1. Phoenixsylph

    GAME won't load after font changed?!!!

    Just so everyone knows, this error is actually caused by the font and you have to change it back to the normal one. Idk what is up with this glitch but I guess I will have to use default font until I figure out why it does that? Below is the issue I was having, hoping this helps anyone that...
  2. dangerousbob


    Hey everyone! Those of you that have played my games know that I love political satire, and now I bring you something new! Introducing Mr President, the game where you get to make your own nation! I wanted to make a game like Sim City that was more topical. ---- Engine: MV Playtime: 1 hour (with...
  3. thunderswagthe3rd

    RMVXA Goldbears great adventure

    wat up bro's its yahboi thunder/cool and i finally done with my first game ever. ( well i had a test version on steam but it yeah, it is buggy tbh) SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT if you liked the game share it with your friends...
  4. ScytheX

    need help with making OGG/looping music

    Resource Type: Music/OGG Maker Format: i'm using Ace but i guess it could be considered for all game formats Description: i'm working on making OGG files for looping songs. i know how to do them and i can but i'm kind of bad at it and need a little help. i have a hard time trying to fine loop...
  5. Fireworker

    RMMV Osagai [Zeldalike Deckbuilder] *Updated Sep 22nd*

    Inspired by classic games such as the GBC era Legend of Zelda games as well as my deep love of collectible card games, OSAGAI merges both genres into a love letter to those two genres. Take on the role of three champions summoned to the Isle of Auldrin. With an arsenal of weapons, spells...
  6. [TRICKY] Need help with Pokèmon evolution system

    Okay, I'm going to try, the best as I can to explain this one. I want to make certain pokemon (actors) evolve, change their appearance, and classes. I have an actor and class for each Pokemon. I have 2 methods for this, but none of them work due to the things I'm about to explain. (lets use...
  7. Faye Valentine

    [OPEN] Black Coffee Music Workshop

    Welcome to Black Coffee Music Workshop! We've got a new addition to our team, an awesome musician, composer and arranger called Jesús Ximenez. He plays mainly violin and mandolin, but he has a wide knowledge and experience on music, as he's graduated from the conservatory (12+ years). He has...
  8. Stanley

    Farewell for now hopefully not forever

    I know not many will care but I'm just gonna drop this here. I am Jack by name(a childhood nickname given to me by my parents) and Jack by trades. My creative endeavours revolve around writing, drawing, guitar and coding, presently at beginner's level. However, I've decided to drop drawing...
  9. goddialga

    Angel & Demon's Pictures + Emotions

    [Temporarily Closed] I already have the design. But, the previous artist was too busy to finish the work. So, I'd like some help for the picture. Resource Type: Character Pictures + Emotions (From head to thigh) Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Japanese.. Manga.. Your own drawing.. Visual novel...
  10. RavenBlueIndigo

    MOGHunter's Picture Effects Script

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make this script not mess up every single picture? I really want to use it for one of the effects it has but it tears apart my picture HUD.
  11. Kino

    Node.js Making Directories

    Introduction Continuing from our second post on Node.js, we're going to make directories to properly store and hold files. You might think this isn't important, but let's talk about the benefits. The Benefits The benefits of making directories or folders are that you can organize files and...
  12. JustAColdKid

    What would you suggest doing better for events and maps that take up the most space in your project?

    Hello RPGMV community my name is justice and I was wondering how I can free up more space on my rpg maker mv events and maps as well as my project entirely. Any suggestion? Are there more organised ways of doing events?
  13. SuperFlashGamer

    Modern Life

    Is it possible to make a game in rpg maker without fight? Like, it just a story gameplay of modern life.
  14. Gabrelik

    In learning to create resources, is it better to focus, or embrace everything?

    Hi! So, lately I've been having tons of fun creating resources both on the Request thread, and in commission form. While I've been learning so much, it occurred to me that it might be better to focus on just one particular resource specialty and learn to excel in it. After all, there are so...
  15. SuperB1996

    I'm Trying To Port My Games To Android But Keep Getting Errors...

    Hey guys, in a months time i'm going to be releasing my first full RPG game created in RPG Maker MV and it is going to release for both PC and Android. The PC version is working fine, no issues with it what so ever, however when it comes to Android version, I'm having nothing but problems...
  16. Kuroshii

    RMVXA Harus (DEMO)

    Hello guys! I'm Brazilian and I have a project in progress. Currently it is in DEMO version and I decided to create an English version of the game. I apologize in advance because I'm not good in English :guffaw: History There is a parallel world, it is called Harus. Harus is composed of two...
  17. Nadeem Wali

    Events based on time in-game!

    So, I've started this project and I've just a added and Adventurers Guild. I've set it up so that when the player enters the guild base and talks to the GM (Guild Master) he will tell him about the guild. Then I added show choices if they want to join and if yes then it starts a timer and gives...
  18. Hollow 1977

    Favorite Rpgmaker

    With the birth of so many different rpgmakers it is difficult to decide which one to with although most would probably agree with MV due new scripts being released and it seems to have so some nice features. But how does it compare to the previous ones. Which rpgmaker are you using to create...
  19. Val

    Player to change the FONT of the game in the Options Menu?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone know a plugin that can give the player the option to select between different FONT for the text of his game? What I would like is to give an Option Menu with the Parameter Font and the player could scroll in this list to change the FONT of all...
  20. Fernyfer775

    Altering a few things in Alt. Menu Plugin

    Hey all. I am using this plugin for my menu: http://sumrndm.site/ams-kingdom-hearts/ I was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out here a little. As of right now, this menu is ALMOST perfect for my tastes, except for a few things. The 1st pic is how the menu looks with the linked...

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