1. applepumpkins

    Trouble making a Day/night system

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post & I've just started getting into RPG maker mz! So happy to be here! I've posted this on reddit as well, but I figured I could hopefully get some suggestions here as well. I've attempted to make a day/night cycle, but unfortunately my cycle happens almost...
  2. Randomly Falling Boulders & Damaging Player on Impact

    Hi everyone, So I've been searching everywhere for a tutorial on how to make falling boulders on the map screen (or any falling object for that matter) that interact and damage the player, but found nothing. So I decided to tinker about for a bit, and I'm happy to say, it works perfectly! Now...
  3. HerGoldia

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought RPGM MZ! Any Tips to start with?

    Hey, I'm Asche HerGoldia. New here! I've always wanted to make my own Games. A Story RPG, Fighters, etc. I can Draw, Write and Compose Music a bit but I don't like Coding so I had my eyes on RPGM for the longest time. I remember Final Fantasy was the one among of a sea of games that first...
  4. Animation on map works for playtest, but doesn't work in browser version

    Hi all I have an event to Show Animation on Player. It works on exe version, but it doesn't work on Browser version, Anyone know the root cause? and I found this warning on the console: The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the...
  5. Alriosa

    RMMZ How Change the Icon Resolution in RPG Maker MZ

    Hi, Sorry to ask such a pretty much simple question, I'm quite new in this, I would like to know if there is any way to have a bigger Icons resolution (more than 32x32), like at the very least 64x64 in RPG Maker MZ, I notice that many people managed to do this change in RPG Maker MV by changing...
  6. Nerine

    Has anybody updated their pixi.js to 6.2?

    I'm just wondering, because I'm trying to upgrade it myself, but I can't find the breaking point in rpg maker. It just says Uncaught TypeError: texture.castToBaseTexture is not a function and that doesn't help much. So I'm wondering if anybody did it already, so I don't have to spend hours on...
  7. omnaeon

    Can I use these assets in MZ?

    I will really like to use these assests in RPG Maker MZ, but I am not familiair with the site nor do I speak Japanese, so I am wondering if that would be okay? I do own RPG Maker MV, if that is relevant. https://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8734
  8. Arise501

    Check multiple events at the same time.

    Hi guys. (Google translate) I have a question. Is there a way to check all the events of a map at once? I wanted to use this script. This script works perfect. if ($gameMap.event(5).event().note.includes('blabla')){}; But I must do it for each Event <"$ gameMap.event (n)">. Is there any <"$...

    RPG Maker good old days… The return of Alex! Free asset-pack with a little game [MZ] [MV]

    I'm creating a full alternative retro-styled RTP for RPG Maker MV/MZ, inspired by RPG Maker 2000/2003 and classic JRPGs from the 16-bit era. I want to share this with you because I need your feedback and support. A while ago I found that my passion is game development and I dream that one day I...
  10. moving Platform system

    Ok #1 If this is not posted in the correct location do move it as I really don't know where is what & what is where. So I have an idea that I can't seem to get correct, & it seems that nobody has yet to find an answer for without using scripts and plugin's. Which is moving Platforms that...
  11. serenium

    RMMZ Back facing battle animation

    Hello! I am pretty new to RPGMaker MZ. I've so far figured out how to do most things with plugins or through the settings but I'm still struggling with some aspects of animation and battle systems. I was wondering if there is a way to do a back-facing battle similar to Pokemon where you see the...
  12. Braska_Elnor

    Q: Setting Multiple Buttons to Initiate Different Sprite Animations

    Hi All, This is my first post in this forum, so I apologize in advance if it is in the wrong place. I have recently started using RPG Maker MZ. The game I am working on is an ARPG (a Resident Evil-ish game; focused on live gun combat and puzzle-solving). Is it possible to use multiple buttons...
  13. Neutron21

    Linux Game deployment

    Has anyone had an issue with deployment of games on Linux? I was using a trial version of MV for Windows to deploy a game and launching the game on the current Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon edition with no luck of the game working. Yes I did make it a executable under properties and that still did...
  14. Finmide

    Multiple Piece Enemy issues

    I was making an enemy that has multiple pieces to it (head, torso, l arm, r arm, tail) and each one attacks separately. However I only want the battle to end once the torso is defeated and I made a makeshift disable mechanic for the other parts. But the issue is in order for the disable mechanic...
  15. Deleted

    ・プラグイン名 SetDifficulty.js ・Function You can set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily by setting the magnification to the enemy parameter using the plug-in command. (Max HP, Maximum MP, Attack Power, Defense Power, Magic Power, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck, Experience, Possession) The...
  16. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Victory Text Plugin for MZ

    So finally ported this MV plugin into MZ, in case anyone was waiting for it. This plugin allows you to modify how victory message after battle works. You can turn off the default message and add note tags to the actors in the party and X number of times it will randomly choose an actor and...
  17. SirLegna

    SirLegna's Choice Location

    Another plugin, this one allowing you to place the choice box wherever you want! Term of use, Playable Demo, and downloadable file can be found here: https://sirlegna.itch.io/sirlegnas-choice-location
  18. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's Math

    Finally made a demo for this plugin, so let release it to the wider audience! This plugin allows you to use plugin commands to adjust variables with the JS Math Library instead of having to script them out yourself. Sorry, for no pretty pictures but basically it just lets you use the JS Math...
  19. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's More Dynamic Sprites

    Finally after an extra week just to come up with a demo... I finally got the plugin ready for wide audience released. Please sit back and enjoy my new More Dynamic Sprite plugin! This plugin allows you to have custom idle and jumping sprites for both the player characters and the events. As...

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