1. The007who

    Community resources used out RPG Maker

    HI! I've been wandering... I know this is kinda of a weird question but I'm going to ask anyway... Can I use community resources with NON-Rpg maker software? Stuff like sprites, tilesets, etc. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, I couldn't really tell where I should have posted...
  2. My friend is incompetent

    me and my best friend crystal have been working on video games using rpg maker vx ace. we plan to sell the games on steam. however she has proven to be very incompetent. she is creative and a good game designer but she is lazy and has no ambition and always goes afk (away from keyboard") when we...
  3. Horror Menu request

    Hello there! i am making and Rpgmaker mystery based horror game and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where to find any menus that look like this i have used Horror menu customizer but the menu obstructs the view of players so i was wondering if anyone could...
  4. somenick

    How many people here use or know about Bitcoin?

    Hello! Just out of pure curiosity, how many of you here use or know about Bitcoin?   I got into it (a bit as a hobby) in early 2014.  How about DogeCoin? (an alt-coin that can be exchanged for bitcoin).  Just wondered if this subject is widely known within the RPG Maker community, nothing more.  :)
  5. somenick

    RPGMaker MV Mac OS

    Does RPG Maker MV work with Mac OS yet? Or do I need to use Steam version?  I tried getting it on Steam but only option it gives me is to "Buy", even though I already have an RPG Maker MV key (initially bought here for Windows over a year ago).
  6. How can I transfer players without using tons of events?

    I want to have large outdoor spaces where the player can walk to one edge of the map and it will transfer them to the next map. I also don't want to have to put an event on every single transfer tile. I found this:  Could someone explain it in the context that I am a noob?
  7. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    Where can I find retro tilesets?

    To be specific: 8/16-bit versions of the RPGMaker MV Original Tilesets. If you can find one, please leave a link to it.
  8. Haven Frost

    Claptrap sprites

    Here are 2 Claptrap designs I made, The yellow one is "CL4P-TP" and the red one is "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap". I made them myself so please add me into your credits if you use them for commercial games. I am making there face grapics and more Claptrap sprites to add to my Claptrap...
  9. Benja

    A problem with Jet's APPDATA saving script!

    Hi there! So recently, I've received a complaint from a person who played my game! They are from russia, and are having some trouble with the game, and i have pinpointed the error to jet's appdata saving script, which claims to be compatible with non english characters. This is the...
  10. Cheah Hsun Teik

    list of variable , object/class and function/method to help in plugin creation

    list of  variable , object/class and function/method that is present in the rpgmaker mv js files and in JavaScript itself. Is it possible to list it all for me here? if not,how and where do I find them(full list)?
  11. Cheah Hsun Teik

    plugin vs update

    Why do rpgmaker MV developer need to create updates for their program when plugin is faster,easier and funner to use.what is the difference?
  12. Cheah Hsun Teik

    can i use multiple engine plugin in a project?

    Can I use different engine plugin(yanfly,Luna,victor,etc) in one project? What sequence do I need to install the plugin in the plugin list or it can be installed anywhere in the plugin list?(only yanfly plugin teach you where to put each plugin in the list,the others don't)
  13. Haven Frost

    Efficieny Help(RMVX)

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the right spot but I have no clue what I should set the efficiency stats to for certain monsters. I understand it is a grade system and what not I just don't understand which I am suppose to choose. For example... Say I have a monster that is fire based and I...
  14. Benja

    Is there any way to actually MOVE the game window?

    Alright, so I am creating a horror game in rpg maker that breaks the fourth wall to spook you I have already found a way to resize the window, but I am looking for a way to actually MOVE it. For example let's say the screen was in the center of the desktop, then something spooky happened and...
  15. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker Helpful tools

    Hi, I was given a useful site that has loads of helpful stuff for XP, VX, VX Ace & MV. I do request you give the person and/or people that made these the credit for there work. Thank-you for your time everyone. vvv LINK vvv https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/scripts/ ^^^ LINK ^^^
  16. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker VX(Battle Menu Help)

    Hi, I am currently stuck in a bind. I am trying to change my battle menu. You know the little selection screen while you are in the middle of battle. I can't find a script nor video to do so. Please help if you are able to. I surfed all over Google and Youtube for a bit of help and all I can...
  17. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker VX Battle Background help please

    Hi, I am new to battle back ground stuff, I have everything running smoothly so far for a game I am working on accept I don't like the preset back ground the start you off with. The blurred image with the swirling animation is to plain and simple to me. I was wondering if anyone could help me...
  18. Cheah Hsun Teik

    how to update rpg maker mv

    1)how to update rpg maker mv? 2)how to update rpgmaker mv project? 3)do i need to update one version by one version?    Let's say i have rpg maker 1.0.0 and i want to update to 1.3.3.    Do i need to update to 1.0.1....1.1.0......1.2...so on    or i only need to download the...
  19. The Prism Phoenix

    Fate's Inception RPG (2014)

    Hi there! Some of you might know already that I am the creator of Fate's Inception, a book and game series that is still in development. However, today I want to share something with all of you. Below is a link to the very first game that I created for Fate's Inception (back in 2014) The game is...
  20. jaketazmily

    New Discord Group o.o

    Hello! I am Jake! I just got into RPG Maker recently, and I made a discord! I though it would be fun if we could all develop our games, share our games, and give ideas of the games we are making.  :D . Plus, Not to trigger anyone, but I mainly use XP. But I have VX Ace, I Don't have 2003, VX, or...

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