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  1. phasmo

    Trouble using side-view walking characters with SRD script

    Hello! This is my first post so please excuse any format issues. I'm using the latest version of RpgMakerMV and SumRndmDde's walk battler plug-in, and I'm having a myriad of issues with getting the sprites to work. I have the images placed into the correct folder, and the weird thing is it WILL...
  2. fluffymonster

    Locked Saves

    Hello. There doesn't appear to be an MV section in "Maker Specific," so I'm posting this here. How would I go about locking a play through to a specific save slot? I'm attempting to create an experience like Harvest Moon, My Time At Portia, etc. where you pick a slot and it saves it to that...
  3. YEP_EventChasePlayer does not make the Event go back to the original position after switching Event Page.

    Hi, I am trying to use the plugin, YEP_EventChasePlayer, to be able to chase the player at LOS proximity. When the Event touches the player, it initiates a battle sequence. When the player chooses ESCAPE, it will pause the Event, allowing the player to have time to get out of sight. When the...
  4. TayAyase

    a glimpse of my game

    I'm currently a one girl army. my boyfriend and a friend is currently helping. I have more like alt costumes and I even have the beginning of my game finished. the writing style is similar to a shin megami tensei game. I would usually take notes from "TotallyNotMark" on YouTube on writings.
  5. How can I show the video before title screen and then smoothly show title screen.

    I have animated logo in .mp4 and .webm and I want to show this animated logo before the title screen and then smoothly show title screen. And I already tried to do it with HIME_PreTitleEvents. When I click the options button and then back to the menu, the plugin shows the video again. That's...
  6. Raexxar

    Bust Skill Menu and Status Menu

    Hello, does anybody know if there is bust skill menu and bust status menu? If not, can someone make it? I need it for my project and propably there are many others that need something similar too. If i would be good on javascript maybe i could make it but now if i would tried propably it would...
  7. BlacerStudio

    [Steam] Time For Quest

    Trailer Description You there, champion. Spare me some of your time. I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero! Time For Quest is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures...
  8. stopbeingbored

    Name items after actors - help!

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a way to name an item after an Actor. The idea is that there are several items that belong to a certain actor, such as "A's Necklace" or "B's sword" and I want their name to reflect that. At the same time, I want the player to be able to rename actors in...
  9. bbaallppeenn1

    RMMV Alamat

    Alamat is an Adventure/RPG game currently in development using RPG Maker MV engine. Set in Fictional Version of Philippines showcasing Philippines' Myths and Myth Creatures such as Bakunawa, Dogong, Sarimanok, Lam-ang, etc. Join Dula and his friends as they set on an adventure to reverse their...
  10. Yanfly Enhanced TP Script Help

    Hi guys, thanks for coming and trying to help. I'm trying to make something work and for the life of me I can't figure out how in the world to do it. I'm using the Enhanced TP script by Yanfly to make a different TP gauge for each different gun, therefor making the TP their "clip". I can't seem...
  11. Celianna

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    The Resource WIP Thread 3 This thread is meant for users who are creating, or editing their own resources, to post their work-in-progress (abbreviated to WIP) and get feedback on their work such as criticism, advice or simple comments. If you have any game screenshots or maps to show off...
  12. greensdream

    Color Output/Saturation

    I've noticed that I have to push the color saturation way, way up so my assets don't look washed out when playtesting. Has anyone else noticed a visible difference between mapping in the editor and what it actually looks like during a playtest? I'm attaching screenshots to show what I mean...

    StrategyRPG Conviction

    hey guys I'm happy to announce my game Conviction Name : Conviction Version : access._04_04 Engine: RpgMaker MV Price:$14.99 PlayTime:17~29h SteamPage: Languages: English, ZH-TW , ZH-CN FEATURES Command a large number of troops and battle your enemies. The 12 main characters and 40+...
  14. wormdotcom

    Yanfly Footstep Sounds - Delay footstep sound effect?

    Hello all! I'm trying to use Yanfly's Footstep Sounds in conjunction with Galv's Pseudo Pixel Movement plugin, but the problem is that when the latter program is turned on, the footstep sound I set repeats very rapidly, which gets pretty obnoxious as I'm sure you could guess. Would there be any...
  15. void_of_the_mind

    Help with some instant death moves

    I have a problem with calculating some instant death-type skills in rpgmaker mv. Simply put, I want to utilize spells with a similar mechanic as Light and Dark from the Persona series. Instead of run-of the mill instant death, i want it to be instant death that is element-based. So that some...
  16. Parallel process event persists between maps?

    Hey there. So uh... I've got this weird issue with a Parallel Process event going on. I'm working on an introduction for a game, featuring a character walking down a road while monologuing in their head. The parallel process event code is extremely simple: This parallel process event is...
  17. KingKraken

    Displaying variables like states and resistances?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty much a Javascript newbie, and I'm trying to take the plunge to learn a little bit about the language and how it relates to MV in order to tweak a plugin that's almost perfect in presentation, but displays information I don't need. So I'm using an old character select...
  18. Poppie360

    Help with swapping bitmaps

    So I have no Idea at all how the game engine goes about something Basically, how it goes about loading images is a whole batch of functions that vary little between eachother. Here is the function that controls how events and all that are loaded in graphics wise; ImageManager.loadCharacter =...
  19. Poppie360

    Icon shows up as blank when first loaded

    (explination to above; i had the origonal problem but litterally figured out the issue five minuets after but a new one happened, so i didnt want to make a thread right after i had already made this one.) So when running this code, the icon ends up blank at first, and when you exit out of the...
  20. Poppie360

    How does loading the graphics work in the engine?

    So for the plugin i am creating it would be helpful to know how the engine goes about loading the following; Icons Enemy graphics Tileset graphics Face graphics Event graphics* basically i am trying to figure out what is responsible for loading them so i can just copy the function and make a...

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