1. Issue equipping weapons

    Okay so here's an issue. I recently transferred my whole game from VX Ace to MV. I'm in the middle of touching up a few things that bugged out as a result, but one huge issue is now my weapons won't equip. I have set the actors and classes to have the correct weapons, I've made the weapons with...
  2. PantsJackson

    Ending battle by healing enemy to full HP

    I'm new to RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if this is possible. I'm trying to create a system where your job is to help the enemies, rather than defeat them. Is it possible to set encounters to begin with an enemy at low health, then end on healing them to full HP? If so, how? I've looked through...
  3. Banjo

    Creating a simple virtual "deck of cards"?

    I know there are custom plugins for complex CCGs and card game minigames, but that's not what I need. Instead, here's what I want to do... 1) There are four different card "types" (for example: earth, fire, wind, water). 2) Sitting on a table is a "deck" of cards that contains the following 8...
  4. Fantasmi_Gammes

    FG_KeyPush2 (MV)

    Hello,i'm from spain so my english is not perfect xD Hello again im Fantasmi Games and here is my first plugin ever xD The plugin allows you to check with a conditional branch if a key its pressed. I search this plugin a lot of times and i dont found anything. The plugin can be used in...
  5. noxfungi

    Custom Item Menu Help

    Hello there, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm fairly new to java scripting and rpg maker in general but I'm slowly getting a grasp of things and I wanted to make my own custom menus and such. I've made a mockup inventory menu for my school-based rpg, so first here's that: The...
  6. How to skip Skill Menu and just show Skills?

    Hey everybody, I'm back with another question. So, I'm using basically most of Yanfly's amazing plugins and have a question in just the main menu. So, in battle, when selecting the skills command, it just shows usable skills immediately and you can pick whatever. However, in the main menu...
  7. Time Fantasy Lamp posts and Wells

    Hello guys, I don't know if you can help me. I have recently bought from Steam all Time Fantasy resources for MV. I also got all the freebies from the creator but I am unable to find anywhere the wells and lamp posts. Below are some pictures from youtube with what I'm missing. How can I get...
  8. GentleCyanide

    RMMV Legends of Macrocosm

    Introduction Greetings, Vestige Games consist of two people GentleCyanide and KabukiCat. We're casually trying to make a fun Parody Meta RPG "Legends of Macrocosm" game in our spare time. Full time we work as professional concept artists in the games industry, and were looking for an outlet...
  9. Critical hit sound effect and general effects

    For a long time now I've been looking around for a plugin that would allow me to add in a sound effect (and maybe a picture) every single time a critical hit is triggered. The only thing I could find was a dead link that was shut down due to the "creator" stealing code. Then I thought, why don't...
  10. Zheg

    Issue with YEP actions Jump skill

    Hi everyone actually i having a problem with YEP action sequence with jump skill im using the code that yanfly did for jump skill its working good by the first use, but after that, doesnt work anymore using again jump wont land anymore, also killing enemies without jumping for the second time...
  11. Oscar92player

    [YEP][Issues] Animation delay / Target Core and Selection Control

    Before anyone asks about reporting this to Yanfly, I've reported this issues in May on his ******* page. Since we don't have new updates since April (and I don't know if we are going to have more in the near future), I'm going to post this issues here and look if anyone has an idea on how to fix...
  12. Lady_Blackpearl

    RPGMMV Javascript: Adding Text?

    Hi I'm new, until now I have searched for tutorials on youtube or google but seem can't find anything I need. I'm also new in javascript or programming, tho with guides and some of my ideas I'm making my own custom menu. Looking for tutorials how to create text inside the custom menu and place...
  13. Zheg

    plugin for enemy slain?

    Hi everyone i been looking for a script wherever you kill an enemy like the bat, you get +1 to the assigned variable i used the Kill Counter plugin of Shaz buts its not working properly i randomly got from 1 to 2 of each kill and i dont know why its happening. here some screenies.... thanks
  14. seryphi

    RMMV Torat

    TORAT (No banner yet...) Disclaimer: This game deals with potentially disturbing topics (abuse, mental illness, intrusive thoughts, self destructive impulses, etc). Nothing explicit, but discretion definitely advised. There's implications. You won't like them. Disclaimer 2: I was only...
  15. SrOscuro

    Plugin, Seeded random numbers generator

    This is my first released plugin, a plugin to generate random numbers after initializing a generator with a seed. Seed initialized random numbers? Seeded random generators differ from the built-in random numbers because you can initialize it with a value to force always the same sequence of...
  16. SrOscuro

    Javascript, wait until images are loaded

    Hi, i am working on a plugin for my game that automatically loads parallax images on map enter. Because in big maps that is slow(1-3 seconds with strange screen effects) i want to show a 'loading image' over screen, then load all parallax images, and when everything is loaded remove the loading...
  17. Muramasamune

    Using an item to open a menu?

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently developing a game inspired by some of the older Fire Emblem games, specifically Sacred Stones on the GBA, and like that game, I wanted to implement a class change system that has 2 specific requirements: 1) The character whose class is being changed has attained a...
  18. Zheg

    RPGMMV callscript

    Hi, im wondering if exist a method to call a script (js) from the game to the html?? and process some score to it? i mean, here's an example: i have a game with hi-scores table and i want to that scores, also shown in the html i know the basic of js and html but to transfer that information...
  19. Allan Bays

    Brand New and entering IGMC 2017

    Hello everyone! My name is Allan Bays and I just picked up RPG Maker MV this month on the humble bundle. I've always loved RPGs more than any other genre of video game. I tried out RPG maker for the first time when I was a teenager on console but I did not really know what I was doing back...
  20. Allan Bays

    RMMV The Deep RPG (Political)


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