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  1. GamesOfShadows

    [Solved] Picture on Map doesn't work like it should

    EDIT: I mixed it up a little... I don't found a bug, it's just does not work for pictures. I just need a plugin to fix the picture to the map. So you can do "show picture", X = Variable A, Y = Variable B. The name of the picture is "!test". With ! it should be stuck to the map... so If I do...
  2. RMMZ Required states

    Im looking for a plugin that makes a skill require a state to be used, for example if I want to use Burning Blade, the battler who uses it needs to be Burning before the skill can activate. Does anyone know any plugins that can preform this feat? Thank you in advance
  3. omnaeon

    scientist/chemistry teacher.

    I am in desperate need of a sprite with a lab coat to use as a male scientist/chemistry teacher, anyone know of any I can use for MZ?
  4. Adjust Character Image

    Hello! I am very new to RPG Maker. Trying to figure out how I adjust the character image size in my event. Thank you!
  5. Sarena

    [SOLVED] RMMZ Free Trial Error

    EDIT: I realized this is a duplicate of another post here after doing some digging. Mods, you can go ahead and remove my post. Hello, my friend is trying to download the free trial of RPG Maker MZ from here and it doesn't seem to be working. She's tried multiple email addresses and multiple...
  6. Bandito

    For people that bought Downtown Dungeon - Starter Kit by Malibu Darby, I have questions.

    Hi I have been trying to get in contact with this person, but I don't see how I can do that since he or she hasn't enabled the comments section in his products. So these question will be directed at MalibuDarby (if @PixelJustice is the moniker he uses here, he had this one on Twitter which he...
  7. ST0RMTiger

    Crafting Items - ItemCombineScene plugin modification

    This is my first thread, yeaay :) While playing around with the standard assets of my newly installed RPG Maker MZ, I noticed about ItemCombineScene plugin of Sasuke KANNAZUKI which comes with the maker itself and enables users to do some basic (but very nice!) crafting. I find this really...
  8. BlissAuthority

    Is there an easy way to reference 'raw" character stats, before equipment bonuses are added?

    Exactly as it says. For the purposes of some damage/healing formula, or to create "substats", I was wondering if there was an easy way to reference the raw value of a stat like A.Atk before equipment modifiers are considered, either in base MZ or using the free QoL plugins from VisuStella...
  9. GALV's CamControl plugin blurs paraLlax map when zoomed in.

    This is how I am setting up my parallax map: I've enabled the plugin and im using an event (trigger : parallel) in the map to constantly keep it running : This is the default zoom level and everything looks crisp (Note that the bottom left sprite is also part of the parallax and even...
  10. Shikashi

    MV/MZ Fantasy Icons Pack

    This is an icon pack with 229 unique icons and 55 recolours, with 284 icons in total. The spritesheet and 32x32 icon size were designed with RPG Maker MV in mind, but can be also used for MZ or any project that can use 32x32 sprites. There are several icon backgrounds to choose from, along with...
  11. MetalKing11417

    MetalKing's MV/MZ Battler template

    So these are some alternative sv battler sprite templates I have made. While there are a comparatively vast number of alternate map view sprites available, the same cannot be said for sideview battler sprites, especially those that can use the various interchangeable weapons in the stead of one...
  12. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Hi there! Welcome to the world of Eastwind! A beautiful island near the edge of this world and the next. The first demo is now available on Itch.io! Story Plagued by recurring monster invasions, the king of Eastwind has instituted the Eastwind Heroics, a grand tournament open to all...
  13. CG-Tespy

    Wouldn't MZ be Far Better with A More Modern Programming Workflow?

    MZ has been missing a lot of programmer workflow features, if not being very lacking in it (unit-testing, IDE support, and most basic of all, multi-file scripting support) that other engines have had for decades. Said multi-file scripting support has been around since before the mid-2000s, yet...
  14. RPG MAKER MZ Music problems

    The engine seems to downgrade the quality of any music that you put into your game, I have an Ogg file of a piece of music that i created, its 142 Kbps (decent audio bitrate) its sounds fine, but as soon as i put it in my RPG MAKER MZ project, its becomes squished, The Dynamic volumes is all off.
  15. How do I import a custom parallex background into MZ (I’m a mega noob)

    Ok so, I bought RPG Maker MZ a couple days ago and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have to make a mini demo-like game for an assignment, and I’ve drawn what I believe to be all of the necessary visuals I need, but I am clueless as how to put them into the game engine. I’ve tried finding...
  16. FxckBanshee

    RMMZ Change enemy sprite on damage

    Is there a way and/or plugin to change an enemy's sprite when taking damage, similar to how it is done in MapleStory. I'm working/planning on making a game, and I'd love to have a seperate sprite for enemies when they take damage to add an extra layer to attacks. Here's a preview from MapleStory:
  17. Razoraux

    (SOLVED) Problem with character event sprite

    Ok, so I downloaded a buch of free resources for characters. But some of them don't fit in the selection box. I'll show what I mean: This one here is a standart character that "fits" into the selection box. But some of the assests that I downloaded don't "fit": All sprites are 48x48. I...
  18. SamCherry

    Face/Head Sprites from MV

    Is there a resource for the head/face sprites from MV? Not the parts, but the base heads, I only have MZ and the heads are too big for anything from MV to fit and I need to use assets that probably won't be made for MZ for some time.
  19. MakerIniciante

    RMMZ Small change in plugin (RMZ – Weather EX)

    Hi. In the weather part there is the fogs of the make xp rpg, but the fog moves only for vertical (down) and horizontal (Right), is there any way to add the movement for vertical (up) and horizontal (Left)? Negative movement makes the fog stop moving. If you have someone who knows, with free...
  20. TrentL111

    Force Weapon to be Off-Hand only

    Hello everyone. I am using the Visustella Battle Core plugin. Is there any way to force certain weapons to be off-hand or main-hand weapons only while Dual Wielding, like having them unable to be equipped to the other?

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