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  1. Rename a File (.png) with script

    Hi, I'm not super familiar with scripting, and I don't see a way to do what I want with the MV. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to rename a file, in particular, a png. is it possible to do this once the game has been compiled? This is so I can allow the player to choose pre-made...
  2. I want my game to show a menu like in the picture but I don't know how to create it

    hey!!! guy. I want my game to show a menu like in the picture but I don't know how to create it. I have a script to create it in RPG Maker VX Ace but I use RPG Maker MV. What do I have to do to get this menu?
  3. Xand

    RMMV Foretoken

    Hello! After completing "Love Ritual" with the help of VNMaker team are now working on a new RPG project This will be classic isometric RPG with battles, magic, jokes and as usual nice Romances and pretty Characters. You will be able to choose to play Female or Male protagonist this time. <3...
  4. Teddy97

    Need help with adding script to a plugin

    Hello! I'm using a plugin called "SRD_WindowUpgrade.js" which allows to make custom windows. In the plugin these windows are called "Window_Info". The problem that I'm having is that these windows can only be closed with the ok key but not with a mouse click. I tried editing the line 1268 in...
  5. Teddy97

    Stop window arrow from blinking

    Hey! I'm looking for a way to stop my pop up window arrow from blinking. The plugin that I'm using is called "MessageWindowPopup.js" Thank you in advance :)
  6. CluelessCat

    How to make gear add attacks?

    I had this idea where you can get special attacks from gear. Basically all gear comes from different sets, and you can wear 3 different pieces of gear (hat, shirt, shoes,). Each piece of gear has a mana consuming attack that goes along with it, giving you 3 special attacks at most. If you wear...
  7. Yougotsomechocolate

    An Time Fantasy-like Window that looks like a book (MV)

    Resource Type: Window (Interface) Maker Format: RPGMaker MV Art Style: Time Fantasy Well, I notice that there are not many windows that would fit Time Fantasy very well, something similar to a book but fitting the theme of Time Fantasy. (or at-least 16-bit) I found a background for VX...
  8. Text Speeds RPG Maker MV

    hey guys I could really use some help. I’m currently playing MV and I was wondering how I can change text speed without downloading custom plugins. Thanks in advance
  9. party member not adding? help pls

    ive been trying to add a character for the last hour n it isnt working i need help with this please im very new to this and i need this done for my english coursework
  10. Guardcraft Games

    SERVICE IGMC Recruitment

    About me, I’ve been a member of this community for just about 4 years now, though I’ve mostly kept to the sidelines. A few people may know me from commissions, but over the last year, I’ve begin working on a project in Gamemaker. I’m a hard worker and currently could give at least 9-10 hours a...
  11. Solved

    Problem solved. The moderators can delete this thread if needed.
  12. Jellicoe

    Trailer Homes

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Compatible visually with standard modern day tile set Description: would prefer tiles and doodles that would make me be able to construct a trailer home. Like white or beige horizontal vinyl looking siding typically seen in trailer homes. And...
  13. Making an event move to another event?

    Hello all! I'm trying to make it so an event will walk to an "exit" event, no matter where they are on the map. I know there is the "Move to Player" Movement in the Movement map, but is there a way to have the event "move to target event?" Any help would be awesome!!
  14. andrus

    Quest help: x Itens for x gold

    Hi people, I'm new in RPGM MV and i need some help! If you could help me, i'll appreciate it. I'm creating some kind of "collecting quest". So let's say the hero can harvest x numbers of an item. And then he can sell it for 2 golds to a man. So if the hero has 1 item its easy in event...
  15. MBTY

    RPG Maker MV to Android exporter tool by MBTY

    Hi bros. My native language is russian, so i`m sorry if text below will strange for you :) I spent many time to find a solution how to compile Android-APK-file without installing JRE, JDK, Aapt, Android SDK, Python, nodeJS and all this stuff in to Windows for only one purpose. I mean portable...
  16. maigmemple

    Hair tv and sv

    hey all I was just wondering if anyone could make me a few different hair styles for the tv and sv sprite. I’ve done lots of hair styles but I can’t do the tv and sv for the life of me. So if anyone could help I’d really really appreciate it Here and the hair styles
  17. Karbonic

    Title Screen "Controls"

    I've been using Moghunter's titlescreen scripts to make my custom title screen, which has all of the options laid out horizontally from each other. Since Moghunter's Script is just a visual one, this doesn't effect how the title screen is controlled. My question is, how can I change the...
  18. KingKraken

    Battle processing won't end in battles with eventing.

    This is a really weird thing I just happened to come by. I'm not quite sure if it's my software itself or if it's a common occurence. But basically, any events where I have some kind of event trigger(like an enemy using a certain attack or text before the battle starts), I'm finding that, if...
  19. dumcatguy

    RMMV tank vs firebolt the game: demo available

    Tank vs Firebolt: the cool and new game synopsis IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS characters download
  20. Muramasamune

    Naming a customizeable character [Solved]

    Hello again, MV support forums! Currently I'm trying to do an Etrian Odyssey/7th Dragon inspired, player-created party. However, when it comes to the matter of entering a name for your new party member, I've run into a bit of an issue. The placeholder name doesn't go away! Attached should be a...

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