1. Shiwo

    Key Items certain selecting

    Okay! So I've got a little dilemma here. I've got a tiny little side-quest kind of thing going where the protagonist has to go find an item, and take it back to the npc. Hand it in and get the reward. Now I have that part setup perfectly fine. I'm happy with it and it does really well, except...
  2. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 3: Template Literals

    Introduction Today we discuss template literals, which are a new type of string in JavaScript. Compared to the other string types, template literals are more robust. Here are some of the features of template literals. Features Multiline strings Easy syntax for passing variables...
  3. Gabu

    FFVI Styled Party system?

    I would like to have a Party System in my game that's pretty much exactly like the party system in FFVI, where you have 4 main active party members that you travel with and the rest of the characters you've recruited into your party stay on a different map, like an Airship or a Headquarters of...
  4. Mudstep

    Autosave Plugin

    Does anyone here know an Autosave Plugin, which basically automatically saves when a player triggers an event or something like that? 
  5. Mudstep

    Evil General/Drone Requests

    By any chance, can anyone create sideview sprites of the Male Evil General or the Drone? Images of the two are below. If anyone does, I will give a shoutout to them.  :D
  6. Yusha

    Problem with Yanfly's Save Core Plugin

    So I've been using Yanfly's Save Core since I started my project about 2 months ago. It worked fine until today. I'm developing some stuff today so I'm doing a run through of my game's opening. When I get to the starter town map, I cannot save. I can pull up the menu, select save, but when I...
  7. BigToastie


    Hi there, I have just realised, that this is for VXAce, not MV. I was too drawn to the graphics to read it (my bad!) is there any plans for this to be upgraded to MV? or is there a way I can use the tilesets for MV? Cheers :)
  8. XxXhelazz

    Day and night sistem without scripts!

    Hello eveybody. I'm XxXhelazz :)  and today I will show you how to make day and night in rpg maker vx ace (in fact you can do this in every rpg maker engine) without any script! Requeriments: Have rpg maker engine. Have these switches: Day, night, afternoon and first day. Difficult level...
  9. judgemental


    hi, so i'm making my own battlechar sets with iDraw, but for idle and the death motions the chars are always making movement i guess because of the frames, does anyone know the right measurements so it can stay without moving in unbalanced motion, thanks.
  10. EvieEvangelion

    Fairy needs to trade gems for sword

    Ok so i have been following the tutorials on the main RPGmaker website, and honestly i get most of it, but in the final tutorial it wants you to make a fairy, that will trade 2 elemental gems for a weapon item, and then once you've done that the price goes up for the next item.  Honestly i...
  11. World Building Tilesets

    These were created mostly by edits of MV's tilesets, a few google images without sources were added (the Skeeball backdrop,(http://www.gameroom-concepts.com/gameroom/skeeball/)  icecream logo (a mash up of this...
  12. ObsidianTrance

    How Important is Artwork?

    I've been wondering this question and no better place than to ask unless among people developing a game. Is the artwork important as part of your game in adding an important element such as music, gameplay and story? Does it not matter when you have facesets and generator provided for you...
  13. AshteriskGaming

    How to simulate earthquake (Shake Screen) during dialogue?

    This is probably a stupid question that's been answered already, but I want to know how to simulate an earthquake during dialogue. The shake screen feature asks for a set time, but I want the shaking to continue during some dialogue. I don't want the effects to suddenly end during dialogue if...
  14. Marowak_

    Need Custom Sprites

    Can anyone please make me a RPG Maker VX ace Marowak sprite for my game?
  15. DarkBooDev

    Diagonal Stair Movement with Pixel Movement

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows about how to program stairs that cause a character to move diagonally downwards when the player inputs a single keyboard command in VX Ace. For instance, if I had a staircase leading down to the right, I would want to press the right arrow or 'D' key and...
  16. RPGMaker recommendation

    Hi, I plan on making a Wild West themed RPG, but I can't decide which RPGMaker I should use since each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Can you guys help? Thanks.
  17. AshteriskGaming

    Moghunter's Title Screen - Adding Commands (RGSS3)

    I actually did fix this problem on my own once before. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten how I did it last time and have been unable to replicate the previous process. I am trying to enhance my title screen in a few ways, but this is most important: I need to add another command to...
  18. Action battle system, similar to the witcher?

    Hello! Thank you for reading. I need help developing a custom action battle system. I wanted to do something where the enemies come at you in the overworld, and you can attack them with light/heavy attacks, and roll out of the way, using a far roll, or a close roll (like the witcher). I also...
  19. "The People Of Vandalism" - NEW GAME MAY 2016!

    Hello! :) I just wanted to spread news about our first and newest game! It is based on the idea of the "Poor VS The Rich". The game is very story-driven, but also has a lot of combat and exploring in it as well! We think we'll make another trailer the day before the game releases, but...
  20. Feldschlacht IV

    'Hard', static stat buffs or less static, incremental, stackable stat buffs in battle?

    I asked this question a while ago elsewhere, but I'd like to ask you guys (and discuss it some more) Got a question for you guys, and I apologize for not making the premise clearer in the topic; in game making and game player, what do you prefer; a system where buffs applied in battle to base...

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