1. Juanita Star

    Looking for some tilesets

    I have this feeling I’m using this section way too much. This might be my most… “needy?” post. Resource Type: Tileset. Maker Format: VX,Ace Art Style: Anything that doesnt clash violently with the VX, Ace style. Description: I’m looking for some tilesets resources: Magic artifacts...
  2. Robert Trent

    Problems with KHAS Message System's script

    Hello everyone. I am currently using the KHAS Message System in my game project. Although the script is really visually pleasing, I am experiencing some limitations/problems with it that are definitely hindering me: - The script changes the font and font size of ALL messages with text, not just...
  3. Bad Stitches

    RMVXA LoneLy: The DesCent [Horror]

    Developer: Stitch / Bad Stitches Publisher: Voodoo Box Genre: Psycho-Horror / Adventure Language: german / english Status: Demo version 1.9 Play time: approx. 30 min + 'LoneLy' is a game with a heavy atmosphere and psychological horror comparable with the old Silent Hills and Resident Evils and...
  4. Strawberrycat24

    Strawberrycat24's data dump (and Customs)

    ~Logo by Reisen~ Welcome to my data dump! Here I will put all of my works throughout the years. The things I made for dead projects, to the things I made as per request. Ah I can hardly remember those people anymore...but I still have the sprites and other things. The things I put here...

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