1. Niko097

    RMMV how to save player stats

    Hello, I am working on a script, within a common event I have managed to save the values of max HP, max MP, ATK, DEF etc. of an enemy in battle, however I don't know how to do this with the player's stats below the script: let nxtTrgt=$gameTroop.aliveMembers()[0]...
  2. Gabriel-Chi

    About Element Rate

    Yo, soo Let's say i have a shield, called "Fire gem shield" that has a Element Rate of 60% to fire, so it takes about 60% of fire dmg But then i buy a new armor called "Magma armor", which has a element rate of 40% to fire. So in combat, using both, if i take a fire magic, do i take 40% dmg or...
  3. CluelessCat

    Tileset Formatting

    I found this great tileset for free but it wasn't made with rpgmaker mv in mind. I've been trying to reformat them myself but I can't seem to get it. Would anyone be willing to give it a shot? Tileset
  4. ccarmine

    MV - Play the same BGM & BGS as the map after a Choice

    Hi guys! I'd like the game to play the same BGM & BGS that i put in autoplay section of the map Here's what i'd like to do: I've made a common event with a choice --> when "Turn off", the BGM and BGS (that the game was playing) stop and then the game plays the tracks i chose for autoplay...
  5. Subiro_Studio

    RMMV Demon Tale (Work in progress)

    Demon Tale (Work in progress) The adventure awaits... Ready for actions... Epic battles... Epic story... And... DEMONS!!! Content Warning: This game contains violence, blood, fantasy violence, bad language. Not recommended for under-age.
  6. freakytapir

    RMMV Nexus of Broken Souls

    Nexus of Broken Souls SYNOPSIS Features Early Testing Screenshots Character Summary Storyline for Act1 World Concept
  7. RMMV I'm a dummy in need of some help!

    I'm a pretty tech-illiterate person and I just started messing with RMMV like two days ago. So I was messing around with the Victor Engine plugins and I was following his tutorial on making a Dragoon Jump skill. I'm pretty sure I followed it correctly however when I went to use the skill this...
  8. coticka

    [MV]Best way for battle animations to play while char is invis? Ideas?

    Hi guys. What do you think would be the most efficient way to have the player characters go invisible right before the battle animation for that skill plays (since the animation page will have the character in it preforming the animation.) Then making them visible again? I know I can use...
  9. A Form Change system?

    Hello! Let me set the scene- You have a Player Char. His maind gimmick is that he has a spell that lets him grow into a stronger form- up to four in total. With each form, some stats increase while others decrease, and certain skills and spells are only available at certain forms. You would...
  10. 404Cat

    FREE Purblind- Looking for a Scripter, Sprite Maker, and Co-Animator (drawing and Sprite Animations)

    I have the story (Purblind) completely written out, along with how I want to run the demo through. I currently have at 4 or 5 of the main/side characters' character's sheets which I will added in the link below. I also have a discord server where we can work and post up our progress if need be...
  11. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Victory Text plugin

    Update your victory message in RPG Maker MV with my new plugin This plugin allows you to modify how victory message after battle works. You can turn off the default message and add note tags to the actors in the party and X number of times it will randomly choose an actor and message to display...
  12. Recover Summoning actor

    Hello, I created an ability to summon an actor, it worked:biggrin:. But when he dies and disappears, I invoke him again and he comes back like a knockout. And even putting in the common event to recover it, nothing happens.:confused: Sorry for my English. Thanks!:LZYcheeze::LZYcheeze:

    RMMV Hailpath MV - Available now!

    Hailpath MV is a remastered version of the critically acclaimed RPG title Hailpath. Developed using RPG Maker MV (Hence the MV in the title) it has many brand spanking new features! By brand spanking new we mean as new as it gets before MZ is released. Anyway...
  14. PW100p

    How to make the windowskin non transparent? RMMV [FIXED!!]

    I was wondering how to make the windowskin not be transparent. I already have Yanfly's Core Engine and I set the window opacity there to 255, which didn't change anything. I also tried messing with Scene_Title, but I couldn't find I'm using the Steam version of MV, does this change...
  15. Question about window assets

    Some context: In "window.png" (which is the image in the system image folder that makes up text windows and the like) there's this section of the image dedicated to the "highlighter" that appears whenever something like an item or an option is selected. This "highlighter" has its opacity...
  16. sking32

    RMMV RPGrindx Demo

  17. EclipseVRP

    Inn Door Help - RMMV

    Before I begin, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right thread, so I apologize in advance. Now, to start, I'm making an Inn for my Town using a custom built map I got off of Workshop (No Events Added). And so, I decided to set up an Inn that follows this order of events: Talk to Inn Keeper...
  18. Pupsi

    LTN_Core plugin battle error

    So I have a small problem with this plugin that I can't solve. I use the LTN Core plugin to be able to use the LTN quest journale plugin. The Quest System with the editor works as it should, but the core plugin seems to trigger a type error everytime I want to start a battle. I have seen a...
  19. WheatTon

    Stat change and Growth Rates

    I am working on a project now in which the player takes a personality quiz of 5 questions. Each stat starts at 30 and each answer gives a plus and minus to different stats. Example: Attack = 30, answer a question get +3 attack, -3 Magic Defense. You now have Attack = 33, Magic Defense = 27 Is...
  20. Wizorrd

    Game freezing when I try to Play Test

    I honestly don't know where this should get posted, I looked for some sort of RPGMMV specific support thread. I suddenly began having an issue lately that freezes my game when I go to load it or play test it. It seems impossible to troubleshoot, as it happens randomly, from what I can tell...

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