1. Kevonica_

    Custom data class for a virtual pet menuu?

    (I tried posting this on a different thread earlier buut apparently that thread ended months ago and I didn't realize itt, jsjss) Sooo I'm trying to make a virtual pet menu in MV, except it would be a little bit like a Tamagotchi in a sense that there would be its own little menu for itt The...
  2. Dusk_Funa

    Common Event loops SE for some reason.

    There's this Common Event with a trigger set as "None", that does something fairly crucial to my game. However... Unless I make this sound effect play before calling the event (after removing it from the CE's code entirely), it plays infinitely instead of only once. This is strange, because I...
  3. Movement Route x and y to Player (MV)

    Hello, I am currently using the MKR Player Senor plugin for the Line of Sight system. If I set the movement route to "towards Player", it runs towards me but gets stuck on walls, for example. My idea was to direct the movement route to x and y (map y and map x of player are already available as...
  4. BlizzroTheArctico

    Actor Faces do NOT update when (removed from/added to) party.

    So i have programmed a fusion mechanic into my game, When I perform the fusion skill everything goes right, except for one thing. The actor faces in the battle status window does NOT change! I've tried searching up script commands to refresh the window and it's face sprites but that didn't work...
  5. Recover HP in % for Battle Members

    Hello everyone, I want to restore the HP of the active group (battle members) by 20%. I found a this code (for 10%) on another treath but this is for RPG Maker VXAce and its not working: $game_party.members.each do |m| m.hp += (m.mhp * 0.10).to_i What is the code for RPG Maker MV?
  6. KTHDev

    Animation Spritesheets Size Limit

    OK, so I just read that an animation can have up to 20 rows of 5 cells, or 100 cells total. Problem is, I'm trying to use a mix of spritesheets that are bigger than that (we're talking a framerate of 60 fps). Is there any way to increase the limit with a plugin or something?
  7. KTHDev

    FREE REQUEST Arc Quartet - Looking for Artists

    Arc Quartet About the Game Engine: RPG Maker MV/MZ (still deciding) Game Genre: RPG Game Flavor: Fantasy Synopsis: Millennia ago, The Supreme King of Dark Magic sought to subjugate the entire world. But his presence left its mark. Now monsters roam the land, seeking out unfortunate victims...
  8. Derpete

    Recently switched to Rpg Maker MV, was it a good idea?

    I am kinda conflicted, me and a couple of friends wanted to remake a monster management game in a similar fashion of the old pokemon games, being the only developer i tried to learn what tools i needed and how to use them, and ended up trying to make a rom hack, not having much free time with...
  9. Galv visual novel choices conflicting with Yanfly extended message pack 1

    First of all sorry for bad english. I was making a game using Galv visual novel choices with Yanfly message core and his extension plugin extended message pack 1, when i tested the game the choices appear chopped like in the image, the message on the options doesn't even appear, when i disabled...
  10. mr_ringtales_workshop

    RMMV "Dying" Animation Help for YED_Sideview_Battlers Plugin

    Hello All! As I hone in on perfecting using this plugin https://github.com/suppayami/yami-engine-delta/blob/master/build/SideviewBattler/YED_SideviewBattler.js I have noticed that while it can make battlers look SO MUCH BETTER, RPG MAKER MV in general's standard functions can get in the way of...
  11. KTHDev

    Effekseer FX in MV

    So apparently you can use effects you make in Effekseer in RPG Maker MV by converting them to spritesheets. Does anyone have any tips on making the results appear as smooth in MV as they do in Effekseer?
  12. ecilla1

    RMMV MOG_PictureEffectsMZ exaggerated breathing effects speed.

    Hello! I just want to ask how to modify, if possible, the breathing speed of this particular plugin? I am using it for MV, and the plugin parameters do work, so I am assuming it is also for MV even though it says MZ. But the speed parameter for breathing is at the lowest at "50", and it's just...
  13. Black Bars change on Full Screen

    I know it's possible to change the black bars of a game to an image if you edit the index.html file, but how is that done on full screen? Since it only works on windowed mode.
  14. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Hide the Timer

    Is there a way to hide the timer? (It doesn't matter if plugins are needed).
  15. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Common event reset after save

    I have this event that waits a certain amount of time for a cutscene to occur, but if you save the time resets, so you can't progress if you keep saving.
  16. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Events shake when you walk diagonally, it's more noticeable in doors

    I have no idea why it happens, if someone knows how to fix it please tell me. https://media.giphy.com/media/TSME2jELn2Ts6vx67g/giphy.mp4 These are the plugins I use
  17. RMMV Help with Screenshot Plugin

    I'm using the following plugin for screenshots in my game. The only problem i have with it is the fact that there's no cooldown between taking screenshots. Is there a way to add one? I just want a 1-2 second cooldown because if the screenshot button is spammed the game starts lagging like crazy...
  18. m1y4mura

    Single Glass Door for MV

    I'm looking for an edit of this RTP door in which each side of the door is a different entity (like a normal basic door) and it's a tile and a half tall. It would basically be "ref 1" in "ref 2" format. ref 1 /...
  19. How to replace the highlighting with an arrow?

    I have a problem. How to replace the highlighting with an arrow?
  20. MogHunter HUD plugin glitching the Battle Animations?

    Hello! I've been using Moghunter HUD plugin to in my project. However, I realized it glitches some animations for some reason. Any animation set as "Screen" in the Animations tab no longer displays at the center of the screen, instead, they are set at the top left corner for some reason. I asume...

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