1. sebarz

    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Hello everybody, i hope you're doing well. I wondering if there exists any script to enable an autosave on my project. Any type of script or similar thing it helps alot. Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. How to import in RPG Maker VX

    Hello I am having difficulties importing sprites into my game. Is a png file not appropriate for importing and is there a specific folder I need to create? I can't seem to find any tutorials that would provide a step by step process of how to import. Thank you.
  3. Juanita Star

    Parallax Lock Script for VX

    Hi! I really, really need a way to lock parallax from scrolling on VX, anyone know a script for it? As an example: This one
  4. Juanita Star

    A doubt about railings

    I’m using Pixanna Orchestra tilesets, edited to VX/Ace (I use VX). I’m trying to use the railing to create a "second level effect", but there is a problem: No matter how I set the passage settings, there is always this chunk of empty space. I don’t know if this is normal or is just me messing...
  5. jaeroll

    A late hello but HI!

    My name is Jaeroll Ive been using rpgmaker since rpgmaker XP , creating projects left and right never finishing them as the usual. Was an avid free title screen maker back in the rpgmaker VX days. Creating art for the community etc. I joined this forum in 2014... But never posted cause I was...
  6. Juanita Star

    Templates For Wings (I just dont know how to use then)

    I’m trying to use both of this templates (angel wings, butterfly wings) with the mack templates down below. Problem is, I'm terrible with Photoshop or spritting in general. Instead of the smooth transition of a walking or flying sprite, I get a sprite with a personalized earthquake. Not a...
  7. Juanita Star

    Buttlerfly Animations

    Resource Type: Animations Maker Format: Rpg Maker VX Art Style: Mack (does this matter in animation? Putting it anyways) Description: I’m looking for magic butterflies… or whatever kind of animation containing butterflies, seriously. I’m a disgrace in animating, so if it not something you...
  8. KiraK320

    RPGMaker VX parallax?

    Hey this is my first post and I'm terribly sorry if this isn't the right place but... I really want to make a horror game! I feel as though I could best create a creepy, well put together atmosphere if I could make parallax maps. I currently have Hanzo Kimura's ultimate parallax mapping script...
  9. Haven Frost

    Skill casting problem(RMVX)

    In the photo I provided you see the monster casting the spell "Fire". I was wondering if it is possible if I could change that animation. Not the actually fire animation the animation that always plays when I cast any skill. I looked online and all I can find is Rpg Maker VX ace stuff. Nothing...
  10. Haven Frost

    Animated Gif for title screen(RMVX)

    So I was wondering if  it was possible to change the title screen to a changing gif image instead of the normal image it allows you to use. thank you ahead of time.
  11. Haven Frost

    Efficieny Help(RMVX)

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the right spot but I have no clue what I should set the efficiency stats to for certain monsters. I understand it is a grade system and what not I just don't understand which I am suppose to choose. For example... Say I have a monster that is fire based and I...
  12. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker Helpful tools

    Hi, I was given a useful site that has loads of helpful stuff for XP, VX, VX Ace & MV. I do request you give the person and/or people that made these the credit for there work. Thank-you for your time everyone. vvv LINK vvv https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/scripts/ ^^^ LINK ^^^
  13. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker VX(Battle Menu Help)

    Hi, I am currently stuck in a bind. I am trying to change my battle menu. You know the little selection screen while you are in the middle of battle. I can't find a script nor video to do so. Please help if you are able to. I surfed all over Google and Youtube for a bit of help and all I can...
  14. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker VX Battle Background help please

    Hi, I am new to battle back ground stuff, I have everything running smoothly so far for a game I am working on accept I don't like the preset back ground the start you off with. The blurred image with the swirling animation is to plain and simple to me. I was wondering if anyone could help me...
  15. aurorablessing

    Data Transferable?

    Hello! So recently, my friend recommended me to use RPG Maker, so I got RPG Maker VX Ace Lite to try it out. I hit the limit of maps and was constantly annoyed by the constant event limit. Is there a way to transfer my game data when I get RPG Maker VX Ace? ~Thank you.
  16. Enemy mobs event

    I made an event on my mob battle for the main bad guy to heal himself under 50% health, but he isn't doing it?
  17. mylafter

    Confused about RPG Maker DS

    Hello, I'm a little confused about what RPG Maker DS is.  (I have a few questions) 1. I've been searching around google and from what I've read, RPGDS hasn't made way to the US yet. Is this true? Is there any news of a release date? 2. I think I heard somewhere that a VX project can be...
  18. Removing a Specific Character

    Okay, so I'm still a noob and I have tons of opened tabs about Removing and Adding a character under the Change Party Member because no matter what I do, the main character I'm trying to remove is still there in the next event. It's annoying me and I'm close to flipping my laptop.  The player...

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