1. Mogry

    [RMMZ] Camera glitch when changing maps

    Forword I am activating my newbie-card ! Hope I'm in the correct forum section! Have mercy with me mods if not.. :kaoswt: Used the search before but all results actually tried to archive my problem, haha! What is the problem? Pretty simple actually! The game zooms out on its own after an area...
  2. Bandito

    Getting an error 108 when trying to update game to Steam Workshop

    Like title said. I don't know what to do. I already accepted the Subscriber agreement on Steam, so I don't know what else to do. When I do a web search I am not getting any hits. I tried not adding any description and I still get the error. I also tried with another image with no luck. Any...
  3. Bandito

    When deploying on the browser $ sign show as %24 and get an error.

    So I am getting this error on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Issue: I deployed the game as a web browser app. Now when I try to run in local web server I get this error. This happens with every file that has $ signs in front of them. Any suggestions, aside from deleting the $ in front of...
  4. Bandito

    Issues after moving MV project to RMMZ

    Ok, so I did this game back in MV which I move to MZ when I bought it. Everything has been working fine, aside from some small and unimportant hiccups (like the RTP being different and the sort). Now it came time to deploy. I tick the "Exclude unused files" and hit OK. (It doesn't matter if I...
  5. Bandito

    My opinion on Gotcha Gotcha decision to use Effekseer instead of default animation engine

    At first, I was mad that they took out the default method they have been using for years, specially since I moved my game from MV and had to recreate what I did before, but goddamn it is actually easier and faster to push animations out on that tool than it been using the one that came on MV and...
  6. Bandito

    RMMZ Final Fantasy Legacy

    A woman escaping the clutches of the church for acquiring knowledge that is forbidden. A boy looking for his half sister's parents ... and his own ... An honorable soldier who has to betray everything he believes in for the honor of his family and the justice of the church he serves ...
  7. Ronyund

    RMMZ Battle Execute Image/Text

    Hello RM Members, Could you help me? anyone know plugin or tutorial for make Battle Execute image? Example : After take order from all char > Battle Execute Image appear+SE. Thank you, Ronyund
  8. MrHedgehog


    How can I use Muffler in RPG Maker MZ? I want it for my new game called.
  9. Finnuval

    In need of a Detective's Tools

    Hey there folk, once again I have a request. (for MZ) Got the Looking glass and Pocket Watch so all that's left is... and finally a pipe with tobacco case like this If anyone knows of any of these items (or something close enough) or is willing and generous enough to make them I would be...
  10. Ronyund

    RMMZ Simple Battle Hud

    Hello RM Members! I wanna ask something... I wanna make my battle hud (MZ) become text only (no face), could you give me some plugin? Thank you!
  11. alcaporzel

    Searching Example / Tutorial for MiniGame with Pictures and QuickTime

    Hey friends out there, first of all i hope that you are all save and fine? Im not sure but I thought there was a Tutorial or an Example here or on official Website or RPG Maker who shows how to implement a small MiniGame using QuickTime Event. I just dont know how to search in Engl of that or...
  12. RMMZ Increase stepping forward distance of a character in sideview issue

    Is there a simple way to increase the distance a character moves forward in sideview when it is their turn? I'm currently using a lot of the Visustella plugins. But I couldn't find anything in the battle core for example that would help with that.
  13. Ronyund

    RMMZ RMMZ - Need Splash Plugin

    Hello RM World, Could you help me for Splash Plugin? i need this for my mini game. Thank you, Ronyund
  14. Zaezul

    Troop Battle Event extending to all other Troops - MZ

    I'm very new to rpgmaker and so I thought I'd jump in with the latest release. To explain the problem further, I've made a battle event for a specific troop (first screenshot) which essentially boils down to a little dialogue and it starts at turn "0". For some reason, this event runs for every...
  15. ThePolitoForm

    Plugin help

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make my very first game with RPG Maker MZ, and am having a lot of fun with it. I have one question though; I am going to try and make this game unique by adding in a mechanic where instead of Gold, the player buys items and weapons using their own health. I don't...
  16. MagicFool64

    Hide Parameters (solved)

    Hi, i'm using Visustella Core Engine for customizing my game, and I want to hide some parameters, or deleting them. The only parameters I want to use are Health Points, Mana Points, Attack, Defense, Luck and Agility. How can I do it?
  17. biggislims

    RMMZ Hiro of Legend

    Hello, here to announce my current project, Hiro of Legend. Hiro is an elven boy who lives in the Ancient Era, on a small plot of land, on the southern portion of Zormello Island, in the Daeydark Empire. He is from a family of farmers who make a meager living growing Stickyleaf for the Empire...
  18. GGZiron

    GGZiron's Time system.

    GGZiron's Time System version 1.1.0 + Add-on Engine: RPG Maker MZ Can it work for MV? Probably can, if the registered plugin commands are removed from the code and one sets timers only via script calls. But didn’t test myself, can’t guarantee it would work even then. And even if it work, would...
  19. KenSoulslayer

    [RMMZ] [SOLVED] [How to] Change the default loading image

    I have seen a few threads on how to replace/edit the default loader in RMV and else but no luck with RMZ. I have found that this time it's CSS instead of a GIF or APNG, so basically what is the right way to replace that with an apng? or is that not ideal and I should code a custom CSS loader...
  20. MagicFool64

    Remove Shutdown Option

    I'using RPGMaker MZ, and I'm wondering how to remove the Shutdown option. Do I need Visustella's Core Engine?

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