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  1. NinjaChicle

    Item Age Sorting Script

    Item Age Sorting Script NinjaChicle Introduction This script pushes the most recent obtained item to the first index in the item list. Features - Works with weapons and armors too. - Compatibility with Hime's Instance Items script How to Use Paste script below Materials and start a new save in...
  2. Dragon Brother

    Running out of Steam.

    Greetings Forumites. As a long time user of The Steam version of RPGmaker, I was disappointed to find out My Win7 will no longer be supported by Steam, while this has not been a complete disheartening blow as many of My Games and programs do not rely on Steam to function however I use it for...
  3. TheOFCMedia

    RMVXA Clout Chaser - A Monster Tamer RPG

    CLOUT CHASER SECTION A: SYNOPSIS This story takes place in a mostly peaceful yet still dystopian world and follows the journey of a young boy who decides to work for a company named FAAFO Corp. The acronym FAAFO is not the same as the popular explicit slang phrase in America. Getting hired...
  4. ElMenda

    help with healing spell

    I want to make a mechanic that when the player has less than 75%, no matter what spell you select, it will be always the healing spell, I don't know how to make a script to make that happen, can someone help?
  5. m3k411

    How to make it when one status ends, another does too?

    Hello, I'm a newbie experimenting with Rpg Maker VX ACE and want to make "Restraining hold" skill that inflicts paralysis, but also paralyzes the user for a few turns, when enough damage is dealt to the user (not the target) or enough turns have elapsed, the status ends and the target's status...
  6. Telemindred

    In need of sprites, battlers and tilesets

    Resource Type: Character, Monster and Animal Sprites. Monster Battlers. More Tilesets. Maker Format: RPGVX Ace Makers I Own: RPGVX Ace Art Style: Ace's art style as a base, but with an original flare to it. Description: I'm in need of certain sprites, battlers and tilesets. The base style I...
  7. BrickleYourFrickle

    [Solved] Can I make the game use Up + Down as well as Left + Right in battle?

    In battle you use the Left and Right arrow keys to select an enemy to be targeted. However, due to the way the game organizes enemies, the letter suffixes don't align with the order in which you target them. In battle, I have my enemies organized based on an invisible grid. Like so: The...
  8. Telemindred

    How do I clear inventory?

    I'm trying to set up the game so that instead of "game over" when they die, they return to the beginning again, losing their skills, level ups, but also all their inventory items, weapons and armors. I tried to set up a common event where it removes every item but the problem is there are so...
  9. missdessire

    RMVXA Resident Evil 1 Demake - CO-OP Experience

    Hello everybody! My name is Gabriel, aka Miss Dessire, and I am behind the development of Resident Evil VX: The CO-OP Experience. This is a project I've been working on for a very very long time, I'd dare to say years, because I didn't have the knowledge I needed to work on this the way I...
  10. missdessire

    In Need of POP! Artist for Resident Evil 1 Demake

    Hello! My name is Gabriel aka Miss Dessire I am sorry in advance for my English level, I am currently working with a friend on releasing Resident Evil 1 Demake on VX ACE. The game is going to be a full campaign of the classic Resident Evil 1 from PSX, it is going to be for two players and it's...
  11. Victor Active Time Battle system bug

    Ok, so I set the 'VE_ATB_ESCAPE_TYPE' as key, and for some reason, when I press L and R (Q and W) while in battle to test out the running away being set as key, this error appears. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've seen some people get this error and they haven't found a solution.
  12. PoniMeiMei

    unlock image gallary script for title menu after finishing game ?

    hi, im new as you can see, in my game i want to have the player unlock a image gallary at the end of the game, and i cant seem to find a working script for what i need. if anyone has a script or link to one id be greatful. please tell me if i posted this in the wrong place, thank you!
  13. Aslanemperor

    How to show credits during gameplay

    Tutorial topic: How to show credits during gameplay. Brief description: Have you ever watched a movie and seen how the credits pop up as the opening action scene plays out? People are talking, fighting, doing all the movie things, but the credits appear and vanish along the way without...
  14. Elyswer

    [2D RPG] Fabrication - Now Available on Steam!

    Fabrication - Ver 1.0.0 Engine: RPG Maker VXAce Fabrication is a story-rich turn-based RPG. In an effort to uncover the truth behind their recent schemes, a rebellion rises against the ruling authority known as the Government. You will play as four individuals drawn by this common goal...
  15. ScytheX

    can anyone revive KMS Generic Gauge Compatibility Patches?

    hi i was wondering if anyone if your not busy and/or interested could you remake the old patches that Mr. Bubble use to have. you can't get them anymore because they site that they where on died ages ago. so only the original remains, so could someone restore the patches or atleast a few...
  16. mikey1393drago

    Can't figure out this event transfer idea I have

    Hey guys. I haven't been on this forum for a really long time, and recently I went back to my RPGMaker VX Ace game project. It is an event transfer, that I can't seem to figure out how to activate automatically. Every thing I tried, the event just didn't work how I wanted it. It works with the...
  17. Telemindred

    Help with attack skills

    So I've been messing around with the damage formulas for a bit, but I still don't fully understand them. I tried doing basic stuff in order to create an attack that I could predict the damage of as the developer (even created test characters and monsters with specific attack stats that I could...
  18. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    "The magical world, Krajina...The four ancient kingdoms of world strongest races... fighting each other to rule the universe... Love and hate, courage and sacrifice, fear and pain... Who goes to rule the world for peace? Final Fantasy Golden Stories!" Final Fantasy Golden Stories Ace is a...
  19. Robert Trent

    MP Absorb Attack for Weapon Type

    Hi there everyone. I was trying to make certain types of weapon able to absorb/gain MP everytime their physical attack successfully hit the target, pretty much in the same fashion of Dragon Quest XI, where mage weapons can absorb MP in the same way. I was wondering if you got any idea or...

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