1. yawk

    RMMV Need help with force load! [SOLVED]

    Hello! I'm making a system in my game that uses save slots for one thing. I already have a way to forcefully save in a certain slot, but I haven't been able to find a way to forcefully load the slot that I want from a Script call or a plugin, could someone help me? Thanks for reading :D
  2. Damascus7

    RMMV Olivia's Octo Battle, OTB - HP bars and names misaligned

    Hi all! I'm implementing the Order Turn Battle system from Olivia's Octo Battle. Almost everything is going well, except I'm having trouble with the HP bars and enemy names appearing in the wrong places. I'm expecting them to appear directly overhead of the enemies but they seem to be almost...
  3. LostWIsdom

    day night cycle slowdown assistance.

    I have been testing out a fairly simple day night cycle. Counts player steps, every 100 steps sets the time of day clock moves forward an hour, which is displayed in game by tinting the screen. After the final 'hour' it resets back to morning and repeats. It's simple enough that it wont break...
  4. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Galv Image backgroud problem.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of Galv plugins most of them work fine, the only one that doesn't work is the backgroud message which has a weird glich.I don't know how to explain it right but when I open the menu it looks like this error: failed to load img/system/ ms.gimg_(insert random number...
  5. BDruid70

    Increasing Traits Permanently Using Skills

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to increase a character's Traits using Skills, similar to increasing Base Parameters through them. I was watching a Yanfly video about increasing base parameters using the Skill Menu, JP Points and Skill Learn System Plugins and I wanted to know, would it...
  6. BDruid70

    A State That Has Chance To Consume Zero Energy

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to implement a state that if applied to a character, they have a chance to use zero energy when using a skill or attacking? I'm currently using have handful of Yanfly Plugins, but I have yet to come across a post or a video of someone's whose made...
  7. I need help to develop a clock mechanism.

    Hello, I'm developing a game on RPGMMV where the mechanism is focused on doing things to increase time (which are just points that simulates time where you raise the constant of a variable that increases 5,10,15,20... minutes). Example: Grab a random item (5 Minutes) (add 1) Look for an useful...
  8. KazukiT

    FREE One's Desolation - Looking for Playtesters

    I just recently finished the full game of my game "One's Desolation". One's Desolation is an adventure horror game that controls on a 2D plane. (similar to a platformer) There are scenarios where your choices can affect whether or not the main character can make it out alive. This game is very...
  9. Nerdboy

    RMMV How do you Change Text to Default Formating in MV 1.6.2?

    So I'm having some issues when I upgraded my project to 1.6.2, in previous versions of MV prior to 1.6.2 upgrade, My text formating was Default. But the formating changed when I upgraded to 1.6.2. I like most of it but except one small design aspect let me show you in a picture. As you can...
  10. (MV) Having an event keep track of Variable changes?

    So I am trying to put together a farming system for my game, and I was wondering if there was a way to have an event keep track of changes to a variable and then run a command when a certain amount of changes has happened. For example, if Variable X changes 10 times, Event Y will run Command Z.
  11. Is it possible to render graphics outside of the main game window?

    For example, in the game OneShot, at the very end (spoilers) Looking through discussion threads, one of the theories on how this was achieved was the spawning of a secondary invisible window that contained the character's sprite, and the window moved down to simulate the movement of walking...
  12. User1978

    RMMV Moghunter Time System

    I Was wondering if there is a DETAILED tutorial on this plugin, cause, I can't find anything
  13. DestroyDX

    RMMV Dynamic Battle Rank and Rewards

    Here there game makers! I was using yanfly's overkill and jp system as well as mog's combo counter and aftermath for a game I'm developing when I began to wonder, "Is it possible to get extra gold, JP and drops from stuff other than overkill?" Which made me also wonder what stuff would I want to...
  14. Aidmen

    Furniture and clothes store

    Hello everyone ! I'm new to RPG maker MV and I'm currently trying to develop a game with a shop in it. I would like the player to be able to buy clothes or furniture from the store and be able to equip the clothes (can be worn) and be able to put the furniture inside their house. I can make...
  15. hohg

    RMMV Transforming skills in battle based on external factor

    Hello, I'm relatively unskilled in javascript and thus require some assistance! Pretty much what I want to do is have skills "transform" in battle based on an external value, which I currently have as a gameVariable. Basically it's supposed to work like: Battler uses Fire when the variable is...

    RPG Maker good old days… The return of Alex! Free asset-pack with a little game [MZ] [MV]

    I'm creating a full alternative retro-styled RTP for RPG Maker MV/MZ, inspired by RPG Maker 2000/2003 and classic JRPGs from the 16-bit era. I want to share this with you because I need your feedback and support. A while ago I found that my passion is game development and I dream that one day I...
  17. Banjo

    RMMV Need to simply show a varaible onscreen at a specified position

    I've been searching for the past few days for a simple plugin (since I don't believe it can be done natively) that lets me display text/variables on screen at all times during a game. Nothing fancy and not a picture, just something basic like one or two lines that displayed "Lives: x" or...
  18. Katevolution

    RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner x Save Event Location Issue

    Hi! I started using Yanfly's Event Spawner to spawn a 3x3 apple tree and it works great. But then when I added the map tag to save Event locations (<Save Event Locations>), it spawns the tree in the location where the template Events are. Doesn't matter if it's a new game or a save from before...
  19. moving Platform system

    Ok #1 If this is not posted in the correct location do move it as I really don't know where is what & what is where. So I have an idea that I can't seem to get correct, & it seems that nobody has yet to find an answer for without using scripts and plugin's. Which is moving Platforms that...
  20. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Issue with duration tinting pictures and BindPicturesToMap plugin.

    I'm currently having an issue with pictures disappearing when I try to apply a tint. I am using the BindPicturesToMap plugin which allows you to have pictures below the player. This is what my events look like atm --Event to Display Pictures-- --Event to Tint Pictures-- --Result-- (Top...

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