rpgmaker vx

  1. SleepingThoughWalls

    Is There A Way To Make On Screen Effects?

    I'm trying to make a snow region in my project on vx and i was wondering if there is a way to create them like in the image? thanks
  2. tomoki

    parallax mapping

    Does anyone have the Yanfly or Hanzo Kimuras scripts with demos or instructions? I used to have it and then it got lost.
  3. Ixfuru

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    By: Ixfuru Current Version: 0.84 Last Update: 11/17/2019 Original Post: 11/25/2016 Start of Creation: 2000 (TableTop), 2012 (Coded) Current PlayTime: 15-100 hours VIDEO PREVIEW OF THE LATEST VERSION GAME SYNOPSIS WORLD CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS Version 0.84...
  4. Ixfuru

    World Circuit Boxing 1.5.5

    Created with RPGMAKER VX VERSION 1.5.5 GET YOUR COPY HERE: INTRODUCTION I just wanted to let you know that I realize this is not your average RPGMaker game. Also, that there is no typical storyline/battle/storyline deal with it. I actually thought hard about not posting...
  5. Redzooeny

    Projects from RPGmaker VX into RPGmaker VX Ace?

    I have a question about RPGmaker VX and VX Ace. I have RPGmaker VX and I have ordered RPGmaker VX Ace, and I want to know if there is any way to get a project from VX into VX Ace so I can carry on working on it in a more advanced program. Please help and answer soon, Redzooeny
  6. How can I create this kind of Attack?

    How can I make my own attack which deals damage AND decreases the users Defense? If I want to deal damage on the enemie I have to switch the Attack to 'One Enemie' but If I want to decrease the defense of the user of the attack I have to switch it on 'User' How can I switch it, that it will...
  7. nightterrorz

    Why do you use Rpgmaker?

    Im curious, why do you make games with rpgmaker? For fun? Do you eventually want to pursue a career in making video games? Do you already get paid to make games with rpgmaker? How far do you plan on going with making games on rpgmaker? Tell me something!

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