1. eggghh

    Weird bug. Cannot fullscreen my game

    I don't know if i tweaked one too many scripts, or what. when I attempt to fullscreen my test game, this happens: i cannot resize the window. my index.html looks like this:
  2. Vach

    RMMV Retry battle after Game Over

    I'm looking for a plugin for MV that gives the option to retry after being defeated in battle. I've tried all the plugins I could find, HimeWorks' GameOver Events, McKathlin's Custom Game Over and of course SumRndmDde's Game Over Core. The last one works with random encounters but all my...
  3. RMMV Help! How do I add face on message core yanfly in code?

    Hello guy's I am rookie here.On this rpgmmv . I am struggling a lot on this yanfly message core plugin while trying to add face with code . That was written on its engine. The code I use was \af[Actor1_1] Other code run fine. Expect the face code. I also need a good tips and tricks.
  4. Select object

    Hello everyone! (excuse my bad english) I'm just learning how to use RPG Maker MV because it's a friendly software when it comes to creating games. But there are certain things, many, that I wanted to implement that I have only achieved with plugins. I would like to ask, is there any way or...
  5. How to use the side mouse buttons?

    I want to know if there is any way to add functions to the buttons or that they can replace some control already established sorry for google translate english
  6. blackbyrd

    Need help making a maze game like Theseus and the Minotaur.

    I simply can't find a solution to this. The monster (the Minotaur) will take two steps, but he doesn't stop. I want him to move ONLY after the player takes two steps. And in return, the Minotaur also takes two steps while APPROACHING the player. If anyone has an answer on how I should go about...
  7. RMMV OneBox Puzzle Demo for Android Now Available by Itch.io (and "PC vesion" here)

    I know this isn't the kind of projects that are usually done in rpgmaker or at least not the kind of popular projects, but since it's done in this engine, I thought it's appropriate to post it here. In this case, it is a demo or, better said, a Vertical Slice of a puzzle game for mobile...
  8. fabumaniac

    RMMV Ultra Mode 7 won't work on my game (MV)

    You see, Ultra Mode 7 (MV) is an important aspect to my games visuals, so I decided to get it out, along with other plugins and features out of the way first, but when it originally didnt worked, I removed all my plugins, other than community_basic for web_gl, and UM7, but that didnt fix the...
  9. yawk

    RMMV Need help with force load! [SOLVED]

    Hello! I'm making a system in my game that uses save slots for one thing. I already have a way to forcefully save in a certain slot, but I haven't been able to find a way to forcefully load the slot that I want from a Script call or a plugin, could someone help me? Thanks for reading :D
  10. Damascus7

    RMMV Olivia's Octo Battle, OTB - HP bars and names misaligned

    Hi all! I'm implementing the Order Turn Battle system from Olivia's Octo Battle. Almost everything is going well, except I'm having trouble with the HP bars and enemy names appearing in the wrong places. I'm expecting them to appear directly overhead of the enemies but they seem to be almost...
  11. LostWIsdom

    day night cycle slowdown assistance.

    I have been testing out a fairly simple day night cycle. Counts player steps, every 100 steps sets the time of day clock moves forward an hour, which is displayed in game by tinting the screen. After the final 'hour' it resets back to morning and repeats. It's simple enough that it wont break...
  12. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Galv Image backgroud problem.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of Galv plugins most of them work fine, the only one that doesn't work is the backgroud message which has a weird glich.I don't know how to explain it right but when I open the menu it looks like this error: failed to load img/system/ ms.gimg_(insert random number...
  13. BDruid70

    Increasing Traits Permanently Using Skills

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to increase a character's Traits using Skills, similar to increasing Base Parameters through them. I was watching a Yanfly video about increasing base parameters using the Skill Menu, JP Points and Skill Learn System Plugins and I wanted to know, would it...
  14. BDruid70

    A State That Has Chance To Consume Zero Energy

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to implement a state that if applied to a character, they have a chance to use zero energy when using a skill or attacking? I'm currently using have handful of Yanfly Plugins, but I have yet to come across a post or a video of someone's whose made...
  15. I need help to develop a clock mechanism.

    Hello, I'm developing a game on RPGMMV where the mechanism is focused on doing things to increase time (which are just points that simulates time where you raise the constant of a variable that increases 5,10,15,20... minutes). Example: Grab a random item (5 Minutes) (add 1) Look for an useful...
  16. KazukiT

    FREE One's Desolation - Looking for Playtesters

    I just recently finished the full game of my game "One's Desolation". One's Desolation is an adventure horror game that controls on a 2D plane. (similar to a platformer) There are scenarios where your choices can affect whether or not the main character can make it out alive. This game is very...
  17. Nerdboy

    RMMV How do you Change Text to Default Formating in MV 1.6.2?

    So I'm having some issues when I upgraded my project to 1.6.2, in previous versions of MV prior to 1.6.2 upgrade, My text formating was Default. But the formating changed when I upgraded to 1.6.2. I like most of it but except one small design aspect let me show you in a picture. As you can...
  18. (MV) Having an event keep track of Variable changes?

    So I am trying to put together a farming system for my game, and I was wondering if there was a way to have an event keep track of changes to a variable and then run a command when a certain amount of changes has happened. For example, if Variable X changes 10 times, Event Y will run Command Z.
  19. Is it possible to render graphics outside of the main game window?

    For example, in the game OneShot, at the very end (spoilers) Looking through discussion threads, one of the theories on how this was achieved was the spawning of a secondary invisible window that contained the character's sprite, and the window moved down to simulate the movement of walking...
  20. User1978

    RMMV Moghunter Time System

    I Was wondering if there is a DETAILED tutorial on this plugin, cause, I can't find anything

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