1. Adjusting the timing of footstep sounds?

    I want there to be a sound of splash of water when the player walks across a river. But the sound only plays after the stepping animation has ended, which works for normal steps but is too late in this case. Is it possible to make the sound play as soon as the player starts moving? The way I've...
  2. Please help! Switch not working.

    I'm making a horse breeding mini game and came across a bug I have no idea how to fix. The player gets to choose one of two horses - a male or a female - and can put it into one of two stable stalls - stall 1 or stall 2. A number gets assigned to the variable Stable x Horse Type. So if the male...
  3. Character Passive Skill RMMV

    Hello, i'm kind of new on making rpg games, but i was trying to create something like a state that isn't always active, but activate itself at the start of a battle, also that same state showing as a passive skill on the character's abilities tab, and when you reach at certain level that you...
  4. Catzach

    RMMV Extra Lives / Death Defy Mechanic

    Hi! I'm looking into hoping someone could make an Extra Lives system. I tried looking at Cv2 Common Death Event but I wasn't sure if it would precisely do as exactly what I'm looking for in an extra lives system. When a party member or actor dies, I would want the game to quickly check if the...
  5. YioruYioru

    RMMV Is there any way to hide the text box by touch input?

    I am working on a possible android version of my project, and the only thing missing is to add an option to hide the text box.
  6. [SOLVED]Imported SE will not work

    So I'm trying to put a rooster morning call SE but It will simply not work other SE's that I have imported work just fine but this one does not work it shows up in the engine but when I press play the SE does not wanna work and yes it works perfectly fine outside of the engine I have tested the...
  7. RMMV QABS: How to make an enemy with the notetag <team:1> fight anything with the notetag <team:2> without requiring to be hit first?

    Does anybody know how to make an enemy with the notetag <team:1> fight anything with the notetag <team:2> without said enemy's event requiring to be hit first? In other words, instead of an enemy event accidentally attacking the friendly event, is there a way in which the friendly event will...
  8. Ruru Grgr

    Persona type cut-ins

    Is it possible to make a cut-in image appear when your character gets a critical hit or something? Kind of like in the Persona games. I think this video is a good reference: If anybody knows any way to do this, I'd appreciate knowing how.
  9. Conejo

    RMMV Problem with Olivia's "provoke" plugin

    Greetings, I bought olivia's "provoke" plugin, but I can't get it to work. https://fallenangelolivia.itch.io/provoke-effect I created a new project, only with that plugin and it doesn't work. I do not know what I am doing wrong, I have tried incorporating the Yanfly plugins, but...
  10. Chockychip21

    Is my game good?

    Yo I’ve been working on a game for a bit for my friends but I’ll make it public for people, it’s on game jolt, read the description before playing please, lmk what you think, thanks. https://gamejolt.com/games/Get****ingWrekced/588654
  11. help me please

    I wanted to know how do I import clothes, hair, beards and stuff to the RPG maker MV
  12. jmonkey106

    How to teleport event in front of Player?

    Basically I want an event to spawn/teleport in front of the player after their first random encounter. But since this is a random encounter they could be anywhere when this happens. I think I may have some idea on how to do this but don't know how to write it, I'd want to find the x and y of the...
  13. MajinSonic

    RMMV RPGMakerMV Plugin doesn't work after deployment

    Hello everyone! Yesterday, we depolyed our project for testing purposes, as we have already noticed that the projects like to behave differently than in the test game and, for example, some plugins simply no longer work. Now we come to a problem that we find really exciting and unfortunately...
  14. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Demo Banbard: The last Bastion

    Demo In a world where humans roamed the lands as nomads and elves researched the mysteries of the world. The elves looked into the power of the mind and were able to gather energy from the land: this was called Magic. Humans were courageous in spirit and able to channel vast power from the...

    RMMV SRPG CONVICTION officially launch

    Taiwan indie game developer, Maker Production Team (http://www.chimakier.com/) publishes retro style SRPG - CONVICTION - on Steam after a year of development in Early Access. - CONVICTION - is a strategy roleplaying game inspired by previous masterpiece of the genre. The game tells the story...
  16. DarkSearinox92

    More statues?

    Hi guys, i see that we have a very few statues. I'm searching through google and i find the same stuff... unfortunately we don't have resources of that kind. Someone is able to produce statues for have more resources of that type? Beautiful statues that I found, new and fresh, only these...
  17. Froggo32

    MV resources for Valentines day?

    (I believe this is the right place to post it, sorry if its not that thread) Do you know any resources that could be used for valentines day game? Mostly tilesets and musics. Thank you!
  18. darksshades

    [DLL Loading] Make games smaller. Any way to reuse nw.dll(80MB~) ? (kinda solved)

    One of the biggest downsize of MV games is that sometimes the common files are way bigger than all your real files. That's because nwjs has to pack a chromium inside the nw.dll into EVERY GAME which varies from 60-130MB depending on its version. I've been trying to find a way to "install" the...
  19. VE_ActiveTimeBattle in YEP_OptionsCore

    Hi, I have a simple question: How can I include the ATB Update Speed Option from Victor in Yanflys OptionCore Plugin? I've tried to by messing around with the code, but the results are.. well not so good :) Best regards, Chris
  20. theweirdnerd

    (MMV) Scripts for interactable text boxes?

    I'm looking to create a gambling minigame where the player must guess if a six sided die will land on even or odd. If they guess right, they win the pot, guess wrong and they lose the bet. That can be done easily with the default editor and a randomized variable, then a conditional branch. But...

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