1. Canini

    Viking longship tileset

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Any, but close to the RTP Description: I need a tileset for a viking longship, with lots of space for characters to move about. I have found a few, but most of them are seen from the side and pretty small. If possible I would like one that...
  2. Canini

    RMVXA Alex and Adva (I´ve heard norse)

    Alex and Adva (I´ve heard norse) Hello and thanks for taking a look at my game prototype! This is the second game I have started working on since joining this community and the first one I feel good enough to elaborate on. SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C...
  3. Stamina System Error

    I've been testing my game and I keep having this error pop up: It's from the script  Stamina Based Battle System - by Fomar0153 Link to script: Link I don't understand what's going on with this error. It apears sometimes after an enemy dies, but it doesn't seem to come up in certain...
  4. Fernyfer775

    Damage Formula Help

    Hello there. In my game, characters will have 2 types of stats that will influence damage of abilities. There will be the default ATTACK stat, but there will also be a POWER stat, which will effectively help negate enemy defense.  Anybody super good with numbers mind tossing me a few ideas or tips?
  5. Shelby

    Kingdom Republic needs a writer

    Kingdom Republic is a Rpg Maker Vx Ace game currently in early stages of development. The story follows Romes first barbarian war with the Cimbri We here at Seraphim Creations are dedicated to making roman era games and are looking for a writer to join the team. Samples of your work is needed...
  6. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    limiting a players steps

    I hope someone might be able to help. I am trying to limit the steps of my party. Now I've been able to do this easily enough by setting a variable to count the number of steps the character can move. Now the problem I have is is the fact that I have multiple parties, I wanted the player to be...
  7. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Paladin-Clerics Edits of Awesome!

    Please find the Edits I have done below. Please credit me if you use them as well as Enterbrain.   Battlers I took a bit of a notion to make some new battlers, and went a little wild. I figured It would be nice to give back to the community after taking so much.   Be advised, you must own...
  8. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    HP based on the number of a certain item in inventory.

    So I've been playing a lot of Hero Chronicles (I love Clash of the Dragons, tis awesome) and I was wondering if there was a way, using events that an actors HP was dependant on how many of a certain item is in the inventory. EG. The Hero (Actor) has 4 different troops that battle for him (he...
  9. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Yanfly battle Commands affected by states

    Ok, I'm trying to make a battle where a skill can only be used if a state is inflicted. I'm using Yanfly battle commands and thought that the hide skill until switch x is on would work, and it does work, for revealng the skill while the monster is inflicted with a paralysed state. But the...

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