1. ronyunderen

    [VXACE] State Icon become Text

    Hello! Could you help me please if the state icon can change to text. In my game, i only use 4 states: Death, Poison, Confused, Sleep. I hope the state icon become text like: Dth, Psn, Cnf, Slp. Any idea? Thank you! limit: i never give enemy skill with multiple states. So each actor always get...
  2. ronyunderen

    Press Start Button Script [VXACE]

    Hello, anyone know or have 'Press Start Button' Script? Thank you
  3. ronyunderen

    [VXACE] How to add Interior Tiles for Exterior Map (Ex: Table, Floor)

    Hello, could you help me please. How to add interior tiles for exterior map? I wanna put table and floor at outside. (Inside_A2) When i try to add the tiles at Exterior-D, the tiles can't change automatically. (I even can't speak through the table) Thank you!
  4. ronyunderen

    [VXACE] Big Char Spider

    Resource Type: Big Character Maker Format: VXAce Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I need Big char for my 'Ancient Spider Battler'. Just a Big Char Spider. Thank you! Reference Images: vxresource
  5. ronyunderen

    [VXACE] How to make enemy window automatic sized?

    Hello, could you help me please how to make enemy window automatic sized like Dragon Quest? So if there are 2 only enemy, the blank space can't show. In my game, max enemy is 4. So, i hope the window only 1 column with 4 lines. Thank you!
  6. ronyunderen

    [VXACE] Battle Log with Window

    Hello, anyone can help me to make a script so battle log show with window? Like Dragon Quest Battle Log. Thank you!
  7. RedRose190

    Script (or command) that player and events "can't step on a certain tile"

    Hello! Is there any script (or command) that players and events "can't step on a certain tile or tiles" ? Thank you!!
  8. RedRose190

    [CSCA] Dungeon Tools (Adding switch option when a specific tool is selected)

    Hello Happy Easter! I need help with some scripting.. i tried to make some settings by myself but i am not a script expert... i need a switch option when i select a certain tool from casper667's dungeon tools. Sadly, casper667 do not support his ace scripts with new features but i believe he...
  9. I wanna make a game from RTP, anyone can give me advice to make a good simple RPG game?

    Simple good RPG game, maybe for 2-3 hours gameplay. I use RTP VX ACE resources. This game just for free to play and my first portofolio of game design. Anyone can give me some advice? Thank you. :esrs:
  10. [VXACE] Remove enemy emerged

    Hello RM Members, could you help me please, how to remove enemy emerged message when player enter to fight without yanflyBS. I use default BS (Battle System) Thank you!
  11. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  12. [VXACE] How to put BGS in title menu?

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to put BGS in title menu? So there are 2 music, BGM and BGS. Thank you!
  13. [VXACE] breathing script player actor sprite in field or map

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to make my player actor in field have breathing animation? Note: without breathing sprite, just use script. THANK YOU!

    Hello RM Members, I need help for my project. is there any script for slideshow title screen? I need my picture of title menu can change/move like slideshow. Note: its okay though if the script also have smooth fade in/out transition. :ehappy: Thank you!
  15. Make Message Windows Higher [VXACE]

    Hello RM Members! I wanna make my window message higher. So my window message not too low. I made my window message with 2 visible numbers. Thank you!
  16. Make Window Select Enemies Smaller [VXACE]

    Hello RM Members! Could you help me please? i wanna make window select enemies smaller. Anyone can help me please? Thank you! I use Visible Number Battle Status and Actor Command [3] I use fullscreen game (640x480)

    Hello RM Members! Could you help me please? i wanna make title menu become higher. (i wanna reposition the menu)
  18. No Transparent Windowskin [VXACE]

    Hello RM Members, Could you help me please? I wanna make my windowskin no transparent. Anyone can give me solution? Thank you!
  19. No Fast Forward Message

    Sorry for asking so many times... Hello RM Members! Could you help me? how to disable/remove fast forward feature on message? I wanna put SE text message but fast forward feature make the sound too fast and not good. Anyone can help me? Thank you! i use this script for SE text...
  20. Dragon Quest 1 Battle System?

    Hello RM Members! Anyone can make me Dragon Quest 1 Battle system? only for 1 character. or solution for solo battle system Thank you!

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