1. sheeshkebab1812

    How would I create a move that deals bonus damage to enemies who are underground (can't be hit)

    I want to create a move similar to the move dig from Pokémon. The Pokémon takes 1 turn to dig into the ground where it will evade all attacks; However certain moves will do additional damage to enemies that are under the ground. How would I go about having specific skills that are able to hit...
  2. marino13

    Title Screen mechanics

    Hey all, I'm quite deep into an ambitious project I've been working on for the past 6 months and I'm close to demo release. I'm just curious on whether people have any experience with "playable" title screens. My title screen will be "playable" in a sense as a "meta" area to the game, without...
  3. Broliant112

    Customize Main Menu

    (Note: I'm unaware if I'm posting in the correct category, so I apologize if it is incorrect.) I've been looking for quite some time and I don't see any VX Ace plugins that allow main menu customization. If someone could point me toward one this would greatly help.
  4. Rpics

    RMMZ Crusade of Deitra

    Get ready to face the lands of Deitra. Choose your class and fight to change your destiny. There is something strange about you, everyone fears you and many believe in you behind that innocent face is a demon who wants control, free him. Enter the immense lands of Deitra, face dungeons and...
  5. Tsunar

    Weapon Sprite Position

    You know the weapon that appears when your character attacks in side view? well Im using taller sprites and I still want to use that. Is there a way to change the X and Y of that sprite to fit the taller sprites?
  6. Faye Valentine

    RMMV Faded Blue (IGMC 2022 Entry)

    Download from Itch.IO NOW! There exists a distant world in a different time where the sun and the moon stopped fighting for the skies, forever altering the rules. No days or nights, no life or death, but perpetual reincarnation. And there lives Juno, a clueless and carefree girl who tries...
  7. Need input of basic features for my game

    Hello members, could you help me please to give me some input/inspiration of basic features for ma game? Thank you. Genre: Fantasy, JRPG, 2D, Old School.
  8. Which style do you like and why?

    A: B:
  9. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Issue with Irina visual Novel and SRD_TItleMapBackground.

    I found a hacky solution to this, but I know there has to be a better one. On the title screen I have the SRD have the title screen be a map. I then load an image scroll it and stop it. After the event is running I get an issue with the visual novel (VN) plugin. I'm getting the error...
  10. Best social media for gamedev?

    Best social media for gamedev?
  11. [VXAce] Add Flee to Actor Battle Command And Remove Party Commands

    Hello members, could you help me please to: Add Flee to Actor Battle Command And Remove Party Commands Thank you! Note: I use default battle system I use Yanfly Core Engine
  12. What type of rpg maker game will you play?

    Hello, i need some input, ideas, inspiration, feedback, or opinion. I wanna make a game, but i confused what type of game that markets want? What is the type of rpg maker game will you play or buy? RTP game? Horror puzzle with anime char? Game have played by youtuber? game with original...
  13. Why do people make a good game for free?

    Give me some real and honest explanation why do people make a good game just for free? Why the people do that? What their orientation and motivation? I ask this because i wanna make a game, a dark fantasy game for free too. Why i give it for free? Because i use many music with legal license...
  14. [For pixel/tileset artist] I need tips/advice about my tileset

    Hello, could you help me please to give me advice/tips to make this example tile become different/unique. I use Photoshop CS2. Right now, i wanna edit the rtp, so my 'game enviroment' more different and less boring lol. I don't have enough money to pay tileset artist to make tileset pack, so i...
  15. BlueMoonCorp

    RMMV Force actor switch in battle.

    I'm hoping this is the correct place to put this. I already have the yanfly party switch plugin and am able to switch party members in battle. However, I would like to make a battle where an additional party member will come to the rescue mid battle. Is there any way to force one of the actors...
  16. Help! Need House Template Design For 17x13

    Hello, could you help me please about Mapping? I'm so bad at it. Just give me a standart/simple design of interior house in 17x13 size. Thank you!
  17. If i remove EVA and CRIT on Class Feature

    Hello, i wanna ask something. If i remove EVA and CRIT ex-Para on Class Feature, the actor still can doing critical and evade from LUK and AGI? Thank you.
  18. Silent or Talkative Party?

    Hello again, i need advice/inspiration/explanation for my game. In the first time i try to design my game, i use dialogue for my protagonist, for the party. I write and read it. It's cool i thought lol. (like FF 2+) But, after that, i thought i want the player can have more little 'belonging...
  19. Equip or Upgrade System for Weapon?

    I need input/advice/inspiration to my classic JRPG game. Which is better? Equip or Upgrade system for actor weapon? Could you give me some explanation? Thank you!
  20. Ton of Features or Ton of Resources?

    What will you choose? RPG Maker Engine with ton of features or resources?

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