1. Goten

    RMVXA Sasuke Story'S

    Hey all the world! Today i will present you my project , a project of a life. It called Sasuke Story's and it's based on the animed Naruto Shippuden but we control sasuke in an alternative story out of the series plot. When the story passes Sasuke to already kill itachi and join the akatsuki...
  2. BurgerMasterMan

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I apologize foe posting on the forums so much but I believe this may be the end of it if there isn't a fix to this. Last night, I was working on my game and everything was fine. I close it out like normal and open it the next day only only for the game to not be able to read my "game" file...
  3. keyMapper and onclick help

    I would like to start by saying I am not only new to javascript but also RPG Maker so I am still learning everything. (purchased during the summer sale) I am using RPG Maker MV and I was hoping to change some default settings. The first thing I wanted to do was make WASD the default movement...
  4. Kentaro_

    Kouske's MV Edits and Stuff

    Hello, I make some Edits from RTP. This is my first time, to use a graphic program :o Terms: Free to use for any Projects. Please Credit "Kouske" or "Kentaro" Edits also free to use with the RPG Maker MV. Credits goes to Enterbrain/Kadokawa -Kouske
  5. Clockwarkgate

    RMVX HFF SKY (one map challenge)

    ~Hope's Fleet Frontier SKY~ GENRE: -Survival, Adventure, Board game -Estimated game play = 30 minutes -Expect lots of grammar errors! OVERVIEW: SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS: LINK HERE: :kaopride: UPDATED! https://mega.nz/#!Hw0lyLLC!0xTx5tjrPNVHWURgx-9TGUyA-1ml8SqUqitNnIK0X0Y CHANGE LOG...
  6. Frankster300

    What does RPG Maker own when it comes to your content? (Dev Input?)

    Note: I'm using "RPG Maker" as the general term for the company that owns this website. I dont know the real company (companies?) that own this website, but i am referencing them when it comes to saying RPG Maker. So as a child of two parents who went to law school... i find this in the terms...
  7. How do you start a game?

    What i mean by the title is this: When you begin a game, after you're certain of the basic themes and the gist of the plot of the game, do you begin immediately implementing the game mechanics such as the battle and/or crafting systems? Do you make all of your maps first before adding events and...
  8. eat beans

    How do you put an Event on top of a star tile?

    By star tile, I mean the tiles that you walk underneath in the overworld. Is there a way to put a NPC on top of one of those. In my case, I want to put the NPC on top of a building, but have the player walk underneath the tiles that the NPC is standing on.
  9. Caresse

    D: I need help! Making a multiples cutscenes! (I'm new to RPG maker)

    D: I need help! Making a multiples cutscenes! and animation technical issues~ I want to create a cutscene in my way. So, I look every corner of tutorial in youtube and threads in here. Some are helpful but not enough. I want my cut scene to look like this: * 1 cut scene of showing a cutscene...
  10. RMMV The Devil's Womb - Italian RPG Horror Game

  11. EmmaB

    Battle end when a party member loses

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, so I hope I've placed this thread in the right place. I am trying to make a game for the RPG birthday event, but I've run into a problem. I am wanting to make it that, if any of your party members lose in battle, it ends the game (game over). Any ideas as to...
  12. Clockwarkgate

    Character Cameos from other's series

    With evil intentions and legit consent. I was thinking of asking other rpg maker developers to feature one of their characters to appear as "Summon" in my game. No dialog and its non-canon. With all credits to respective owners, and NO i will make my own sprite and artwork to match the game's...
  13. Hollow 1977

    VR Gaming

    VR's been out for a couple of years and looks interesting but I ask you all here. Is it worth the price? Which VR system is your favorite? Could rpgmaker titles end like this in the future? Which games do best in VR?
  14. Changing party members' max HP outside of battle

    EDIT: I just realized that this whole issue stemmed from a really big dumb moment I had. I didn't even realize that changing the parameter was actually increasing the Max HP, not decreasing it. Sometimes I have these moments that make me question my brain pattern. The advice about changing the...
  15. Archeia

    Event RPG Maker 28th Birthday : Release Something Event

    Beautiful Banner Art by @marimo RPG Maker Net's Event Page ReStaff Release Page It's RPG Maker's birthday and you're invited to join in the celebration! Both RMN and RMW are hosting a dual event that is known in both communities - a Release Something event! The aim is to release a game -...
  16. eat beans

    Playtest Stuck on Black

    So today when I go to launch my game's playtest, it just gets stuck on a blank black screen. I haven't changed anything from yesterday, and it worked fine then. I have tried restarting my computer/steam and nothing has worked. Why is this happening?
  17. SinSilver

    RMMV Generation SIN

    SIN Silver is a former assassin who has tried to put his past behind him, even going so far as to fake his own death in order to escape the path in life he was always destined for. For almost 1 year he lived peacefully in Sanctum City but soon after meeting a mysterious girl in trouble, he finds...
  18. KanaX

    Spriter Plugin

    Spriter Plugin v.1.3.5 KanaX Introduction Allows user to utilize Spriter Pro save files and sprite parts for Skeletal Animations Features Using Spriter, it is easy to create functional, fluid, expressive animations with sprite parts, without needing to create large numbers of sprite sheets...
  19. How to Install the "redis" on RMMV

    The redis: https://redis.io/ Before starting: I'm South Korean, it's mean... i don't use English well. and please understand when i use English silly Original article: http://avangs.info/study_rpg_mv/1682432 First of all, i just test at "window 10", "RMMV 1.5.2", "redis 2.8.0", "redis-server...
  20. Ahmed_SH

    How do I make customized non-generic puzzles?

    Greetings everyone. Now this might seem like a vague question but I'm looking for your guidance what I want is to make a custom puzzle that is programmable and somewhat different to the generic push buttons, pull levers, enter numbers puzzles This feature I saw quite heavily in both RM2k3 and...

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