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  1. Synrec

    Synrec Live Tactical Battle

    Version: Free Version Released URL: https://synrec.itch.io/synrec-live-tactical-battle Features summary: > Player controlled combat > Battle field modification on both player and developer side > Highly customizable UI > Active style combat, limited turn based system regulation. > Various...
  2. Is there a way to make speaking animations for overworld sprites?

    I want to be able to make overworld sprites animated when they are speaking. There is a plugin for faces in the text box, but I am not too sure how to make the overworld sprite animated in this way (specifically making the animation stop at the end of the text code instead of continuing) How...
  3. greensdream

    How can I remove the "Items" option from the battle menu?

    I'd like to only have "attack," "guard," and "skills" available for the player to choose from in battle. Is there a way to do this without using another plugin? I'm trying to severely limit the number of plugins I use for my project, but in case it matters, I'm using YanFly's Core Engine and...
  4. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Is it possible to create a Fake Pop-up Message?

    I'm wondering is it possible (with a script/plugin) to make a pop-up/error message that you can click "OK" with the mouse, similar to some Creepypasta/horror games out there. I don't know how to code at all for JavaScript or anything for that matter, so some pointers would be much appreciated...
  5. WormZ

    RMMV SRD_Gameupgrade Won't let me start the game.

    When i installed "SRD_Gameupgrade" the game just won't start. i also installed "SRD_PreLoaderCore" and i tried to start the game by disabling both. and the game ran normally. i cannot run the game with "Preloader On" if "Gameupgrade" is off, so i tried turning off preloader and turning On...
  6. Character Names and Classes Overlap

    Hey-de-hi. To get right on down to the point, I have this issue where the name of my character and their class overlap in the pause menu window if the character's name is long enough. How would I move the area where the character's class is displayed to the right so it's not in the way of the...
  7. Unseen_Apple


    I've currently using ATB system by yanfly. Is there a way the gauge will not stop filling when the player will input the command? I want the enemy to fill its gauge and attack even if the player is choosing a command. For example, the player currently choosing what will be his attack and then...
  8. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Toggle Switch in Option menu using YEP_OptionsCore.js

    So I'm trying to put an option in the options menu using Yanfly's Option Core plugin. Since I pretty much want what this guy here wanted, I read his thread and applied the same things: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/making-custom-options-in-the-options-menu-yep-165.103087/...
  9. M3TALL1CA

    How would I create my own weapon designs and add them to MV?

    I'm literally brand new to making games as I bought MV only two days ago. I'm making a small game to start off with all defaults just so I can get used to the system. I just want to know how to do this for future reference! Thanks in advance for answering!
  10. padfoot

    No .exe File

    I installed RPG Maker MV via the free trial on this site - I am on windows 10, a gaming PC - after extracting them and using the setup application when I click the desktop shortcut it says there is no exe file for the game. I browsed the folder in which I had installed it into however it was not...
  11. FREE Major Fantasy Epic Project needing HELP (rpg maker MV)

    SYNOPSIS: King Victor hides the truth about magic from his children to protect them from the dark truth. The truth eventually follows him to his own destruction. After the ongoing war with the Boulders, a clan of inhabitants that can harden and camouflage their bodies, which also saw the death...
  12. palatkorn

    Create your own window (plugins)

    Download It's easy to work. You just adjust 1 page. There are a total of 8 windows, a total of 120 windows. You may do 100 quests. What kind of this and this is an interesting option For you It still needs a little improvement. This is an example window. I think this may help as a good...
  13. OnlyThroughProphecy

    FREE Altered Ancient Gears II (JRPG) Looking For Play Testers

    Hello Everyone, Hope your all having a wonderful and blessed day and are staying safe. I wanted to share something with you all. Im new to the Rpg maker forums as well as ive only have experience with the engine for a year. I always had a passion for gaming and wanted to be a developer. Gaming...
  14. Question about window assets

    Some context: In "window.png" (which is the image in the system image folder that makes up text windows and the like) there's this section of the image dedicated to the "highlighter" that appears whenever something like an item or an option is selected. This "highlighter" has its opacity...
  15. Temporary Switch States

    In my game I have a scene where the players are running from a guard. If the guard catches them, it triggers a fight. That event is working fine, but I want to set it so that when the battle ends, the guard collapses. I want to set it up so that the guard will stay down until the player leaves...
  16. Enigma_Productions

    RMMV S.C.P.H

    Game Synopsis The game takes place at a psychiatric hospital named Sanity Care. The sole purpose of the hospital is to find the best method in which to raise and harness an inner beast that can reside within a child. After 60 years of very small progress the hospital is being threatened to have...
  17. [Help] Random Generated Contracts

    Hey everyone! Quick description of what I am trying to do. I have Job boards across my game and I want then to have a section of random material gathering contracts that if filled will payout a good amount of gold. This is going to be a clear separation of actual story quest and just option...
  18. karinthefox

    Websites that sell assets (tiles and objects mostly) for RPG Maker MV?

    Hello! I've recently released a demo for my game Panacea. I made all of the 2D illustrations myself but, when it comes to the pixel art, I mostly had to use free assets with creative commons (except for the character sprites, trees and outside view hotel, which I made myself). Honestly, I'd love...
  19. phasmo

    Trouble using side-view walking characters with SRD script

    Hello! This is my first post so please excuse any format issues. I'm using the latest version of RpgMakerMV and SumRndmDde's walk battler plug-in, and I'm having a myriad of issues with getting the sprites to work. I have the images placed into the correct folder, and the weird thing is it WILL...
  20. fluffymonster

    Locked Saves

    Hello. There doesn't appear to be an MV section in "Maker Specific," so I'm posting this here. How would I go about locking a play through to a specific save slot? I'm attempting to create an experience like Harvest Moon, My Time At Portia, etc. where you pick a slot and it saves it to that...

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