1. jmonkey106

    How to spread out following companions?

    The sprites I use for the companions/other actors in my game are big and overlap with each other when walking behind the main actor. Is there anyway to spread them out so the sprites don't overlap? To be more specific I mean when you're walking and your companions follow behind you, my...
  2. RedRose190

    Simple Shooting fireballs by player, script or event tutorial? - vx ace

    Hello! i use rpg maker vx ace and as the title says does anyone can recomend me a simple kinda Shooting fireballs script or event tutorial? i looked up on google but i didn't had any luck.. I also found a youtube video that shows what i need but the guy that posted it didn't had script or...
  3. cirnoe

    (VX ACE) strange door duplication glitch when using Himeworks connected maps script

    Hello! I am using the following script by Himeworks ( here ) in order to connect two maps in my game. It works like a charm- except for some reason the door events in one of my maps duplicates to the other connected map. I know they are duplicates because one of them opens to transfer the...
  4. minonna

    rpg maker mv scripts on vx ace?

    ive been developing a game on vx ace for a few days, and i already have all the plugins i need problem is, these plugins were made for mv and often dont work any solutions?
  5. Cuddlebuns

    Game_Interpreter line 1411: NoMethodError occurred

    I have been getting this error for no discernable reason: The # made me think it was a line of code that was somehow, against all possible odds, accidentally commented out. However, I could find no trace of this after scouring every script and common event. I have made no changes to the main...
  6. parallax map

    hey there, i was wondering why is my map not fixed i made a map from a picture and made sure the each tile is 32x32 but when i play the game i spawn in a different location n i cant walk around it as it should be (P.S. i used empty tiles for accessibility and its tiles B and i made sure the...
  7. Argami

    Not freeze screen while usig MOG’s Chain Commands Script

    Hi! I’m using MOGHunters’s Chain Commands Script and I have a question. It seems that the script freezes the screen when you’re doing the Chain Commands “minigame”, like it takes a snapshot of the background. My question is if it’s possible to not freeze the graphics while you’re using the...
  8. Argami

    Add MP damage effect (SOLVED)

    Hello! I want to know if its possible to add an effect in battle when you receive MP damage. For example I found that line in Game_Actor wich I think it's the effects that occurs when you receive HP damage: def perform_damage_effect $game_troop.screen.start_shake(5, 5, 10)...
  9. simple script to end loops

    hey guys i was wondering if i can use script in loop so if someone press certain key like A/S/D it will end the loop of a certain codes can someone tell me whats the script cod for that much appreciated, you guys are awesome
  10. make an event move toward another event

    hey there, first of all i'm terribly sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place, idk why i always end up in the wrong place if not then cool I would like to make an event move toward a second event I know I can make event move toward players but I don't need that I would really appreciate it if i...
  11. AoSapphire

    [Ace] Show text messages while in menu screen.

    I've been wondering about this for quite awhile but is there any script that lets you show text messages while the menu screen is open? There's a scene that I want to make. It would be like this: Player would talk to, let's say tutorial npc. Then after talking for a bit, the menu screen will...
  12. AoSapphire

    [Ace] Hime's choice options script

    So... I've been looking for some script that would enable me to make more choices or options and found Hime's choice options script and I got to say, it really works well when I use variables. But I have a question. What do you type in the script call if you were to use switches? Sure, I can...
  13. chriistian

    Script for change the menu pause

    how do i change the menu pause like this? i mean, how do i put the image in the menu pause? its with a script? please help me :(
  14. Tixerp

    Problems with Moghunters Pick up and throw script

    So, I keep getting this error every time i try to pick up an event: Here's the weird part I'm struggling with though: This error only pops up on certain maps. I can't seem to find a pattern or what the problem is with the map I'm trying to put it on, but i copied the events from the demo...
  15. Canini

    RMVXA Dauðra Dura (the doors of the dead) One map ten events entry

    Dauðra Dura (The doors of the dead) SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Controls Z interacts with objects X Opens the menu A Jumps M opens the spell and item menu Shift...
  16. Npcs while in airship

    Is there a way to make it so that NPCs can interact with you while you are in the airship? Like "This thingy will follow you and if you touch it you'll enter a battle."
  17. Fragarachu

    Image before title screen?

    Hello, i don't want people that played my game (RPG Maker VXACE), don't know who the creator is. (maybe they're lazy too read before downloading the game) Anyway i want a image to pop up before the title screen. The screen is black, then fades in to a image... screen blacks out again... and...
  18. Fragarachu

    Menu that uses mouse click?

    Hello, I want to make a really detailed RPG Maker VX Ace game. But something is missing, i want a custom menu. A custom menu, that the buttons need to be clicked by the mouse, not the arrow keys and enter. So what's the script? Sorry if there's something wrong or my bad eng.
  19. Zuri

    RMVXA Timorous

    "There are many people around me, but why do I feel lonely?" Game Progress: 10% Screenshots: [/spoiler] Characters: Story: Gameplay: Credits: Please support me, the game developer (Zuri) on this game!:kaojoy: [VERY SHORT DEMO] (click to download)
  20. HELP! Quiz Battle System

    Hello, I am using RPG Maker VX Ace and I wanted to know if I could change the battle system to be multiple choice questions much like this: I know I can do this with events but I am desperate to do this in the battle system, I need it almost exactly like the video above! Any plugins or...

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