1. ArtikDart

    RMMV Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

    Mistia is a 2D pixel art fantasy video game set in a unique world full of details and mysteries to be discovered, with a great narrative story. The game will be divided into four chapters, through which Cole, the young protagonist of our story, will have the chance to meet new companions and...
  2. Please, I need help

    I downloaded the YEP Free Bundle because I wanted to create something good, but when I open the menu the game doesn’t show me my party members. What can I do?
  3. Nash007

    How to use tileset as event tile

    I have made an event and gave it the image of tilesetB tree. Now in the editor I put some text and it never shows up? If I use other tiles exceptB then the text works... What to do here? What i want is that char goes near tree then it asks chop tree? If yes then then self switch triggers and...
  4. nkuroo

    [help] Adding exp meter to moghunter menu scene

    Hello everyone. I was modifying moghunter menu scene plugin . How can i add exp meter like pokemon game? Is it the same as HP METER but with different kind of term and variable? I try to do it myself but the exp meter wont show up. Reference for the plugin that i use...
  5. Nash007

    How to increase speed of main actor/character.

    So I have only 1 main character in game. I want to increase his speed to max, I have already done the following. Made new event-> Set Move Route -> Player -> Change Speed. 1>I set event to playertouch - But now the problem is that i have to go to the tile where I made this event and touch that...
  6. SirSquiddington

    Graphics Glitching on top and bottom of my game screen

    Hey, I'm new to these forums(and to RPG Maker MV admittedly, however, I have some experience in XP) so I don't know if this issue has a thread already here but I have been trying to find a solution to my problem but to no avail. Essentially I tried my hand at some parallax mapping, which I had...
  7. How to add the modern_generator folder to regular generator on mac?

    I'm new to using RPG Maker MV as well as these forums. I'm having difficulty adding new clothing and accessories to the character generator. I went through steam and found the local files and then modern_generator in the DLC folder, but I don't know where to go from there.
  8. masanobu91

    YEP Row Formation problem

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site. I will be very quick and straight to the point. Yesterday I installed the row formation plug in by Yanfly and now I have 2 major "problems" that i can't solve. 1: The step in animation of battlers is skipped (battlers just spawn in their home...
  9. BetterAudio plugin (lag-reducing and major improvements)

    Description This script allows you to incorporate some improvements in the audio management made by the game engine (as the needs of my game requires it). Now the script can do the next things: Stop the audio and music when the game is out focus in all platforms. Added a "Global Volume" option...
  10. BerryB

    RMMV Miyumi Gaiden - The Demon Tower

    A side story detached from the main timeline of the Miyumi Universe. Created for a short gamejam (The Miyumi Jam) made in only roughly 2 weeks. Based off an alternate continuity of "Princess Miyumi and the Necro's Dungeon". After enjoying herself at the Festival, the princess begins her rest...
  11. [Updated] Can this camera effect be achieved with an scroll movement?

    I want the camera to vertically show always more screen in the player-faced direction. UPDATE 1: UPDATE 2: I achieved it! No exactly what I want but it works quite well. var sc_oldmarg=0; Game_Player.prototype.centerY = function() { var sc_zoom=1, sc_distance=1...
  12. minonna

    rpg maker mv scripts on vx ace?

    ive been developing a game on vx ace for a few days, and i already have all the plugins i need problem is, these plugins were made for mv and often dont work any solutions?
  13. SideView Battler Move sprite Back

    Hi , is there any way to move make the sprite be more to the back? I am using DragonBones and RPGMaker MV Thanks
  14. EeveeLatte

    "Add more music parts when it goes to a different map?"

    Hi, so I currently made some music where you're in a winter town and its relaxing. But when you go to a different map (close to winter town but its the battle place) the same music is playing and is consistent but more drums and strings are playing and they get more "suspenseful". (PS im not...
  15. Ludi_Tarantula

    [RPG Maker MV] Maps disappearing for no reason.

    Hello... Good morning, evening, afternoon or...Every time of the day. Today we just opened the game project from the hard disk we keep it in and... This happened to some (three) maps If we try to playtest when we are in these maps, this error occurs. DETAIL: we load the map "Aula" the token &...
  16. Runnyyy

    How to properly align Door Sprites?

    Hello again! I'm here asking another super n00b question ;w; I'm trying to make just a few doors a bit longer/taller than the standard or default doors, and even after following some tutorials, I seem to keep doing something wrong? My doors keep being cut off strangely, and even though I...
  17. Runnyyy

    Creating "Boulder bridge" puzzle event help

    Hello again! I'm trying to make a puzzle where the player must push several (re: 3) boulders into the water to form a type of bridge to cross. I would also like to make it so that after (1)One boulder is placed into the water, the player may walk OVER the FIRST boulder (already submerged), and...
  18. Runnyyy

    Help using animated sprites with several frames (Fixed!)

    Hello again! I'm making this post to request how I would go about using a specific spritesheet with several frames for an event (specifically, for this sprite: LINK ) I understand how to use simple animated sprites such as walking sprites and door opening sprites, but since this spritesheet...
  19. Poppie360

    How do I draw tile to a window with the TileID?

    Hey, I was wondering how to draw a tile to a window or the screen in general through scripting. (and by tile i mean the things in the tilesets, used for maps and whatnot) I know it seems simple but i cannot figure it out, looking though the code i have found things regarding how characters...
  20. Poppie360

    Questions regarding a mod system I am going to create.

    After having found out how the map file works i would like to ask a few questions and receive help and pointers about my ideas to create a working mod system in MV. I will hide them behind spoilers to save space and organize things nicely. Now the actual use case is for a project i am...

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