1. Skills learned through events?

    Is this possible because I'm trying to make it so that when the player interacts with something they learn a skill but I don't know how to get around the whole leveling thing or generally learning the skill thing If anyone knows how or has done this before please help edit i have learned...
  2. BDruid70

    Need Help Making A Skill That Recovers TP, Except For When A Certain State Is Applied

    Hi, I need help making a skill that 1 gains TP, except for when a certain state is applied, then it gains nothing. I plan on making this the primer for all of my skills going forward so it's kinda a necessity. Sorry if this is easy to do, but I'm not used to JavaScript. I'm currently using a...
  3. fraxb

    RPG MAKER MV helep

    how do i make event of the thing that pressed example 1 button is pressed need to press 5 more button to go then after all the button is pressed the door is open and how do i make event of opening a closet door and hide? RPGMAKER MV
  4. jeyizumi

    does rpg maker mv has a game?

    i'm new to rpg maker and when i wanted to create a game i saw alot of default characters, enemies, and such and i thought that it would be really good if it had a default game. like it would be a really great story, but does it really has any default game with all those characters and enemies...
  5. Moving over from VX Ace!

    Hiya - I'm Hafsa, but you can call me Deeyah/D/HijabiFox. I used to use VX and VX Ace way back when; I played around with the engines when VX Ace was still relatively new. Coming back to it now though MV looks so much better, I decided to give it a shot and wow... it's different (I've also seen...
  6. SushiAssado

    RMMV help, Pixel movement and Chrono engine

    I need help with something: I wanted my project to have pixel movement, but whenever I try to implement it, some bug happens. I'm using the Chrono engine but the only thing I want from it is the hookshot, it works perfectly but when I put some pixelmovement I can't use the hookshot. I already...
  7. Trevaz

    not dark Lantern plugin?

    I looked at some flashlight plugins and noticed that they all dim the screen and leave only the player glowing. How to make a plugin that works in dark and light environments?
  8. Trevaz

    problem with Batlle Ai Yanfly Plugin

    I'm using YEPBattleAI but I can't make it work. y intention is for the enemy to use the revive skill only when there are other enemies dead. This skill is called 'Sopro Púrpura.' So, I created another random skill ("Bater") for testing. But even with live enemies, it keeps using "Sopro...
  9. Tile layering issue

    I am trying to put tiles on top of tiles, specifically B tiles. Everything on the map is a B tile, including the ground and buildings. I am trying to put other things on the houses, like signage and the like, but the ground underneath keeps getting erased, leaving me with these blank areas. Is...
  10. Muichiro_Tokito

    How does one add a animated tile set?

    Hello! I have questions about using or importing Animated tile sets... For example I want to add this fountain tile set made by Aqua https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/aquas-rtp-edits.124800/ < Her work here. But I'm new to adding tile sets and was wondering how I could add the...
  11. ILAI_GG

    RMMV Plugin-Extension- A timer that keeps counting without playing the game.

    Basically I need a counter that keeps counting whether or not the player is playing the game. First of all, I use the following plugin (Created by "Dev_With_Coffe"[https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/read-system-time-in-game.138633/post-1202105]), which allows me to get the current...
  12. RMMV How to solve the Lag of Olivia_EquipSetBonuses

    https://fallenangelolivia.itch.io/equipment-set-bonuses-plugin I'm using this feature, and it's definitely a cool feature, but the amount of text is big, so whenever I add a set bonus, I react very slowly whenever I modify that feature. I tried to get rid of functions that I don't use. For...
  13. cirnoe

    RMMV (EDIT:Solved!) RPGMaker MV modern algebra extra movement frames plugin help

    Hello! I am currently using modern algebra's Extra Movement Frames Plugin which works perfectly except due to me using a larger spritesheet, the save files look kinda wonky. How do I make sure that only one sprite appears here? Thank you in advance! EDIT: I meddled with the code and figured...
  14. Ericfrancisrock

    RMMV The Two Moons: The RPG That's So Bad, The Main Character Wants Nothing To Do With It! (Available on Steam)

    Version 1.0 Available on Steam as of 5/26/2023 SUMMARY: The RPG that's so bad, the main character wants nothing to do with it! The Two Moons is the epitome of "what not to do when making an RPG Maker game." It features an unoriginal storyline, poorly fleshed out characters, stock graphics...
  15. RMMV DreamX State Descriptions all out of order.

    So I'm using DreamX's State Descriptions plugin, and for some reason all the states are out of order. I cannot figure out for the life of me why- they're properly ordered in the Passive States list (Using Yanfly's Auto Passive States as well.) No matter what I do, it just seems to get mixed up...
  16. Sammyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    SRD's Shaking Text: Grey Outline Removal

    Hellooo, Im using SRDude's Shaking Text plugin but there's a grey outline on text that shakes/waves. I use Yanfly's text plugin too but I've tried turning it off and it still shows an outline. I try changing the outline color but no matter what I put, it's grey. I also tried turning off keep...
  17. jbgs

    Is there a way to hide SumRndmDde HUD Maker?!

    This question has already been asked on the forum but the answer was not entirely correct. The person in the comment suggested to "add a switch to it, so that when it's ON it's disabled or enabled, when it's off, the opposite of it." and they suggested adding "$gameSwitches.value(x) ==...
  18. [RMMV] How to make it so the mc can't pass through larger sprites???

    I made larger sprites for monsters and the main character can pass through the left and right side of the monsters, but not the middle of it. For example, if the main character was one block big and the monster is 3x3 blocks with three rows and three columns, the main character will be behind...
  19. BDruid70

    RMMV How to apply a Passive State to allies who have a certain skill equipped? (Yanfly's Auto Passive States & Conditional Passives)

    Hi, so I'm currently trying to implement a way of linking character's in my game using skills. When 2 character's share a link, they get a state. Do you know if there's a way to add aura passive to allies who only have a certain skill equipped? Ex. Actor 1 & Actor 2 both have the skill flame...
  20. BDruid70

    Skill That Does More Damage For Every Quarter HP Missing

    Hi, I've seen variations of this question asked alot, but not specifically one like this. Is there a way to make a skill that does 50% more damage for every 25% HP missing from the user, up to a maximum of 200? I'm not really the greatest at DMG formulas and I'm still pretty new to it. I have...

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