1. W.M.K

    Eventing specific moves to play in a battle event for a non-playable character

    So basically, I'm trying to create a battle event where there are three characters, and only one specific character is playable by the user. I want to be able to choose what moves the other two characters will do, and then the playable character can do whatever move they choose to do. Let me...
  2. Midnight_Games

    Cutscene help! Change Player image from hurt to standing.

    Hello! I've traversed the ocean of threads related to this topic and still can't find a solution. I'm also really new to this, and don't have a lot of experience in coding yet! Info: System: Mac M1 Assets: Default RPGMAKERMZ assets I am working on a cutscene that goes like this: 1) Player is...
  3. Starmage

    RMMZ Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered)

    A Remastered commercial version of the game "Stellar Bewitching"! With brand new character redesigns and art done by Berry B! A Sci-Fi turn-based RPG that takes place parallel to the events of Rave Heart. Featuring teenage drama, touching storylines, new alternate paths, and boss rushes the...
  4. LyCandy

    RMMZ Plugin Command SomeRanDev Character Creator EX error

    I want the player to be able to create their own character during the intro cutscene event that I'm building. I'm using SuperTools so i can use the Character Creator EX plugin, and FOSSIL because it allows me to use Character Creator EX as an RRMV plugin while using RPGMaker MZ. The problem is...
  5. Esmeray

    BGM with splash screen

    Hello, I was trying to play a video with RAMZA_Pre_Title_Splash before my title screen but it seems like there is no way to play a BGM. I even edited the video with movie maker with the sounds but the result is a video without sound. I didn't find any way to play my video with the sounds . Has...
  6. HarlanX

    RMMZ Are there any plugins for RPG Maker MZ that add the ability to "pin" items to the top?

    Hello everyone! Me again. I am here to ask: are there any plugins that add a mechanic where you can "pin" certain items to the top of the list in the ITEM menu? A mockup of what I'm looking for is below. If there are any plugins that match what I'm looking for, please let me know. :D I use...
  7. ItsMeDevRoland

    Need help with making a Hanging bridge

    So it's been a while since I updated my game.. But now I went back to continue it.. I was working around a new town which includes bridges that connects to each houses.. But my problem is when I move over the bridge the player can suddenly climb up and walk through the bridge.. I was hoping to...
  8. Patroso

    plugin problem: VisuMZ_0_CoreEngine.js does not work in my project

    plugi does not work propertly shows such an error and in the code such something can somehow fix it I care to make the titlescrean beautiful
  9. orphalese

    [MV/MZ] Script to reorganize variables and switch numbers

    Hello, I'm back with another, I hope, useful thingy: This script replaces all occurrences of uses of a variable number in a game and replaces it with another number. This is helpful when you need to move some variables to keep your variables list organized. Get it from here...
  10. Diagonal Movement FPS Drops & Stuttering

    Hello all, Unfortunately, I've been struggling with the problem that several diagonal movement plugins cause regular FPS drops and image stuttering. The problem occurs primarily when the character moves diagonally. However, I have not been able to see any real pattern so far. I've been trying...
  11. Patroso

    how to do: when player equip special item event is changed?

    The player receives the coat of the Heroine and in the first option puts it on - then passes through the city gate unscathed. However, if the player does not wear the coat - the enforcers(enemy) attack him. Enforcers have a high level and gear, so winning with them is possible, but not profitable.
  12. Nichmann

    RMMZ The Last Night Shift

    Hired as a new security guard, your first job site is a botany research building. You will have to patrol your way through every floor of the building while signing off on various security sheets posted. Discover the hidden secrets to the true meaning of the research being conducted. There...
  13. Other RPG Maker's resources in RPG Maker MZ

    Hello everyone and first of all I am really sorry If a similar question was asked on the group before. I tried to search for it beforehand but couldn't find a definitive answer. Straight to the point, I own practically all RPG Makers on Steam, hence I would like to know if I can use resized and...
  14. How to aproach the camera in battle?

    Hey guys, so i'm having some problems with my battle mode, the camera is too far away: is there anything that i can do to solve this?
  15. Dungeonmind

    DM Shop Core - [MZ]

    Introduction This is an advanced plugin that will help you create highly customizable shops for your game. You can set items to be infinite or have a limited stock. You can change everything, right down to the shop owner’s maximum amount of weight he can hold or the maximum amount of gold he can...
  16. RMMZ A battle system involving 1 large action or 2 small actions

    I've been looking through turn battle systems in plugins but I can't find what I'm looking for so it just might not exist The turn system is simple enough: Actors take their turn instantly, and actors and enemies intermingle with turns determined by their AGI values (like visustella's STB...
  17. RMMZ Changing actor image after a state end

    Hi, I'm using RPG Maker MZ and VisuStella's basic plugin pack. I made a code so, when the character uses the Skill "Transform in Phoenix", his menu photo (and battle), turns into a Phoenix. Afterwards, I created a skill that appears on him in that form, thus making him change to human form...
  18. AxulArt

    someone knows an RPGMAKER MZ script to modify the size of the dialog and decision window?

    someone knows an RPGMAKER MZ script to modify the size of the dialog and decision window? I plan to make a game that used 32x32px or 16x16px in the size of the tiles; So I had to change the screen resolution to 640x360. As much as I search in the forums, they only mention things about...
  19. Uzuki

    RMMZ DarkPlasma Plugins not showing up in Plugin Manager

    Was wondering if anyone has any experience with these plugins from DarkPlasma. They show up in the plugin manager, but nothing else shows up.
  20. Dungeonmind

    DM Limited Inventory System - [MZ]

    Introduction Have you ever wanted to create a game with a limited inventory system similar to games like Skyrim in RPG Maker? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Create unlimited containers for your players to store items in, set the maximum weight a container can hold, or...

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