1. ProSuperKewl

    *Krizzirk joins the party*

    Hi wonderfolks! Krizzirk here, pleased to be acquainted with ye. I believe that in appreciation of any positive relationships, and in learning things, we can approach them from various angles. As such, I believe that all things are possible to be understood. I regard the meaning of...
  2. Hollow 1977


    I just had an incident where I nearly hit a pedestrian who was daring to cross the street. I was inches from hitting him. It's amazing to me how risky some people can be. Is it really worth it to try to jaywalk thru traffic. This street also has a number of crosswalks. Push a button, wait for...
  3. What RPG Maker i should choose?

    Hello, I want to start my adventure with RPG Maker and problem is that I don't know what RPG Maker I should choose. I wanna Maker that is easy to learn and comfortable to use. Thank you :))
  4. Odd Positioning on Side-View Fighting Screen.

    Hello, all. I just recently purchased RPG Maker MV (Mostly entirely for the fullscreen functionality, although I am impressed by how easy the character creator is to work with compared to RPG Maker VX ACE) and decided to fiddle about with some settings before actually getting into seriously...
  5. DerKIAS

    RMVXA ~The Seventh Warrior~

    I hope I could wake your interest and you like what you see :D I really appreciate any support I can get to make this game a reality! :rock-right: DerKIAS
  6. Galv's Event Spawn Timers Help!

    I'm just trying to have a timer go off, but it wont happen ;_; As far as I know the syntax is correct! Any ideas?
  7. MaxDracyre

    I need help creating a Job Points Skill Shop (RPG Maker MV)

    I was trying to make Yanfly's Job Points (+Learn Skills) system work with the Skill Shop plugin in an Event. Is there any way I can do this? If not, is there an alternative? I'm surprised after a lot of digging that not many people have had trouble doing this like I have.
  8. NickFox2005

    RMMV Hunter Brother's

    Hunter Brother's is a horror adventure game about the failure who is trying to save the girl from the killers in a locked space. Hunter Brother's is contains nightmare sequences of the main character and some choices during the dialogue, game also provides flashing lights, blood, intense music...
  9. Vaschak

    Scared of copyright

    Hey fellas, I've been working on a game for me and a group of mutuals on discord, the game is centered about me and those guys and i had a lot of fun working on it, but as i was working on it i realized that what i been doing could get me in trouble, you see the pictures i used for characters...
  10. Hollow 1977

    Thanksgiving in May

    With all the negativity, politics, and sad news I thought it would be a good time recollect on what we are thankful for. I will start: First off I am thankful for my family. We are all healthy and happy. Also the condo I live in and my being able to work. I have a serious anxiety condition that...
  11. Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello all, I have a bit of a predicament. I am trying to make a puzzle game where the player shoots fire, and I'm using the plugin Galv's Map Projectiles to accomplish this, and although I almost have it doing what I want, the issue right now is it takes more than one press of the enter button...
  12. Demonbane

    Check out Temmie's new game is made with rpgmaker mv :D

    I'm surprised temmie (animator and illustrator of undertale) made a game using rpgmaker mv. It's just a simple game with custom tilesets, movie cutscenes and some illustrations. Temmie used very few plugins, I guess she was still new to rpgmaker and the game was made 5-6 months (as she said on...
  13. SoSick.

    Cover skill

    hey I’m looking to see if it’s possible to make two types of cover skill’s, One that covers magical attacks and the other physical..so once the player has selected magical cover they will cover all magic damage recived to the party for a few turns, same as the physical..I know MV has the built...
  14. Diarist

    What's everyone's work process like?

    I had this thought buzzing around in my head the other day and only just now got around to making a thread about it. Basically, if the title was worded awkwardly; what's your general order of operations? Do you start by making a world map? Do you make maps as the story progresses or do you plan...
  15. SoSick.

    Requesting Shop Scene Background Image

    Hi i would love to be able to use a background image and set opacity of the windows to 0 in the shop scene. I wonder if this is possible? i have seen some shop graphic plugins but i dont need that amount of customization. Thanks to anyone that responds! :)
  16. Parallax Panda

    So I want an overlay image on a looping map...

    What the title says. I have a horizontally looping map and I want to use an image as a overlay (for shadows and such). Up until recently I've been using Galv's "LayersGraphics" plugin but I don't think he supports it anymore and it can't handle looping maps right now anyway. Any other...
  17. Sideview Battle Sprites are Invisible

    I don't know why the sprites are invisible in side battle. Both the actors and the enemies are invisible. Sideview battle is ticked, and I can see the sprites in the system. Perhaps it is one of my plugins that is causing the problem?
  18. DjKniteX

    My Switches to get NPCs to disapepar when you leave the room isn't working

    I set a general switch for the NPCs in a room and made a 2nd event page where it's empty. The first page for those npcs have the switches on. Now I have it on my transfer (for when I leave the room) to turn the switches off but that doesn't seem to be working. After I talk to the NPCs they...
  19. ColdAsSnow

    The Sea Between (Version 1.0.0)

    https://theseabetween.itch.io/the-sea-between Price:$4.99 SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DEMO WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA
  20. Parallax Panda

    Narration in dialogue - yay or nay?

    Let’s consider the pros and cons of not limiting the dialogue to just speech but also including a narrators voice. It’s rarely if ever done within the JRPG genre, which to be fair, we’re all making games based on. For this very reason I’m thinking that it might not fit well into your typical RM...

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