1. RMMV No Animation On Skill Use

    I am using side view battles and at various points I want to reduce the limited uses of skills globally. Currently, I am using a skill with notetags that is triggered by a common event. When it triggers, I want the player to notice this as little as possible, which means skipping SV...
  2. RMMV Get Actors (even those not in party) biggest level then put it in variable

    Is there any way to get Actors (even those not in party) biggest level then put it in variable Example: Actor 1: Level - 10 Actor 2: Level - 15 Actor 3: Level - 99 ... - 12 ... - 10 Variable 1: 99
  3. bluechuii

    Please help me with loops/ Input!

    I'm trying to make a 'menu' of sorts. I was told Loops and Conditional branches would be a good way to do it. So, basically, I have pictures that are like a menu. I want the player to be able to press up and down to flick through the options and press ok so they can choose an outfit etc. I...
  4. RMMV How to create a json when the player saves a game

    Hello, I am creating a game in RPG Maker MV and I want to load some game data into a web page and I thought the easiest way would be to generate a json when the player saves the game and then load the save data into it, but I can't find the way to do it. I'm a beginner at plugins, so I'd really...
  5. Tippiexd

    @Experienced game makers! -- Do I keep using rpg maker mv or.... ?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums! I oughtta look around more but I figure I'd just make a post and see what kinds of answers I could get. So, I've had an idea for a game and have been tinkering around on rpg maker mv for a few years now. I'm a noob at the variables but I sort of have a grasp on...
  6. Froggo32

    Looking for food tilesets/icons for MV

    Hello! I'm looking for some free food tilesets/icons since I cant currently buy the meal time DLC. MV size [48x48] and style,similar - looking to RTP, free to use in non-commercial games. I already have PandaMaru's bakery and Ogedei's Asian food btw. Thank you in advance!
  7. 32x assets in RPGMMV

    So, I think everybody know OMORI (MV game) uses 32x tiles and assets, they are not upscaled as I checked the game files, and I was wondering, would there be a way to use stuff like that? I have a 32x tile plugin from Shaz but it's not applying to the characters, thanks in advance!
  8. Johannez

    Invisible boxes that you cant pass through/impassable tiles?

    Okay so i made this map and tried it in game. But there are some areas that my character wont walk over. It stops him from going like there are invisible walls placed around the map. in the picture below I drew what where character could walk. I have checked to see if certain tiles were crossed...
  9. How to get pixel-perfect fonts?

    I used Galenmereth's pixel perfect plug-in, but the fonts still have a bit of blur to them.
  10. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Anna's Radio Plugin for RPG Maker MV Introduction This is a Plugin that allows a playlist of Audio files to play in the background of your game until you command the sound to unmute (i.e. turning on a radio). I've worked really hard on getting this to work on a basic level, and it's definitely...
  11. RajaNaga

    RMMV Help with HUD

    Hello everyone, i'm making a project that i want to use a HUD with hearts instead of a life bar, my problem is i don't know how to make it, i'm a beginner in RPG Maker and i don't understand well how variables work (supposing HUDs use variables). The way i want is, when the player walks arround...
  12. KingKraken

    Setting an array with integers?

    Hello everyone! I've learned a bit about arrays over the last month or so, and think I have a decent understanding of how they function, when you manually set the numbers/strings within an array. But my question is, is it possible to do this for a larger pool of options without having to type...
  13. RMMV How to move boss battle image pass battle hud

    Hey I was wondering if there is a way to position a boss battle image past the battle menu box in MV like the example image I have. You can't scale or move the image below in the troop section, I tried everything I can think of but it ends up like the 2nd image. Is there a plugin or code that...
  14. Zega

    RMMV Mad Milk State

    Hi, I'm using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core, and I want to make a status effect from Team Fortress 2. Mad Milk Any damage done to enemies covered in milk restores 60% of the damage dealt to the attacking player's health. The problem is that I don't know how to use the plugin's complicated JS...
  15. RMMV DND - the lost chapter

    DND - the lost chapter The file to download is called PEPO the legacy, but the game name is not really important. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK (These are optional) SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT
  16. Dee_Law

    RMMV Message box customization help(RPGMMV)

    Heyo gamers! I added "Galv's message styles" to my project and it seems to run very nicely. The problem I'm having right now is that since I'm also using Yanfly's "Better messages" plugin, there is a mismatch between the color pallets of both the character name window and the actual text box...
  17. KingKraken

    Formula for party size specific battler position? Yanfly's Battle Core

    Using Yanfly's Battle Core, it let's you play around with the default positioning formula for the party members as a group, within battles. One issue I'm running into however, is that if the party is full, they settings are perfect. However, with just one or two members in the party, it looks...
  18. Tippiexd

    There is a specific plugin I want for Message Sound by Yanfly - I can't find how to download

    Here's the link of what I want: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Extended_Message_Pack_1_(YEP)#Download It doesn't have an option to download it alone, so I bought the pack as per the only available download link (within those two pictures). I'm aware on how to use plugins, I've been using Message...
  19. Issue equipping weapons

    Okay so here's an issue. I recently transferred my whole game from VX Ace to MV. I'm in the middle of touching up a few things that bugged out as a result, but one huge issue is now my weapons won't equip. I have set the actors and classes to have the correct weapons, I've made the weapons with...
  20. PantsJackson

    Ending battle by healing enemy to full HP

    I'm new to RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if this is possible. I'm trying to create a system where your job is to help the enemies, rather than defeat them. Is it possible to set encounters to begin with an enemy at low health, then end on healing them to full HP? If so, how? I've looked through...

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