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  1. Finmide

    Multiple Piece Enemy issues

    I was making an enemy that has multiple pieces to it (head, torso, l arm, r arm, tail) and each one attacks separately. However I only want the battle to end once the torso is defeated and I made a makeshift disable mechanic for the other parts. But the issue is in order for the disable mechanic...
  2. umiya

    Set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily【MZPlugin】

    ・プラグイン名 UMI_SetDifficulty.js ・Function You can set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily by setting the magnification to the enemy parameter using the plug-in command. (Max HP, Maximum MP, Attack Power, Defense Power, Magic Power, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck, Experience, Possession) The...
  3. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Victory Text Plugin for MZ

    So finally ported this MV plugin into MZ, in case anyone was waiting for it. This plugin allows you to modify how victory message after battle works. You can turn off the default message and add note tags to the actors in the party and X number of times it will randomly choose an actor and...
  4. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Choice Location

    Another plugin, this one allowing you to place the choice box wherever you want! Term of use, Playable Demo, and downloadable file can be found here: https://sirlegna.itch.io/sirlegnas-choice-location
  5. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's Math

    Finally made a demo for this plugin, so let release it to the wider audience! This plugin allows you to use plugin commands to adjust variables with the JS Math Library instead of having to script them out yourself. Sorry, for no pretty pictures but basically it just lets you use the JS Math...
  6. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's More Dynamic Sprites

    Finally after an extra week just to come up with a demo... I finally got the plugin ready for wide audience released. Please sit back and enjoy my new More Dynamic Sprite plugin! This plugin allows you to have custom idle and jumping sprites for both the player characters and the events. As...

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