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  1. Mouad

    Mouad's Resources

    Hey everyone, this is my first thread here so I apologize if I did something wrong or anything. These are stuff I worked on when I was bored so nothing too good. still hope they'll be any use to any of you. Covered Eyes Actor 1-5: Enjoy!
  2. PrivateCaller

    [Edit Nr2] Skill added to all actors by default?

    Hi, I gave some lvl1 skills to a class to test them in game. During battle the actor should know only the skills set to lvl1 but i get an extra skill that has no name... What is causing this? How could i remove it? Thanks! EDIT: I moved the testing skills to the top of the list so there is...
  3. How to make a particular sprite disappear after battle

    Ok so, I'm having a bit of an issue and I know there's a solution to it but I'm just not exactly sure how...(It's probably because I'm super tired lol). Alright so in the picture when the player interacts with one of the "weird rainbow blob" events, they enter a battle. When the battle is...
  4. A beginner in need of help.

    Hi! I've taken an interest in creating games so I am now trying to make my own game using RPGMMV. I am in need of help regarding some of the mechanics that I want to implement inside my game. My game would be some sort of an educational one, wherein various NPCs would give you powerful weapons...
  5. SmashArtist

    Am I allowed to use FES assets in MV?

    Didn't know where to post this thread, but I was wondering because I bought RPG Maker FES for the 3DS and some of it's DLC. I really like the art style and would like to use it in my MV projects since I can do more with them. But I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that. Someone please help me...
  6. IssaMeMino

    Subclass Not Working After Update

    Hello all, Again, I'm met with complete confusion on something that just happened. Before the most recent update, the Yanfly Subclass plugin worked splendidly. Now, the subclasses don't match up with the number I have it linked to. You can see how I have everything set up in my editor and then...
  7. Sir-Drass

    RMMV Grief v0.2

    Disclaimer: This project may contain some religious elements; though that's up to interpretation and they are tertiary at most. This project also contains darker themes and a few dirty words, so it is not recommended for young children, or people with a sensitive disposition. posted version...
  8. IssaMeMino

    Error After Update

    I just updated my RPG Maker MV project through Steam to 1.5.0 and copied all of the correct folders over and adjusted accordingly. In the editor mode, everything runs perfectly, but when I send everything out in a deployment package, an error appears during the opening title screen and reappears...
  9. Anyone solve the audio delay bug?

    [SOLVED] I've tried all the fixes. Using Preload Manager and Web Audio Cache, doesn't work. It preloads correctly but doesn't fix the issue. I also tried the DSE Audio Lag Fix pluggin and that just errors with "Reference Error - Decrypter is not defined". When the game starts there is always...
  10. bis1994

    Actors Full Body References

    Hello Guys! I would like to know where I can find full body references (can be renders, model sheets, any kind that matches) os the MV, XP and VX actors (The ones that comes with the database in both makers). Also the cover heroes from both Makers (That screen that appears before the program...
  11. Jachan

    First-timer to buy 'DLC' resources; Help?

    First of all, forgive me if it's wrong place to post. Feel free to transfer this to somewhere else that I could probably not find it (more likely overlook it). Second of all, I have looked around and really want some of those ones as useful resources that I may like to include... but as I did...
  12. bigweight

    RMMV Bullets for the Boatman_Demo V. 2.0

    Synopsis The game takes place 200 years from now, whe word faced total annihilation after a brutal conflict between 2 nations, mankind has been living underground since then and the territories are split between 3 big factions, the Allied Nations, the AnarKey group and the Avineguard...
  13. Roszhelhia

    I have a problem with this Tint Screen Event.

    So I'm trying to have this scene wherein the screen starts out black. Music cuts in and the screen starts to fade into the bedroom of the protagonist. I have this set up as an auto event. No Switches or parallel events exist in the sidelines. This is how it has been set up in: ◆Play...
  14. Osoni

    Shared Party HP

    I have a (hopefully) simple request. I'd like some battles to feature a HP total/bar for the entire party - every hit on an individual party member deals damage to them AND the same amount to the shared pool. Individual party members get KO'd as normal, but if the party HP hits 0 its...
  15. LeviathanRage

    Help to make a type of "minery"

    Hello everyone, first of all thank you for your time. So, I want to put some events in a map, those events appear randomly with certain appearance in specifics positions of the map and when you interact with them, if you have a specific item, they give you pieces of a certain material depending...
  16. LaFlibuste

    RPG Maker MV on sale?

    Hey guys, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I've read once or twice on the boards that MV was on sale "this week" (might've been last week, i'm checking anyway). Where/how would I see that? I went to the store this weekend and would never have guessed there was a sale. Am I looking in...
  17. RPMV Hospital Tiles/Chars

    I've been looking around and the closest thing I could find was    I can't find a single RPMV resource for hospitals anywhere, as everything is RMVXAce. I especially want the bed and curtain dividers  as they fit perfectly with the scene i'm thinking of for my game." As for walls...
  18. DGDgamer

    Do not show tiimer on screen (Hidden)

    How do I remove the display for the timer without turning it off? I just don't need the player to see it. I don't see an option to remove it.
  19. Dream3r

    Out of the Storm

    Hello everyone, so I've decided to completely redo this page since I haven't updated it in...well a long time.  So here we go... Out of the Storm is an open world, survival game focused on character development.  You'll start weak and without the knowledge needed to survive.  It's up to you...

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