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  1. numituwi

    Battle Screen Mockup [Is it possible to make this?]

    Good evening! :kaothx: I was wondering if I can do something like this in Rpg Maker MV's battle screen? This is a mockup I created in Adobe After Effects. I don't know how to program so if any plugins can do this I'm more than welcome to use those! Here is a still in case the video won't...
  2. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV More Self Switches file or Alternative

    Howdy y'all. I found a plugin I think would help my game a lot, but the link for the file is bust. Anyone have the file for this? I can't seem to find it anywhere. If not, is there a free alternative? I've looked but haven't found anything beyond the Yanfly plugin. Any help would be...
  3. sailingCartoonist

    Through Event interaction from adjacent or event tile

    Howdy y'all, the title might be a little confusing, and I apologize for that. I'm up at like 1 am working on this and can't find a solution. Can't tell if it's the sleep deprivation or legit just something I can't do without a plugin, but we'll see. So I'm working on this farming game. It's...
  4. mzhao17

    Resource Request for RPG Maker MV [hairstyle]

    Resource Type: Character sprite ( one sprite of forward-facing hairstyle is enough) Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: RPG Maker MV style Description: Hello, I am new to the RPG Maker forum. I am hoping to create a forward-facing sprite of Shibuya rin from idol master. This is what I have...
  5. GamesOfShadows

    RPGmaker-DEV | New MV & MZ "Master Plugin List" (still under construction)

    Since the "Master Plugin List" is no longer available and I personally found it very practical and helpful, I decided to set up my own website. This is still under construction, but it's online and some plugins are already on the list. Of course there will be more added time after time. Link...
  6. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to make a state with a percentage chance of having the one inflicted not moving.

    I have a state where I want the person inflicted to have a 25~33% chance not for them to not be able to act on their turn, is there anyway that this can be done?
  7. BlueMoonCorp

    RMMV Force actor switch in battle.

    I'm hoping this is the correct place to put this. I already have the yanfly party switch plugin and am able to switch party members in battle. However, I would like to make a battle where an additional party member will come to the rescue mid battle. Is there any way to force one of the actors...
  8. DragonRose35

    Help! Sprites aren't lined up with the map grid???

    Guys! I need help! Okay, so I'm working on a new project where I'm having to create my own map tilesets and my own sprites. Nothing too fancy, as I really have very little talent in this field. I am aware that the grids are 48x48 pixels and I created everything to line up with that grid. The...
  9. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to activate a common event midbattle or change to change class?

    In my project I have a role who works as a berserker, I want it to work that when his TP reaches 100 he will turn from his basic class to this "berserker" version. I can do most things I want such as different stats, abilities (temporarily removing them from him until he reverts back at the...
  10. Is there a way to make items trigger sprite animations in battle?

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well! So, as my title states, I am looking for a way to make an item used in battle call a specific animation from the sprite of the target. For example, if I have Character A use a potion on Character B, I want Character A to play the "use item"...
  11. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to have class be based on armour sets?

    I'm looking to have a mechanic in my game where characters classes is based on their armour set. They would start out as a character with average stats across the board but having a full set of armour changes the class to be more streamlined to what the player is building the character. For...
  12. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV Galv Tool Labels

    Howdy y'all, I'm trying to make a small farming title in my off-time, and figured I could use Galv's Tool plugin to make tilling and mining hella easy. Only issue I'm running into is that I can't figure out where to put the labels. I get that there should be a label in the tool's common event...
  13. cellicom

    cellicom's PartySaver - Save and Load the order of party members

    Hi to all, I have developed a plugin for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. cellicom's Party Saver RPG Maker MV Plugin cellicom Features ● Save the order of party members. ● Load and Overwrite the order of party members. How to use Easy Peazy! USE A SCRIPT BLOCK! How to...
  14. RMMV Do i need a plugins?: Change Skill Level Script

    Hello My question is do i need a plugins because i want a skill level system in my game where if you are level 1 you get say skill double attack Lvl1 then at level 4 ( the actor is level 4 ) you get double attack Lvl2 and this replace double attack Lvl1( you forget double attack Lvl1). I know...
  15. RMMV Changing the Message Window Animation?

    Hi! Newbie and first time poster here, have been using RPGMaker MV for a while now, and I have been stumped on finding a functioning plugin for MV that will let me do the following. (I will be providing some visual aid as I want to make my point as clear as possible...) I want to change the...
  16. minkonn

    RMMV Starpatch

    ˙・:*✫Starpatch ✫*:・˙ ☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆ Starpatch is a short, cute and relaxing Puzzle RPG about a fallen astronaut (and even more fallen stars) and their journey finding shelter! My entry for GJL Parade Spring 2022, and my first RPGmaker game!! I learnt a lot...
  17. Looperdooper

    Any way to do the little sprite thing like in Mother 3? [MV]

    Here is an example of what I am looking for. By sprite thing, I mean how you can see a little sprite of said character over Kumatora. I'm using SRDBattleStatusCustomizer and I'm not sure if you can edit it to do this but I'm just seeing if it is possible or not, here is a link to that as well...
  18. MilkyMcGee

    Custom Damage and Health

    Hello there. I am making a game right now on RPG Maker MV and I wanted to make my own custom skills, attacks and health. I want to make the characters health to be about 50 or 100 HP, the attack and magic to deal 20 to 30 damage and I don´t want my characters to level up. Can someone help me...
  19. Kay_ande

    Move on the background parallax?

    Hello,i'm wondering if it's possible to be able to move around freely on the parallax background. For a first-person look purposes.
  20. OtherDarkZero

    RMMV Yanfly Battle Core pauses when attacking

    Recently I was working with the YEP_BattleEngineCore, and noticed that whenever the option "Show Action text" is set to true, there's a small pause between the execution of the command and when the animation plays. This has never happened before and it just started doing it since yesterday.

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