rpgm vx ace

  1. IsNikNoelaname

    There is a tileset bug that I have no clue what went wrong

    I mark all the walls X but when I test play the game, the character still walks on the wall? What should I do?
  2. QueenTeaYT

    How to create mirror effect?

    Is there a way to do this in VXA?
  3. Script Game_Interpreter line 1411: NameError Ocurred

    Please help, I was using the Basic Quest System to try to add more things to a project of mine, the thing is that I did exactly what a tutorial told me to but I keep getting this error: What have I done wrong? Please someone help me :( Here is where I got the Script...
  4. gvduck10

    RMVXA Suikogarden *DEMO* Suikoden-inspired rpg

    Premise A main component of the much beloved Suikoden series is recruiting many characters (typically 108) that help to grow your castle and your army. Suikogarden follows this tradition but with a smaller, more reasonable cast (currently 50). Story What happens when a mother betrays her own...
  5. Qem95

    Rebuttal Showdown script?

    So, for a game I'm making (it's a Danganronpa fangame), I really want a Rebuttal Showdown script. It's basically half fight, half debate. The enemy will spout out what they believe is evidence, and you can use 5 pieces of evidence YOU collected against them. There's also the option to agree with...
  6. gvduck10

    RMVXA Sybil, Fugitive Princess

  7. Health based overworld events

    I can't seem to figure out a way to make it so that if you only have "1 hp or less" then an event activates in the overworld.
  8. cunningReaper

    How do I make the end of a choice go back to the choices menu?

    So, I have everything set up for this one shopkeeper which you can interact with in more than one way. However, I dislike that when you finish reading through a choice, it closes entirely and you have to interact with him again. Is there a way that, once I finish interacting with the...
  9. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Need tips and hints to make a in-game test

    First off, if I put this in the wrong forum then I apologies, it's been awhile since I posted something on this website. My problem Now here is the situation, I am having difficulties making an in-game test, in the test you need to score 75% to pass so you can progress further into the story...
  10. Self Switch title screen

    Can someone help me out. I want it so that after you press "new game" and transports you to the map, I need it to activate one Switch, to activate an event. Thats all.
  11. Change Menu Categories Names

    Hey! This is a weird question, but when you click escape in-game, it shows "Items" and all of that stuff.. Can i change the name of the categories? Like change it from items too.. loot or something.. Thanks, Mars
  12. Koi

    Player walking over impassible tiles

    I'm at a loss for words, I've never seen this happen. So I was trying to clean up tilesets to make them more organized, and I have a fence that I put in the B graphic section. I decided to reorganize so that it was in A5 (I don't utilize A2-A4 it's easier for me to just create straightforward...
  13. Trying to make a multi-map event reset script, need Help!

    Update: So I wrote a script that is called through activating an event, but I am missing something. But when the event activates I get an error: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NameError occurred unintialized constant Game_Interpreter::Event Here is the code I wrote...
  14. Dream3r

    In need of Smart Shadows

    I've attached a picture in the spoilers of a rough concept of what I'm shooting for shadow wise in my current project.  Below that I'll list some issues below I'm having with achieving this effect in engine.  Then hopefully we can find a way to make this work.  So let's get to it. Shadows I'm...
  15. The Art of Gaming

    Vehicles not workimg?

    Ok, so when I try to move the boat vehicle around in both animated and still water it doesn't seem able to move other than to turn. Are the vehicles in RPGM VX ACE buggy or something? Thanks, Art of Gaming
  16. gvduck10

    Suikoden styled party selection

    I am looking for something like this: It needs to be able to do all of the following: 1. Only characters that have been recruited are present (other characters not yet recruited could be represented by blank spaces, dashes, shilouttees or -ideally- just not there) 2. After a new character is...
  17. Tigersong

    A 'bear' essential

    Hey, everyone. I have a small request for a new Ace tile. It's fairly simple (I hope): a child's bed with a teddy bear sitting on the pillow. I know there are already beds and bears separately in the RTP's interior tileset, but this is for a special project. It's the story of a divorced...
  18. Tigersong

    Portrait of a Master

    I'm going to make a new thread for this, as the one of the Ace site flopped. The request is simple. I'd like someone to recolor the portrait for People1-5. If you could do the sprite as well, that would be appreciated. All I'm asking for is the same guy with black hair. Cheers, Tiger
  19. Tigersong

    Write that down

    Hello, people. I'll try and make this succinct. I was just tinkering about with the trial version of V.X. and ran into a major problem- I can't put one tile on top of another. What I wanted to something similar to Harvest Moon- an event where the player makes a "journal entry" in order to save...
  20. Tigersong

    Light vs. Dark

    Okay, so I've never much cared for the dark side/light side system in Knights of the Old Republic. I thought maybe I'd spice it up a bit by changing it into a battle mechanic. The rules are fairly straightforward (I hope). Gaining points in Calm reduces the number of Rage points a character...

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