, as long as they are affected by that state, they no longer responded to movement commands...
  7. How to make the tile above the character only if they are on the same level.

    Hello! I use 2 tile characters in my game, and I need to make a suitable furniture for them. My problem is that this kind of furniture looks great if the character is on the same level with it (as in attachment 1), however, if the character comes from below, the upper tile (which is marked with...
  8. WheatTon

    Dragon Quest Boomerang Formula Help

    I am attempting to make a damage formula that hits all enemies and does less the more enemies are alive. The problem has to lie with my formula as it does 0 damage no matter how low the enemies defense is. The formula I am using is as follows: ((a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2) / 3)) - ((((a.agi * 4 -...
  9. MawMaw-P

    How to delete the level and class system from the game?

    Hey! This is one of the first threads I do at the forum, and I'm relatively new at RPGMMV, so excuse my noob-ish question. I wanted to start a project on MV that did not involve the class system nor level, and I haven't found the way to do so. When I try to delete classes (changing the...
  10. WheatTon

    Help with Steps Taken Skill

    I am attempting to make a weapon skill that uses a steps taken variable in the damage formula. I would like to put a maximum limit on it and for it to reset to 0 when you either unequip the weapon or use the skill. An example of the skill I am trying to make is the Traveler skill from Final...
  11. Sora-to-Mikki

    Curtains (RPGMV)

    Hi! I'm having little problem with something I want to do in the RPG Maker MV, and i'm looking for some help... The thing is that i wanna do an event where i can open and close the curtains of a window as much as i want, but I don't know how to do it. I mean... I wanna know how to make 2 event...
  12. ArtistDavidHarper

    Trying to modify escape chance per enemy

    Greetings! In my current project I'm using different types of zombies. My idea is to have one of the types have a broken leg and if the player defeats all the other zombies and runs from the "broken leg" zombie it'll be practically guarenteed. The yanfly battle engine core plug-in lets me...
  13. Renicon

    RMMV (Demo) Tales of Ephanor

    Hey guys! I just finished creating a demo of my game Tales of Ephanor. I would appreciate any feedback you guys can provide. The demo is about 1 hour long. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS DOWNLOAD LINK IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS
  14. WheatTon

    Weapon Swap Troubles

    I am using RPG Maker MV. I recently bought Fallen Angel Olivia's Weapon Swap plugin, for a project. I read the description where it says that it adds a weapon slot for each weapon type, but assumed I could figure out how to turn it off. The main character of the game can use every weapon type...
  15. ArtistDavidHarper

    RMMV Run from zombies while people yell at you

    My idea is a short zombie-survival rpg where a town has been overrun by a death cult raising the undead. The game lets you choose your route: escape town, hide somewhere safe or fight the death cult. Combat is risky: zombies regenerate and call more zombies in addition to dealing damage...
  16. Teddy97

    How to open a website?

    Hello, I’d like to open an internet website when the player talks to a specific NPC. Is there a script call or plugin to achieve this? Thank you in advance!
  17. Rename a File (.png) with script

    Hi, I'm not super familiar with scripting, and I don't see a way to do what I want with the MV. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to rename a file, in particular, a png. is it possible to do this once the game has been compiled? This is so I can allow the player to choose pre-made...
  18. I want my game to show a menu like in the picture but I don't know how to create it

    hey!!! guy. I want my game to show a menu like in the picture but I don't know how to create it. I have a script to create it in RPG Maker VX Ace but I use RPG Maker MV. What do I have to do to get this menu?
  19. Xand

    RMMV Foretoken

    Hello! After completing "Love Ritual" with the help of VNMaker team are now working on a new RPG project This will be classic isometric RPG with battles, magic, jokes and as usual nice Romances and pretty Characters. You will be able to choose to play Female or Male protagonist this time. <3...

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