1. Momo_Mccloud

    FF4 Airship sprite request

    Hello, Momo_Mccloud here! I have a request. I wanted to create a FF4 airship sprite just like a player, but I really suck at pixel art :( . If someone wants to help me please leave a reply :)
  2. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    Firstly, my apologies if this question is in the wrong area; I did a search and related matters seemed to appear in this area. Like many here, I've taken on the endevour of creating an rpg. Where I seem to run into issue is how I'd like my battle system to work; the ideal vs. reality so to...
  3. I Need A Horror game Tileset!

    I need a small tileset used for a horror game. The game's first part was set in abandoned hospital in another dimension and the main characters were stuck in there with a psychotic surgeon and an undead doctor. The tileset is for an abandoned hospital that is about 20 years old. I only need...
  4. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Monster Spites

    I need me some monster sprites. As my game is all about the monsters I need more sprites than Ace and DS and Samuari gives me, preferably with them able to move in all directions. Could anyone please help me find some? any at all will do, just,monsters! Thank you!
  5. When I try to make a character collapse he just disapears?

    I'm trying to make a cut scene where the main character kills the king. The only problem is when I get to the room the kings in he isnt there. I've set an event to play out and for him to go to the collapsed animation i've set self switch to A on both event pages and put the actor on the second...
  6. hyde9318

    Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (2012)

    Characters Cobi Cobi is the oldest child in his family. He has always loved helping his father out when it came to working with monsters. It was quite often that he could be found watching local monster masters training just outside the town limits as he was growing up. When he was told...
  7. Joporai124

    Paralax Tiles: How to use them

    Hey dudes/dudets I've been with the rm series since xp and keep hearing lots about Paralax Mapping but how exactly are you suppose to use paralax tiles I haven't found anywhere where it explains how to use them and I am curious as I here its better to use. so can anybody help me please. :)
  8. Joporai124

    Icon Sets for RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hello my fellow VX Ace users I am looking for Icon sets for RPG Maker VX Ace and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, or create some custom ones for me as it would be much appreciated. Peace. :)
  9. Joporai124

    Any Suggestion as where to get voice overs from

    I'm a newbie to the forum and I hope I tagged this right if not please explain. Any how I was wondering if anybody knows a good way/place to get a voice over from e.g a person who will say the background of my game and save it as a audio file. as I have no idea where to go for one. Can...

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