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  1. RMMV Is there any way to make it where you only collide with parts of tiles that aren't transparent?

    I've been having trouble with getting collisions just right for my game, I am using pixel movement and if I want someone to collide with something, they have to collide with the whole tile, opposed to only colliding with the part that is not transparent. Im not the best at explaining stuff, so...
  2. Remove Skill Grey Bar in Battle?

    I'm trying to make some Skills to trigger in the "background", however, even if I don't use any name, the grey bar shows indicating the skill triggered, it kinda ruins the point of it being hidden and the grey line appearing in a flickering manner if several skills are triggered can be...
  3. Stop common event refreshing

    Hi, i'd like to make a common event as a music player. But everytime i change map the common event refreshes itself so it interrupts the song. Any ideas how can i avoid this problem? Thanks for the answers!
  4. sheeshkebab1812

    Life steal cap using Yanfly's Life Steal

    The way i aim for life steal to work in my game is for it to have an upper limit equal to a percentage of the battlers health. The actor may have 5% life steal but can only heal up to 10% of their maximum health. Is there anyway to set this up so that there is an upper limit to what health can...
  5. Rigbeta

    Can't Playtest my Game

    Hello, I've been in the process of making a game for about 2 years now, and never had any issues with the playtest function, but recently I haven't been able to start a playtest at all! I also can't battle test enemy troops. All that happens is I see the load bar appear over my clicker for a...
  6. sheeshkebab1812

    I'm looking for a way to see the value of a barrier using Yanfly's absorption barrier

    As the title states, I want the player to be able to see the amount of barrier that they have. I would preferably have it similar to the hp gauge or along side the hp gauge giving the number if anyone knows a way/ a plugin to do this?
  7. Turn won't end after skill

    Okay, so, I've been trying to make a "Change Equipment" command without a straightfoward plugin, just using a common event and the push Scene_Equip script, adding it to a skill and then use Hime's Battle Command Use script to make it a command in battle. But the problem is, once I use it, the...
  8. Playtest lag

    I downloaded a list of plugins from here https://mogplugins.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/ And I intended on using them,but first I wanted to test the demo that came with them, And so I did. It was REAAALLY laggy,but I thought it was normal for a demo full of events and like, 94 plugins. The...
  9. RMMV Attack element cancels out when having 2 of the same weapons

    I am using Yanfly's plugins along with Ramza's dual wielding plugin for this interaction. When I have my actor duel wield weapons of different elements. They attack twice with each attack using each weapon. For example, if my actor is using a torch in the main-hand and a lightning dagger in the...
  10. sheeshkebab1812

    How would I create a move that deals bonus damage to enemies who are underground (can't be hit)

    I want to create a move similar to the move dig from Pokémon. The Pokémon takes 1 turn to dig into the ground where it will evade all attacks; However certain moves will do additional damage to enemies that are under the ground. How would I go about having specific skills that are able to hit...
  11. sheeshkebab1812

    RMMV Game won't load when playtesting due to Yanfly Autopassive states

    When I try to playtest my game I get an error message and I'm not sure how to fix it. The other error messages don't appear when Auto passive states is switched off. Is anyone able to help?
  12. Cute Fox Productions

    Doors/transfer issue on PS5

    Link to video I recorded the issue that I am experiencing when it comes to creating transfers or doors events in my game. I did them both manually and using the quick event creator but neither are seemingly letting my character move from one map to another. Any and all help would be greatly...
  13. MRD256

    RMMV Innocent Love v0.2.0

    https://mrd256.itch.io/innocent-love A game that is reminiscent of old classic JRPGs with an emphasis in growing bonds with your friends. Experience this reimagining of an old worn-out, cliche genre. --STORY-- Thousands of years ago, the Demon Lord Aster ruled the world through sheer...
  14. MilkyMcGee

    Damage formula HELP!

    Hey guys I am making a small game and I need help with the damage formula. I only typed in the formula (a.atk - b.def) and the Variance 10% (does that mean that my character will make 10 damage and - the enemy def) And I noticed when I changed that the enemies are now dealing 0 damage to me...
  15. RMMV A limited, individual inventory plugin with non stackable items

    I wish there was a plugin that basically makes the inventory system into the mold of old JRPGs such as Dragon Quest and Earthbound and others, for now, there are only some plugins that get close to the concept like LTN Games Actor Item Stash (which doesn't feature the non stackable items part)...
  16. NIP

    old thread

    idk how to delete threads so uh
  17. void_of_the_mind

    Surprise Attack Counter-Skill

    So, this is in regards to the situations where a surprise attack occurs. I wanted to give one of my party members a skill that deals more damage if your party is ambushed. Similarily, I wanted to give a few enemies the power to counter preemptive strikes that your party can get as well by...
  18. Someone can help me with a battle formula?

    I´m experimenting with the battle formulas for my proyect, the syntaxis is the next one: a.paramPlus(2) My idea is get the bonus paramer of atk and hurt the enemy, but when I tested it only apears the message " Bat A isnt recive any damage" Someone can explain me how can use "paramPlus" in the...
  19. sheeshkebab1812

    How to have bonus damage on skills to do flat damage on hit.

    I have a few accessories which provide flat damage on hit. I want the damage to be shown after the main damage formula (for example an attack would show as 200 dmg, 50 dmg rather than 250 dmg). I'm using Yanfly plugins so would I be able to do this through states and if so I'm not too sure what...
  20. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to store all damage done by an actor as a variable

    I want the damage to be stored with the variance for one actor across all of his skills. Would I have to put something in every damage formula box or is there a way using Yanfly's Plugins where I can store the damage after the attack?

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