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  1. GamesOfShadows

    RPGmaker MZ | Performance Test & Check

    Help us to find out when and where the limits have been reached! The new RPGmaker MZ should have better performance ... then let's find out how good the performance really is. This test & check could be interesting for some and would be important for me personally. I want to know the limits...
  2. Galv

    Galv's Map Projectiles MZ

    Map Projectiles RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Shoot stuff on the map. Features Create projectiles that can interact with player and events using script calls. These projectiles can be fired from the player or an event and set to shoot in a direction, at a target or toward the...
  3. l8rose

    L8rose's MZ Edits

    RPGMaker MZ Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MZ. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MZ credits are required. Note: Spiderwebs aren't edited but free for use in the gravestone's cases. These are mostly just recolors made for the...
  4. umiya

    Set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily【MZPlugin】

    ・プラグイン名 UMI_SetDifficulty.js ・Function You can set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily by setting the magnification to the enemy parameter using the plug-in command. (Max HP, Maximum MP, Attack Power, Defense Power, Magic Power, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck, Experience, Possession) The...
  5. Galv

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    Message Busts RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Bust images over message boxes. Features This plugin can show a bust image based on the face image that was chosen in a ‘Show Text’ event command. Settings are included to choose where busts will display (busts can be set to show over...
  6. Galv

    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Message Styles RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Speech bubble message boxes. Features This plugin allows you to display messages above characters on the map like ‘speech bubbles’ to show which character is talking. These message pop-up windows will shift around to try and try to stay...
  7. [Usability/Feature] Hot take: no exit button by default is a usability issue worth fixing

    I know some will disagree with me on this, so I am introducing it as potential hot take: but I think no "Exit To Desktop" button on the title screen by default is a usability issue notable enough to be worth fixing in the core. Ok, so here is why: this is only less of an issue in practice...
  8. Galv

    Galv's Character Shadows MZ

    Character Shadows RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Shadows under characters on the map. Features This plugin allows you to add a simple shadow to events and player/follower characters on the map. Shadows can be specified via notetag in an event, or a comment on an event page if you...
  9. Speedvore

    [SOLVED] Fonts Not Loading Properly

    I'm having issues with fonts loading properly in MZ. I'm trying to use a custom font that worked in MV, but when I load it into MZ, it doesn't read my font and uses some alternative default font. Here's what I've done so far: The screenshot above shows: I copied the font name...
  10. RMMZ RPGMZ Window Base

    Hi guys. I'm new in RPG maker programming and I'm trying to create a name box. But I'm having some problems: First - I can't close the name box when the text box closed. (I'm trying myWindow.close() but the name box close immediately ) Second - I can't set text in the name box. I'm sorry...

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