1. Agent334

    Make event follow player diagonally

    Hi, is there anyway I could make an event follow the player diagonally?
  2. ray_stride07

    RMMV How to write custom select conditions in YEP_X_SelectionControl ?

    So, I want to create 2 conditions in the battle where, the first condition is that a character with actor number 11 or class 11 cannot use items for himself but can use for all party members. Next,The second is conditions for all parties that they can't give items to characters with actor...
  3. IlTerrificatore

    RMMV [SOLVED] Torigoya_BalloonInBattle plugin - balloons not showing

    Hi everyone! Recently i tried to install and use this plugin here for RPG Maker MV: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/torigoya_ballooninbattle-balloon-message-in-side-view-battle.109145/ The point is: it doesn't seem to work! I tried to insert one of the key commands in the actor...
  4. Arkhanis

    Japanese horse racing game translation?

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering, has anyone out there ever saw an English translation for this plugin, made for Rpg Maker MV? I tried translating some parts years ago but, the Japanese texts on there were so massive, that i just left it. Anyway, i just think that will not hurt to ask...
  5. ray_stride07

    RMMV SRD_SummonCore

    i've got some errors when use this plugin. It happen while battle and after end the battle. Anyone know how to fix this ? Thank You !
  6. ray_stride07

    Using Another Weapon On Skills (Switching Weapon On Skills)

    Hello Guys .... I want to ask something. So i have a actor that using Sword. I want to make this actor have skill named Final Blast which is using Bazooka How to make the actor using another weapon when using skill beside his default weapon (Switching Weapon On Skills). Is there any plugin that...
  7. ray_stride07


    Hello, guys ! So, i trying this plugin but the plugins command didn't work very well except TriggerButton Ok & TriggerButton Cancel. Anyone maybe know how to fix this ?
  8. ray_stride07


    Hello, guys. I have been using YEP_EventChasePlayer plugins and this plugin show the implementation of Line Of Sight algorithm but there is one problem. The enemy can't detect obstacle, they still can chase us even if we are behind the wall which is not supposed to work like that. Can someone...
  9. ray_stride07


    So, i convert my game using Android Studio but i got problem. There is a bug and i don't know how to fix this. Do you guys know how to fix this ? Thank you :) Note : i am using 1280 x 720 screen resolution
  10. [RMMV] Looking for people to play Timeless Land Jikandia!

    I have a game on the RPG Maker MV Trinity Player (for PS4) called "Timeless Land Jikandia", a reimagining of an obscure game for the PSP called "Jikandia: The Timeless Land". "ID: 478" for anyone searching for ID. Thank you for playing! :biggrin:
  11. ray_stride07


    Hello friends, I am using YEP_X_EventChaseStealth. I wan to ask you guys. So here I want to make some kind of ability for the player so that he can disappear, for example within 10 seconds, but he will not be able to use the disappearance skill again until the disappearance skill process is...
  12. User1978

    RMMV Khas and Pixi filter

    Are these compatible? I saw "pixi-something" in my JS folder and don't know if it's the same, again, sorry if in wrong forum area, it's hard to navigate...
  13. Need help making this dual wielding skill work.

    So I am trying to do something a little complicated and I just need some feedback before I start going ham trying to implement it. I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I figure better safe than sorry. I have a character who has the option to dual wield, sword and board, or two-hand his swords. I...
  14. Rosi3

    How to show all the 12 "tile" animation in the event?

    How do i make the event to go from the animation one to go to the animation 12? Like imagine she is using magic i want to use all the 12 tiles to make a full animation how i make that, "turn left" "turn right" what is the order to make the event go all the way?
  15. KoMo_Riz

    RMMV How to do window like this?

    Well...I'm new to javascript and I really don't know where to start... so I decided to write a thread about it I tried to study on my own 1-2 month but all I thought is what and why? yeah so you can know that I don't know how to start java script and I know I just don't know what is all the...
  16. Entity that protects party members from damage (Satellite summon)

    This took me a long time to figure out so I thought I would share a tutorial so that anyone else wanting to make something similar can. What it does: This is the satellite, basically what it does is each turn it protects the player and takes the hit for them. It also rotates around party...
  17. angosllo

    RMMV My first RPG: When You Wander!

    Hello all!! This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking the forums for the past month while building this game. I've found a lot of helpful information/assets through these forums, so I'm super appreciative of this site and it's members! I've released my first RPG! When You Wander is...
  18. Chockychip21

    I need help with my rpg maker game on game jolt

    So basically I posted a long demo of my Mv game on game jolt and when people download it it says “unable to read actors.json” which doesn’t make any sense. It will play on mine but when it’s on GJ people can’t get and play it, should I try something else or even upload it a different way?
  19. _Z_

    Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever, Android Release

    Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever, v.1.0, now Available on Google Play! :rock-left:Raised on Rpgmaker2000 Built on RpgMakerMV :rock-right: 100% Ad-Free, with no item malls, paywalls or micro-transactions and over 20 Hours of playtime for only $1! :blush:Click To View The Store Page:blush...
  20. Caitlin

    Pop horror request

    Character needed in pop horror style. The flames from the graphics from RPG Maker MV... this one.. I am hoping that some kind soul will create the blue and red flames on the bottom graphics in pop horror for me. I need them for spirits, and I am not really concerned about four directional...

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