1. Earthtian

    The coolest and most fantastical Titlescreen ever made!

    I want a titlescreen that is animated but beautiful.  I want it to have some elements from moghunters title like the particles and the commands (how they are positioned and such)  and hanzo kimuras title (like the games name animation how it will stay put but after a bit it will kinda do an...
  2. naruzeldamaster

    Can Someone Please Make A Script For This?

    Okay two things I need to get out of the way 1: I already know about Yanflay's scripts! So don't suggest those please! 2: I just want something simple that doesn't have so many features that I'll never use in this particular game, hence statement #1. I know Yanflay's scripts are great, but...
  3. Sas HUD remove

    Hi , im new here . I want to know how to remove the defalt hud of sas system Or at last activating The sas system without activating the HUD Thank you
  4. Azurecyan

    Increase a random stat in battle

    I'm not exactly sure if this has been asked before but is there a way for an item to increase a random stat in battle? I have an item which restores some HP but I also want that item to increase a random stat for a certain number of turns during battle. I'm sure there is a way through scripting...
  5. Fernyfer775

    Using music from other well-known games.

    Hello there! So, I was just curious to know what the community thought about people using music from games such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Breath of Fire, (insert other well-known RPG names here), etc. in their games. I've seen some pretty mixed feelings on this as I've read some of the...
  6. tonytechno

    A combination of diablo/FF/ and SAO?

    Hello everyone of this topic i really don't know where i should post this but i seen then and thought it would be a good place. So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much FF/Diablo/SAO so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy...
  7. An Old Train

    A friend of mine wants me to help him with his project. It's an interesting one, taking place on a normal train in the real-world 1960's. The request is for what would be the train itself; the interior of the train and a depiction of it from the outside as the exterior (for boarding). It...
  8. shiori4me

    Script call to change the display name of a map?

    Because 'the player knows that a town's name is Desmont before they get told that. Among other things. I want to be able to change the display name of a map in-game.
  9. shiori4me

    Dynamic Music Control? (start at certain parts of a song, able to use a variable, etc?)

    It isn't possible to play music at a certain second/etc of the song. You can run a variable that ups every 30 frames, yes, to count where you were in the song, but still, no way to use that variable. The only way to have a song play then fade silent then play back to a certain point in the song...
  10. Azurecyan

    Shaz's Looping Animation

    I seem to be getting an error from Shaz's Looping Animation script: it seems to give me this error when i give a script command such as $game_player.start_anim_loop(200, 2) as seen below. It works perfectly fine if I just do $game_player.start_anim_loop(200), but the animation still flickers...
  11. FinalRed7

    Game Title Screens.

    Hello, everyone. This is a repost because, I was technically asking for money on my last post, and thats why it was canceled. What I meant by commissions, I meant by I'll do it for free, its just that I needed those two things filled out to start and finish. So, yeah. My friends think I'm pretty...
  12. Duranin

    From old to new?

    So I've tried searching the all knowing Google for ANY answer regarding opening a project you were working on RPG Maker XP, and continuing your work on it in VX Ace. If nothing else can you at least export the maps you made?
  13. FinalRed7

    Game Logos for Title Screens & Pictures

    Heyyyoooo everyone! I'm FinalRed7, and my friends believe I'm pretty good at making Game Title Screens, so I thought why not do it for RPG Maker VX Ace!  I got one for my friend, Yoshigang5673, and he said it looked awesome. So how to commission a game title screen, you have to fill this out...
  14. sprites as battlers

    I was wondering since I was hovering around on youtube at the Lets Play hub section of the forums.. I noticed some games got Sprites as battlers like your own characters as battlers since I am using the YES battle engine and when you have these enormous battlers its not nice in the game. So my...
  15. Prodigy03

    Spirite Help?

    Hello, I'm working on a game (duh) and I wanted to use some custom Pixel Item Sprites. I've seen several "Resource Packs" that contain not only floor/wall tiles but Item Spirites. I already made a few to use for my game, and wanted to know how to "Install/Import" them into my game for use. Thanks
  16. drago453

    Ds+ Zalerinian save issue.

    So, I've been trying out the Ds+ Pack scripts, and I've run across a problem. The Save script it comes with only loads, even when I'm not selecting a file with a previous save. If there's no save in the game it works just fine, but as soon as you save once, it'll always load your first save, and...
  17. drago453

    Events have disappeared?

    So, I was giving out playtesting sessions of my game, when something weird came up. In the opening scene of my game there comes a point where 5 characters are supposed to appear for the player to choose from. This used to work just fine, but, now for some reason 3 of them have just...
  18. shiori4me

    Skill Cost String Codes for requiring >= 75MP but costing 100MP

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/skill-cost-manager/ Although these strings should just use the general logic of RGSS3 and so even if you don't know that script you might know how to help. I make it so the skill requirement string...
  19. CrypticCuddler

    Can I compress and still Edit my game?

    Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate your help on my noob questions.  Be gentle >_> Anyway, I have only just begun tinkering and working with RPGmakerVXAce, and would like to show what I have done so far to my friend by sending them the unfinished game, but I want to know if compressing the...
  20. drago453

    Need Parallax Mapping Help

    So, I'm trying to learn how to parallax map. I've been using GIMP 2.8, and this video as a tutorial:  I've gotten as far as 8:05, and followed the steps as well as I know. Then it gets to the tree part. When I put a tree as a new brush, it always comes out as a box, like so:   I've tried to...

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