1. CG-Tespy

    CGT Auto Heal (a la Persona 5)

    Auto Heal Plugin By CG-Tespy Introduction This is a QOL plugin that allows you to, through Plugin Commands, have the player's party automatically healed using Items and/or Skills. I'll have updates come first on the itch.io page. Features Save your players time otherwise spent going through...
  2. liamx2000

    RMMV Plugin question for battles

    Hi all , do any of you know if there are any Plugins that can use pictures to show the character attacking before they attack ? like in Fire Emblem Heroes for example , Here is a picture of what Id like to do.
  3. Rpg maker MV to iOS with Cordova, nothing appears anymore with iOS 14, HELP

    hi at all , i hope you can help me :( I have a big problem similar with iOS 14. I'm going crazy because I don't know how I can fix it. I tried with both the current version of cordova 5.x.x and the new 6.1.1 No difference. The application starts, but at the moment of the main screen no images...
  4. Help for creating a visual novel in RPG Maker MV

    Good afternoon everyone. I need help. I'm trying to make a visual novel with RPG Maker MV, but I don't know how to make characters and busts for them. Could anyone help me with any generator, pages, plugins, resources, links, tips, tutorials, anything? I am new, but I want to do this little...
  5. LunaTechsDev

    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools

    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools This is the official LunaTechs plugin and tools thread. You can expect to find links to a variety of our plugins and tools that we'll be creating for both MV and MZ using our custom tooling. You can expect updates from us every Wednesday regarding new plugins and...
  6. LunaTechsDev

    LunaSense - RPGMakerMV/MZ Intellisense

    Hello all, it's Wednesday again; this is Kino(EISKino) from the LunaTechs team. Today, we're bringing to you RPGMakerMV/MZ IntelliSense for use within your project whether you're making plugins or just doing edits to one, this will come in handy. The instructions are similar to the ones we...
  7. Is there a way to make an event(character) constantly shake/jitter?

    In my game one of the characters is very hyped up on sugar and I need him to be shaking. Is there a way to do this with move routes or is a plugin required? I tried to use an autorun move route for the character to move up and down (down sprite was the same as the up sprite but slightly moved to...
  8. MrHeimer

    RMMV TDDP PreloadManage

    Hi all its me again .. :confused: I downloaded this pluggin because i had audio delay, with that it make a preloading before every switch map. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/preload-manager.46515/ ( i download the 1.5.0 compatible by Archeia and Yami ) I am french so i...
  9. When Testing a Project, The game seems to be lacking a lot of brightness (Solved)

    I'm not sure how or why. But when I test a game I'm making or even testing a demo somebody else has made, the game appears very dimly lit. I read somewhere that it might have something to do with setting the games tint. But when I crank the tint up to the point where I should see nothing but...
  10. LunaTechsDev

    LunaTechs - LunaLite - RPGMaker MV/MZ Typescript Documentation

    Introduction We are a small team of plugin developers that have come together to create plugins and tools for both RPGMakerMV and MZ. Our initiative is to provide a large selection of open source, free, and paid products to help the community. As part of that effort, the LunaTechs are...
  11. CG-Tespy

    RMMV CGT Auto Heal (like in Persona 5)

    You know how in Persona 5, you can have items automatically used to bring your party members' HP to full, saving you time otherwise spent going through menus? That's what this plugin's for, but on a bigger scale; there's a lot you can customize about the auto healing process. Do you want to...
  12. hayahay

    Hayahay's Resource Depot (Newest: Animated Sideview Battler - RTP God)

    TOU: Free for Commercial and Non-Commercial Games. You must Own RPG Maker MV in order to use this resource. For RPG Maker Use Only. Kindly give credit to HayahayArt2020 or hayahayart
  13. NeoShima

    "Press any key" feature

    I'm very bad at JavaScript and right know I feel embarrassed that I can't make such an easy feature. So, help me pls! How can I make a pre-title feature "Press any key"? How can I write this kinda plugin by my self?
  14. harmlessgamedev

    [Steam] Lockheart Indigo

    Lockheart Indigo Out on Steam July 31st! - About - - Summary - - Gifs -
  15. Kino

    RPGMakerMV [ES6] Strings

    You can find the post here. Introduction Strings are a part of almost any object-oriented programming language. Today, we're going to discuss some of the basics of strings, and what new features are available to us with strings when using ES6. Strings Strings are a sequence of characters and...
  16. skyebot

    Help with transferring players between maps

    Hi! I have an issue in RPGMAKER MV where when in an event creation I will use the transfer player command and it will not let me select a map other then the one i am already on, I have never had this problem before but it is happening to every map in my current project, is this something I can...
  17. Froggo32

    Problems with Sfont plugin

    Sooo I wanted to be able to use pixel fonts and I downloaded SFont plugin. But when I try to test my demo game, I...well...it says that ArialWhite font was failed to load. And I dont know what to do. i have just Arial font in my fonts folder, and there isnt such a thing like ArialWhite so I'm...
  18. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    By this I mean dead animals basically. I noticed I already have sprite sheets for dead versions of the default cat and dog, but that's about it. No variety whatsoever. I'm mainly looking for a sprite for a dead boar, but any dead animal sprites you can find would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. In desperate need of help. Can't post videos/images of my game online without blurriness and reduced quality

    I'm new to video editing and game development. Although there have been some bumps in the road, I've managed to fix most of the issues I have had with RPG Maker MV. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is recording game footage and maintaining quality when uploading it. I use OBS to capture...
  20. dysphoria

    Help: Autorun with Conditions

    Hi, I'm new here. Maybe its a common question but I can't find an specific solution for this. Sorry if it is a noobish question. This is what I want to do: Protag starts in a Temple > Protag leaves the Temple > Protag talks with an NPC who activate a switch> Protag returns to temple and a...

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