1. bluechuii

    Window Screen changing size during game

    Is it possible for there to be an event/ script that can make the windowed game screen get bigger, mid-game? Is there a way to trigger the screen to get bigger or smaller? I know how to change the size of the game but I'm just wondering if there's a trigger or something to make it get bigger...
  2. Need advice on maps or moving npc's to different maps

    Hi there, I'm very new to to game development and wanted to try it and practice, so I brought the rpg maker mv version to get a feel. I've planned my first game and have started the project however I'm having some issues with the maps. Initially I want to find npc's around different parts of...
  3. HailTheQueen

    [MV] University theme

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for college/university themed resources. Classic anime style uniforms, modern building, all that. Do you happen to know a good pack for it?
  4. Plueschkatze

    Plue's MV Edits

    Hello everyone! I'd love to share some edits with you! I hope this thread will grow over time. Please don't ask for edits. I don't do requests, because I don't have the time. Most of these edits will be side products of me working on my own projects. Edits Plushie edits: Original Tree...
  5. kagehiramika

    (J) Window Skin

    {Window Skin for RPG Maker MV} feel free to use it in Non-Commercial Games or Commercial Games for the Credits just type "jairosan" in the readme file :kaoblush: I'll update this thread when I make more skins so keep watching if you like this one ! :kaoluv:
  6. Candleoro

    Can I put Dash & Cancel on a single Input?

    Hello all! I've been developing a game for a school project and have run into an interesting snag... So I have these adorable replica NES Controllers and I've attempted to use multiple gamepad configuration plugins to make the best layout for these controllers However, I've run into an...
  7. AliceIsZer0

    Making Super Custom Text Boxes

    Hey, I am making a Persona Fangame and I'm trying to have hyper customized UI's. part of that being the text boxes. Other than images, is there a way to import custom text boxes or anything of the sort into the game? And if not then does anyone have any ideas on how to implement the text box via...
  8. How to prevent constant file corruption in MV

    No matter what i do i constantly get file errors in rpg maker mv, such as "cannot read (anything).json", and no matter what i do this always happens. Ive tried turning onedrive on and off, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and yes ive tried replacing the project file (and this doesnt...
  9. ray_stride07

    How to fix error of Combination Between SRD_SummonCore & VE_ThrowableObject ?

    Hello friends I have a question so I use a plugin called SRD_SummonCore & VE_ThrowableObject. I made skill like this to my enemy. Barrage: Fires a barrage of bullets repeatedly. This is the notetags skill : <throw object: before> image: picture 'RifleBullet' speed: 400 start: 0, 0 </throw...
  10. Items keep disappearing after loading a save

    Whenever I try to load a save, all my items just disappear.
  11. BDruid70

    How Would I Go About Making A State That Gives The User A Specific Amount Of Guaranteed Dodges?

    Hi, I was wondering how I could create a state that gives the user a specific amount of guaranteed dodges when being attacked? Ex. The state gives the user 3 guaranteed dodges, and is guaranteed to dodge the next 3 damaging skills, but once they run out the state is removed automatically.
  12. dealwithitdewott

    Looking for help with a visual novel plugin once again.

    I made a forum post about this plugin some months back but I figured that'd it'd be good to start a new thread for this perhaps since it has been a while, and that the problem at hand is a little different now. Basically, I've been trying to wrap my head around the Noblemushroom plugin, linked...
  13. Flame_Effigy

    RMMV Battle Commands customization

    Hello, I know specific versions of this plugin request do exist, but none are compatible with all the plugins I am currently using. (as far as I know) Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization is incompatible with Olivia BattleSystemOTB from what I can tell, which is the main reason for the...
  14. recoculous

    RMMV Lady of the Lake RPG v 1.11

    Title: Lady of the Lake (RPG), version 1.11 Engine: Made with RPG Maker MV Price: $5 Story You start with Vivian, Merlin's apprentice, also known as the "Lady of the Lake" in many King Arthur stories. Your first quest is to find the chosen one destined to be the king of England and give him...
  15. MRD256

    RMMV Innocent Love

    I have made my first ever game and would like to get people's feedback on it. SYNOPSIS: Elliot and his friends have received a letter from an old man who wants them to retrieve an old family heirloom from atop a devilish tower. Fight your way through several floors as you make your way to the...
  16. RpgMaker Mv Map.json error

    i made a random tp events in some maps of my game, sometimes the random tp doesn't work correctly and this appears when i test the game. I am very new to rpgmaker, and to computers as well. but I learn fast, I would be very grateful for your help. I will also leave screenshots of how that...
  17. How to make an item that can't be removed?

    In a project I'm working on, I'm making it so that a few characters have an ability called a 'Bond' that acts like a (semi)passive effect, such as HP Restoring over time in battle or having a small chance to inflict a status effect onto foes. However, the idea is that Bonds are not a physical...
  18. arcadekitten

    RPG MV: Disable Enemy Select?

    I saw someone ask this question here a long time ago but it doesn't seem they got any answers, so I thought I'd try asking! When in battle, RPGMaker asks to player to select an attack and then select an enemy to use it on. I understand this for when there's a group of enemies on the screen...
  19. RMMV Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

    Hello there, so I was doing a tutorial to learn the maker programmation, and at a moment in the tutorial than I watched. I fall on a error , in the dev tool (f8) this is the message : TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined at Window_Custom (tutoMenu.js:28) at...
  20. bluechuii

    Editing Player name and selection for the Game menu

    Hello, could someone possibly tell me how to move the name more to the left above the face art, please? (this is in the main in-game menu part before going into any 'Items' or 'Options'. Image: And also Could someone possibly tell me how to make the selection smaller in the Items menu (when...

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