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  1. Patroso

    How to add intro ?

    How to add intro from the beginning of the game I wish it looked like this: press the new game button after this starts the intro (video file), and after intro we can play normal game
  2. WaifuMakerDev

    How do I use mapId?

    Hiya! I'm very new to with RPG maker and I'm currently experimenting with some JS (Java Script). I'm more of a visual learner when it comes to learning so I just need to know if what I'm thinking is correct. Basically been using a google doc with example scripts but it's still a bit confusing...
  3. Other RPG Maker's resources in RPG Maker MZ

    Hello everyone and first of all I am really sorry If a similar question was asked on the group before. I tried to search for it beforehand but couldn't find a definitive answer. Straight to the point, I own practically all RPG Makers on Steam, hence I would like to know if I can use resized and...
  4. dragoonwys

    RMMZ [Sloved]Help w/ skill common event, find Enemies w/ VS Passive State then add 1 new state to 1 random enemy in that specific group

    Hello! :rhappy: I have this skill that sometimes work but sometimes it doesn't and gives a script error in the console log, so I would like to ask for some help with it. I am using Visustella's Passive States as part of this process. All plugins are latest version and arranged as on the...
  5. Tsunar

    RMMZ Status Icon Adjustment

    So Ive come across an issue, and yes im using a few yanfly plugins, I made a few custom sprites (WIP) they still need clothes and everything is workign great, except when states appear. I looked for a way to move the icon abit maybehind or preferably off the sprite all together but I cant seem...
  6. Orangepaw

    RMMZ TypeError Cannot read property 'currentExp' of undefined

    First off, thank you for reading this. I hope should a solution be found, this helps other people as well. I am using the HUD Maker Ultra Pro plugin for MZ and the goal was to make experience bars for the party. I found I needed to use the custom code feature, shown here in a screenshot: So...
  7. Tsunar

    Must have a weapon equipped.

    Hey! Me again! Question! Is there a way to make it so there MUST be a weapon equipped into the main hand? Like I know there is a way preventing characters from equipping and unequipping new items BUT in most rpgs now adays you can switch weapons freely but there must be a weapon equipped at all...
  8. Pehriska

    Comment offering to Translate my Game

    Hello everyone, Just got a comment on my store page offering to translate my game into another language for free. Just wandering if this kind of thing is normal and if anyone's had this done before then what does it entail/ what do I have to send them etc? Thanks.
  9. Tsunar

    yanfly, Custom Sequences and ATB question.

    So Im curious is there a specific way to do a custom animation sequence for an enemy compared to actor? Im using custom skills and on the player characters it works fine. But the moment I make an AI use a skill with a custom sequence, when the atb bar fills they just basically skip their turn...
  10. PixelMap's Yarn Spinner Plugin (MZ)

    Hi! I'm currently building an MMO (hold the first M for now) using RPGMaker :). One of the things that we ended up creating is a plugin for utilizing "Yarn Spinner." Yarn is a game dialogue writing tool created by the same company that made "Night in the Woods." Unfortunately, though, they...
  11. Call Damage Formula on Map

    Okay, so new to RPGMaker Mz, I've mainly put off working with MZ due to lack of plugins vs. the previous version. So long story short, I'm trying to create my own action-battle-system of sorts using common events. I'm no pro at scripting but if I need to use it I'll learn what I can. Here's the...
  12. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ Help with Order Turn Battle VisuStella

    I'm pretty sure it's bugged because I can't add a turn to the current or next turn using the provided note tag. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. GamesOfShadows

    GOS - Font size [MZ & MV] | Adjust the increase and decrease of the font- / text-size

    With this plugin (for RPGmaker MV & MZ) you can change the font sizing. So, you can adjust the steps for \} and \{. This can be helpful if you're using a different font or just aren't happy with the "size steps". Also (only for MV), you can change the default font size / default text size. If...
  14. NicoloII

    RPG Maker MZ: How do you change the Hit Calculation?

    Hello everyone, so I currently wish to create DnD inspired game, and I would like to create a AC type system. This would mean I would like to change the hit calculation to something similar to Total Hit rate - (enemy parameter). Does anyone know how you could potentially do this? I am trying to...
  15. I need help with this error

    when i want to use recovery skill to resurrect a comrade during battle, a pop up appears that says "Cannot read property 'faceName' of undefined. please help
  16. GamesOfShadows

    RMMZ [Solved] TypeError - Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': Value is not of type 'long'.

    Hello, I have a little problem with a script-call. It's quite long, so I should probably think about making a plugin out of it, but I'd like to have the base finished/successful testing first. I have a while-loop to move a ball one pixel at a time and another while-loop in it that checks every...
  17. scorpiovaeden

    RMMZ In-development - Heroes of Nomad (STB)

    HEROES OF NOMAD Synopsis: Heroes of Nomad will take the player to the world of Nomad, a world trapped in perpetual moonlight. It is here that the player can choose a starting party of 4, from a selection of 12 Heroes. The journey will commence once the party is selected. With this party of...
  18. BlueToo

    RMMZ Modify Battle Menu

    (FOR RPGMAKER MZ) -I just want to modify the battle menu, above, such that instead of "Attack" and "Special", it will say "Play" and "Roll Dice". Additionally I would like to remove the "Guard" option entirely. -I also want to be able to move where the menu shows up on the screen (a specific...
  19. Tsunar

    Weapon Sprite Position

    You know the weapon that appears when your character attacks in side view? well Im using taller sprites and I still want to use that. Is there a way to change the X and Y of that sprite to fit the taller sprites?
  20. RMMZ (Plugin Request) Weapon Slots for Enhancements

    I have been searching for a plugin that adds “slots” to weapons, but have not been able to find one for MZ. I made a few posts on here asking for help finding one and did lots of Googling, but to no avail. I also attempted to “event” the slots for weapons, but either it cannot be done in...

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