1. How can I save set swithces after closing game? [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm currently using RMVA to make my game and I know this japanese script that allows to save the set variables after closing game, but, can I do the same with switches? Thanks!
  2. Dragon Brother

    RMVXA Rules of War in a world of Toys: International Law in Combat: Toy box

    Greetings Forrumites, As some of You know, I am working on a turn based strategy Game about Living toys set in a conflict with one another, today I have come to get Your opinion on a subject that has recently provoked a thought in Me, as I was working game mechanics I commented on several ideas...
  3. UncertainTitle

    As I Follow the Moon - Mappers and Artists Needed!

    The story is pretty long, so to keep this thread clean click the spoiler to read it ^ ^ This game was originally intended to be a birthday gift. I say “originally”, because my friend’s birthday has already passed and I’m still nowhere close to being done. This is either...
  4. ShacoBunny

    Help with menu Transparency

    Basically what I want to know is how to make the menu windows not show up transparent I want it to be one solid color I don't wan to be able to see through it.

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