1. Chockychip21

    Is my game good?

    Yo I’ve been working on a game for a bit for my friends but I’ll make it public for people, it’s on game jolt, read the description before playing please, lmk what you think, thanks. https://gamejolt.com/games/Get****ingWrekced/588654
  2. Pau230

    He Lied

       He Lied (On-going)  Story:     In the game, players control a rabbit which was found unconscious by a merchant travelling off the woods to gather some fireflies. He offered his help by taking the rabbit in a village home by monsters and animals. As time goes on, the rabbit stayed in the...
  3. "The People Of Vandalism" - NEW GAME MAY 2016!

    Hello! :) I just wanted to spread news about our first and newest game! It is based on the idea of the "Poor VS The Rich". The game is very story-driven, but also has a lot of combat and exploring in it as well! We think we'll make another trailer the day before the game releases, but...

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Hey morning all! I got another quick question..I just switched to RMMZ from VX Ace..so I am wondering why default scripts(is that how u call it) of VXAce is available, but not in MZ's case? How do I figure out ahh I mean could you show me
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We're playing Omori by OMOCAT starting at 2pm est :D

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