1. Custom menu settings change mid game

    Hi fellow RPG'ers! I was wondering if it was possible to have the game menu show certain aspects as the game goes on. E.g. At the start, when you press ESC is shows the default Item, Skill, Equip etc. I want it to only show Item. As the game goes on, you can unlock Skill, Equip etc...
  2. Faizal786sunny

    Need help here

    i was trying to play an RPG maker xp game on mobile and this pops up Any issues I could fix?
  3. FervorCraft

    RMXP Charon - Zhetan Chronicles [Act I] | GAMEPLAY DEMO OUT NOW

    Synopsis: Experience a compelling story Fight exciting and strategic battles Improve powerful skills Discover a world full of secrets Learn about its history And challenge the status quo! The Characters: Features: ATB Sideview Battle System Sidequests, Fetchquests & Mobhunting Crafting...
  4. Jaiden

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock By Jaiden Introduction This is a script that I've used to enhance XP's mapping even further. It allows for an additional fog that is exclusive to the map ID instead of the tileset, plus an additional two fogs: one drawn as a "lightmap" to add lighting effects and one...
  5. Andrea87Sky

    FREE DELTATALE - A Deltarune fangame on RPG Maker XP

    (Sorry for bad english, :p) (Please don't say that MV or VX have already an Undertale system, I know, thanks.) Engine: RPG Maker XP Synopsis: A fan-sequel/game of Deltarune, a game by Toby Fox. DELTATALE is a game with an engine made from zero using RPG Maker XP and Ruby systems. The battle...
  6. Call operating system window during game play

    Hey guys, i'm here again! sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian and i searched a lot for this but I can not find, weel, is it possible to call an operating system window through rpg maker XP, like in Oneshot? do have any script / plugin? I'm so lost. (hope i have done in the right place now)
  7. Call operating system window during game play

    Hey guys! sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian and i searched a lot for this but I can not find, weel, is it possible to call an operating system window through rpg maker, like in Oneshot? do have any script / plugin? I'm so lost. thank u guys <3
  8. Kouwelm

    Looking for a custom menu script

    Resource Type: Menu Script Maker Format: XP Art Style: GBC inspired Description: A menu that looks a lot like the Survival kids GBC menu, however, I only want Name shown above like the menu (Maximum 5 letters) plus LIFE with a 100 percentage on the right (that changes based on health) side...
  9. jaeroll

    A late hello but HI!

    My name is Jaeroll Ive been using rpgmaker since rpgmaker XP , creating projects left and right never finishing them as the usual. Was an avid free title screen maker back in the rpgmaker VX days. Creating art for the community etc. I joined this forum in 2014... But never posted cause I was...
  10. PaintingWitch

    Running an event at the start of the game

    So, I'm still pretty new to RPG Maker XP, having only downloaded it a few days ago. What I want to do is have an event play at the beginning of the game right after the player would press start, to give a bit of a backstory to the main characters of the game. However, I don't know how to do...
  11. RPG XP Custom Sprite Request

    Hi, I need some help making a sprite for two characters. I have a picture of the two characters and they're suppose to be like Russia from Hetalia, but some modifications. http://untamed.wild-refuge.net/images/rpgxp/hetalia/russia.png This is what the base would look like. This is what the...
  12. Pedro Poupado


    hi i have rpg XP and i wondered, if someone can explain this folders inside enterbrain i have two: -RGSS RTP (with graphics and audio), but nothing inside each - RPGXP folder (with system, license, etc) so i am kind of newbie in pcs so i wondered where can i see the tilesets, sounds, that come...
  13. lucasm4ker

    [XP]New Effects at deafult battle system

    Script: (RPG.Maker.XP)Riv_bossEffect_Script Author: lucasm4ker/=riv/=riven About: This script changes and add features of deafult battle system of Rpg Maker XP I suggest you to see the video preview. And acess my blog(https://lucasm4ker.wordpress.com/) for more informations or contact/support...
  14. Guiguimu

    Guiguimu's Resources

    Hey all! I would like to present you the little editions I made! These are not the best out there, but if you can find any use for them, please, be my guest! ^^ I would also like to know your opinion! And a big thanks to those who have already expressed themselves, giving me motivation and...
  15. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker Helpful tools

    Hi, I was given a useful site that has loads of helpful stuff for XP, VX, VX Ace & MV. I do request you give the person and/or people that made these the credit for there work. Thank-you for your time everyone. vvv LINK vvv https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/scripts/ ^^^ LINK ^^^
  16. hoboayoyo

    call common event at end of battle

    Hi there I'm working on a small project in XP and would like to call common events at the end of every battle. I've searched many RPG maker forums and sites and XP is really out of date in terms of support, so all of the soloutions i found were for other versions of rpg maker. I know the...
  17. spritemight

    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker XP

    Welcome to Sprite Might! All assets in this thread are for RPG Maker XP! Please see below for the 'Sprite Might Asset Usage Guide' . It has all the information you'll want to know about before using any of the work in this thread. I have also sorted each asset into their respective...
  18. Scripting problem

  19. Player Transfer Crashes Game (Pokemon Essentials)

    Whenever I do the player transfer event this happens Exception: TypeError Message: cannot convert Fixnum into String PField_Field:1406:in `+' PField_Field:1406:in `pbGetPlayerCharset' PField_Field:1422:in `pbUpdateVehicle' PField_Field:1433:in `pbCancelVehicles'...
  20. Tiamat5774

    Custom Scene_Save and Scene_Load Scripts needed

    Hello, I'm creeping up on the end of making my game, but need two more scripts to create a uniform look to all the menus in game play. I've been using The MOG scripts for Scene modifications.  I downloaded all the scripts of this type from here: http://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/  .  I'll...

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