1. vECh

    Madness Fantasy (GTA-style adventure)

    INTRODUCTION Madness Fantasy is not a normal game, starting from the very beginning of the development. It all started many years ago, when I got it into my head to ape GTA and to do it with RpgMaker, in a game where the missions would be silly beyond all logic. A very first version came out...
  2. UltraViolet

    Fake Window pop-ups and new files

    I currently use RpgMaker 2003 and I was curious if it would be possible to create fake windows pop-ups in game and if there was a way to cause files (Like txt) to appear in the game folder? I've seen games do this before, but I wasn't sure if it was possible with the version I'm using.
  3. BlindMind

    REFMAP-Style Tilesets

    Hi all! I don't post too often over here, but I wanted to share some resources I dug up from my old DeviantArt drive (from many years ago!), since Rm2k/2k3 seems especially starved for unique resources. I believe these are fairly obscure tiles. These are "spinoff" RPGMaker 2003 tile-sets in...
  4. astrocurl

    Warning Labels For Your Games!

    :kaosalute:Hello Fellow Gamers !:kaosalute: I was recently browsing around the web, and playing a few classic horror RPG Games when I came across the thought that someone may find this useful . I've created a PSD Template for your RPG Warnings ! You can edit the text, colors, even add some...
  5. spritemight

    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker 2003

    Welcome to Sprite Might! All assets in this thread are for RPG Maker 2003! Please see below for the 'Sprite Might Asset Usage Guide' . It has all the information you'll want to know about before using any of the work in this thread. I have also sorted each asset into their respective...
  6. OldPat

    Karma Flow - the Prototype [ENG WIP]

    As English is not my primary language, I apologize in advance for any wrong sentences that you may encounter from here on out.^^' I've decided to put this in the "Project Development" section even though is a full game because the English version is still WIP, but since I began working on it, I...
  7. Help making this ice Puzzle?

    I have decided to make an ice puzzle similar to the one at gym 8 in pokemon r/s/e, or the leaves puzzle in undertale the thing is, i have no idea where to start. can someone help me?
  8. TheMememaid

    Caterpillar system for rpgmaker 2k3?

    Is it possible for me to use a caterpillar script for rpg maker 2003? Im trying to make one of the protagonists follow the other for the rest of the game and the coding is sorta confusing hehe  :rswt:
  9. TheMememaid

    Unable to playtest?

    I need help with this, i dont know what set it off since i just started up rpg maker 2003?? Any help?
  10. Why no RPG Maker 2003 games?

    I was wondering why this website doesn't support RPG Maker 2003. I have worked really hard on an original RPG Maker 2003 project. I wanted to post it on this website to show my development but it wasn't accepted. Why is that? You can even make some great content with RPG Maker 2003.

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