1. BlueMoonCorp

    RMMV Force actor switch in battle.

    I'm hoping this is the correct place to put this. I already have the yanfly party switch plugin and am able to switch party members in battle. However, I would like to make a battle where an additional party member will come to the rescue mid battle. Is there any way to force one of the actors...
  2. Help! Need House Template Design For 17x13

    Hello, could you help me please about Mapping? I'm so bad at it. Just give me a standart/simple design of interior house in 17x13 size. Thank you!
  3. If i remove EVA and CRIT on Class Feature

    Hello, i wanna ask something. If i remove EVA and CRIT ex-Para on Class Feature, the actor still can doing critical and evade from LUK and AGI? Thank you.
  4. Silent or Talkative Party?

    Hello again, i need advice/inspiration/explanation for my game. In the first time i try to design my game, i use dialogue for my protagonist, for the party. I write and read it. It's cool i thought lol. (like FF 2+) But, after that, i thought i want the player can have more little 'belonging...
  5. Equip or Upgrade System for Weapon?

    I need input/advice/inspiration to my classic JRPG game. Which is better? Equip or Upgrade system for actor weapon? Could you give me some explanation? Thank you!
  6. Ton of Features or Ton of Resources?

    What will you choose? RPG Maker Engine with ton of features or resources?
  7. RedRose190

    RMXP Your character in my game (too) !

    Hello! I was thinking of npc to create for my game when i saw kirri's post that he wanted us to give him in summary, ideas for characters! and i loved the idea!!! So i am borrowing Kirri's idea from this post and What i want from you is, to give me a description of a character to be part of my...
  8. Enemy encounter by Region ID

    Hello, i wanna ask something about enemy region. If i want specific enemy in specific region, i must fill every moveable tiles on that region with specific ID? Thank you.
  9. Dr_Applemango

    Resources request

    Resource Type: characterset , battler , Standing Maker Format: MZ Art Style: characterset ,Battler = Taller Standing = your styles Description: Five characters are all hero Reference Images: My characters
  10. Do you think horror genre must always use blood/gore in enviroment/mapping?

    Hello RM Members, For now, i have made a horror game project with rpg maker. And i little doubtful if i must use blood tileset in map. What do you think of blood in horror game? That's make you more scared or not? Thank you
  11. Dr_Applemango

    i want to make my Kingdom hearts Fangame

    i want to make kingdom hearts Fangame named "kingdom hearts forgotten Melodies" because i love KH series. in this game i didn't come up with story.. but this game has my OC (KH version)so i am planning to make KH Fangame
  12. Aliens in RPGMaker Horror

    While I've been watching a few playthroughs of some iconic RPGMaker horror games like The Witch's House, Misao and Mad Father and watching some analysis vids of RPGMaker horror games, I'm baffled that there aren't any RPGMaker horror games about aliens and alien abductions.
  13. SpaceSyncYT

    How to change the desktop wallpaper

    Hey is there like a script or plugin that lets you alter the players wallpaper temporarily? In one shot there is a puzzle where the player has to input a code and the code appears on their desktop wallpaper
  14. Juanita Star

    Looking for a Yukata for a FSM sprite

    Hi there. I’m wondering if someone could help me with a piece of clothing for First Seem Material Sprite. A traditional Yukata for a male character. The character is commissioned for a piece still in the works, so I can’t post it, but it was made using this template: I would love for a...
  15. BerryB

    Super Berry RPG Maker Turn Based Jam 2021-2022

    This RPG Maker jam is not for beginners, your rewards are only free art commissions and participants who can make a fitting themed game will get consolation prizes in the form of free cover art of your product. But be prepared, a high level of following the criteria is required. RTP-generated...
  16. gif

    [Super Retro World] General thread

    Hello :) I'm looking for a forum to discuss about my game asset collection : Super Retro World (link to the RMW store and link to free pack on itch.io). For those who are not yet familiar with it, I draw tiles like this (mainly for RPG Maker users, as I am one myself) : I have no idea if I...
  17. Gabrelik

    RMMV Haven's Embers

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the official forum page for the maiden project of Charred Fur Studios, "Haven's Embers"! I've been around the community for quite awhile now, and while I've participated in (and started entirely too many unfinished projects to count), I have yet to complete a full...
  18. ovate

    RPG Maker PC game controls (MV, VX Ace/VX, XP, 2003, 2000)

    Compilation of RPG Maker PC default game controls and functions referenced from their respective manual. Features images of html tables. Numeric keypad picture doesn't count. MV - Playing Your Game https://rmmv.neocities.org/page/01_06.html As a standard, controlling games created with this...
  19. desertbriar

    Eventing Respawning Foraging Nodes and Enemies Using Script Calls

    Hello! In this tutorial we will be using events to represent on-map enemy encounters and foraging/mining nodes, turning on their self switch after the event executes, then call a common event at some point (like using an inn) to reset the self switches for those events on their map to allow them...
  20. Soulrender

    Soulrender's Extended Skill Damage Formulas

    This plugin does nothing more than extend text field from database to use longer damage formulas. It might be very helpful when you try to adjust damage of your skills while default text box in RPG Maker MV is to small for using advanced formulas. Terms of use: Free for all commercial and...

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