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  1. Adding a mouse script to someone else's game resizes the Images. Anyway around this?

    Tried it with Amaranths, Jets, and Falceos mouse scripts and all have the same result. All of the images within the game get resized and are too big for the window. Has anyone run into this and know of any fixes. Thanks.
  2. SebGrinke

    RMVXA Cult Detectives

    Experience a unique creative vision inspired by True Detective, Forbrydelsen (The Killing), Mindhunter and Dragon Quest, and six years in the making: CULT DETECTIVES The year is 1996. Someone, or something, is killing women and animals and hanging them from ancient trees deep in the black...
  3. Roseredpinball

    Ideas on how to implement character selection?

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a game where the player is allowed to choose which character they want to play as at the start of the game (it has no real impact on story, just an aesthetic difference.) The problem is, I'm not certain how to implement this character selection. For example...
  4. GMKProductions

    Requesting Corgi Faceset

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/whtdragons-animals-and-running-horses-now-with-more-dragons.53552/ Now i love whtdragon's sprites But for one of the characters i making with his sprites I made that character a party member Sadly He doesn't seem to have any face sets for...
  5. Argami

    Remember the last Command selected on Ksi's Simple Menu Script

    Hello! :) I'm usig the Simple Menu Script by Ksi (And modified by Zalerinian) and I'm wondering if its possible edit the script so it remembers the last command selected after you open one of the options and then you return to the command window again. I explain myself: Pressing "Esc" you open...
  6. Kim_Shyuen

    Looking for Map Auto-Scroll script

    Hi guys! I randomly saw a gif that include this "resilience scrolling map" effect. The map will automatically scrolls a little back when player stop moving (it looks really natural) Is there any script provide this effect? Thanks! (Apologies for my broken english)
  7. Zino97

    Vx ace (Yanfly Ace shop options ) problem with script

    Hey guys I have a problem with rpg maker vx ace with the Yanfly ace shop options script i was trying for hours to rename teh default shop commands like buy sell and equip because i make the game in a different language than english and it worked fine but the last command cancel just seems not...
  8. Kim_Shyuen

    Event pop up balloon automatically when player approach

    Is there any rgss3 script can allows these features? Here's the feature I need: -When the player approach the event,it will pop up a balloon automatically I've found a MV script have this feature : >>>http://yanfly.moe/2016/07/09/yep-111-icon-balloons-rpg-maker-mv/
  9. Sinalma

    Help with items messages

    Ok so im new in creating games with rpgmakervx ace and my problem is the description of items.(objects) I'm having trouble on how to show messages (longer than the description) so I can show notes, books or so to give hints for the game progress. Anyone please help?
  10. RPGmaker MV?

    So, i bought VX Ace a while back because my friend told me its good and its the latest... well he is clearly an idiot. is it worth to buy MV over VX Ace or nah?
  11. Chaosmarine125

    Sound Issue

    Hello, I'm having issues with sound playing, when I load up someone already created game to play, no sound is playing. The game itself runs fine and the controls work as should. It just that no sound at all is playing which includes title screen/gameplay/BG music etc... Anyone can help me...
  12. King James

    Save Variables?

    Hey, so I recently run into a problem with variables. Im currently making a horror game and it uses a latern and a flashlight. everything is working fine, even adding stuff into the latern to refresh it (it can die in my game?). My problem is when I switch from the flashlight to the latern, its...
  13. Kuroshii

    RMVXA Harus (DEMO)

    Hello guys! I'm Brazilian and I have a project in progress. Currently it is in DEMO version and I decided to create an English version of the game. I apologize in advance because I'm not good in English :guffaw: History There is a parallel world, it is called Harus. Harus is composed of two...
  14. Need help with event that changes graphs

    Hi guys so i need some help with this event So what i want to try (Look at Picture) I want the player to make the room symetric so he can move to the next level But the problem is how can i do this?? Stijn/Be

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